I am currently on the Primer and I think it is a really fast bike both up and down. [optionname] => XL A short travel trail bike with 130mm of travel that doesn't want to be an all mountain but a super light tool for classic trail riding. Swapping the 60mm stem for something shorter would have upped my confidence even more. When it fails, it leaves your shock locked-out and it happened to him a couple of times on Squamish. [link] => It is so. Suddenly, we started wondering why YT. We just know that there are some damn fine reasons to do so. I'm also spending way too much time determining what tires I want on the bike. The playful YT feel is ensured thanks to an active, progressive suspension – YT’s first 4-bar suspension linkage by the way – and the relatively short chainstays that differ for sizes S to L (432 mm) and XL to XXL (437 mm). [parentID] => 0

Got the shipping notification for my Izzo Pro! ) (

It fits on the rear shock with room to spare with no adapters.

If so, that means they have my $4k for almost 5 months. Thanks for the quick reply SpTimmy. [childrenCount] => 0 The suspension ramps up nicely and gives enough support for charging some pretty rough trails.

[selectable] => 1 To outclimb the Yeti, the Izzo faces a serious challenge. [user_selected] => 1

As both the CAPRA (180mm/180mm & 170mm/170mm travel) and the JEFFSY (160mm/160mm & 150mm/150mm travel) boast increased travel across the range for 2020, the IZZO (130mm/130mm travel) perfectly caters for those riders out there looking to ride trails and embrace the uphill just as much as the downhill.

[target] => I'm curious if they had a batch of black frames sent to them early for shipment. [groupID] => 11 Well, it sounds like I'll be ordering a lockout controller right now before I even get the bike. Array The Fox 34 specced on every Izzo model sits at a dignified 66 or 66.5 degrees. [target] =>

Copyright © A360 Media LLC 2020. They worked fine but honestly if I had one of those bike or the Izzo I probably wouldn't ride them on Diablo.

[user_selected] => The steerer tube is on the short side. They're not a perfect fit (slightly loose) but have worked fine. [2] => Array ) But I have an question about the color.

All rights reserved. [subPages] => Array So, no XMCs for me!

You must be riding Mt. Thanks in advance. [optionname] => L ) [mapping] => gBottom2 Cable management and routing on the Izzo is extensive. UK YT base: I'd heard a rumour about this before lockdown but just drove past the new YT UK base in Guildford. A RockShox TwistLoc Sprint handlebar remote lets you lock out the Fox shock on the fly. Propain’s big-hitting Spindrift gets a serious overhaul for 2021, Fox 34 Float Factory FIT4, 130mm (5.1in) travel, Fox Float DPS Factory with RockShox TwistLoc Spring remote lockout. [selectable] => 1

I went over the lockout tonight and found that mine wasn't tight either. The shock finally felt locked out for the first time. Staff Writer Ed is a downhiller at heart but has been riding bikes of all types since a young age. Only thing is...I really want both. 2 Sep 2020. Custom to YT’s way of taking care of details, maintenance and servicing are simple, thanks to the ‘single-sided hardware access’ enabling the suspension linkage and rear triangle hardware to be installed and removed from the same side. [optionname] => S My, how times have changed. Can you elaborate a bit on how it compares to the Primer. Posted by 4 months ago. lol. I think the reason for the torq screwed in grommets is to allow one to tension the cables in addition to the sheathing. I ask because that's what the initial YouTube reviewers talked about the most, that it was a great climber and almost didn't need to lock-out except for the very long, paved climbs. I haven't had them all out or apart yet. Also if the bike isn't ready until Nov wouldn't the 2021 be out by then? ( but it would have been nice to have 10-15 mm of steerer to play with. Believe me you are leaving a lot of performance on the table by not getting the shock set up and working in open mode. Earlier this week I took delivery of the brand new YT Izzo Pro in size XL. Unless YT messed up, my Pro is in Ghostship Green and arriving today.

He mentioned that the Blur TR also had a problem with this type of set-up.
A short travel trail bike with 130mm of travel that doesn't want to be an all mountain but a super light tool for classic trail riding. I would imagine the difference should be the same that you feel on your hard tail on both the shock and the fork of the YT. [optionID] => 158

[optionname] => M

It could be a combo of the having the front fork on full open while rear is 'locked' per say is why. Save my name, email, and location in this browser for the next time I comment. thanks for the reply, thats along time to be without a bike and $$. The maneuvers shown were done with professional riders on a closed course. I know that you are coming from a hardtail and that the locked out "trail" mode in the shock feels like it has suspension. But that was before bikes like the Evil Following, Transition Smuggler and Banshee Phantom had successfully redefined the genre.

I might flip the chip in the high setting just to see. In my experience with my Izzo the lockout is very noticeable even on pavement or simply by pushing down on the seat while standing next to the bike. It's interesting seeing two contrasting styles of direct-to-consumer bike brands like YT and Fezzari. Subscribe and get a Lezyne Micro Pro 800XL front light! The bike was feeling really harsh even when "unlocked" so I started poking around looking for a problem when I noticed the loose cable.

Unlike YT’s trail bikes, every size fits a regular old water bottle cage.

Be in the know with our family talk and the first to get the word about: Your personal data will be treated as strictly confidential and won’t be shared with any third or even fourth party (in accord with the YT handshake policy). After downhill, enduro, and all-mountain, the consumer-direct brand brings its first trail bike to the mix. No appreciable flex in the fork and the BB was measured at about 320mm.

sptimmy43--...The cables appear to be loose in the frame but with a padded sheathing to reduce/eliminate rattle (I heard none). Get the latest mountain bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the MTBR Newsletter. ) Or maybe the porch pirates are too out of shape to pick up that big 'ol box and carry it, lol. YT’s first short-travel bike, the Izzo Pro Race, is said to have been inspired by the beauty, efficiency and sharpness of the Samurai’s katana sword.

[id] => 57 [status] => 0 No matter whether on a multi-day tour or on your after-work tour. Whether you are buying it because you want a second bike in addition to your downhill bike, a do-it-all trailbike or simply because it makes sense: we don’t know why you chose the Comp. The locked out setting shouldn't compress much at all. Fezzari has already measured everything out correctly on the cockpit, set-up the shock and forks correctly because they asked for all your measurements ahead of time and you literally just get on the bike and ride. ( Hi guys, I like the look of the YT Izzo featured in the latest mag but I don't know much about after care service when buying online or if they have any UK service centres, anybody riding YT with any advice?? FIRST LOOK: YT IZZO Pro Race Fast. Sharp like a katana, agile and damn fast. ( I think we're used to people saying it walks on water when we hear reviews of the Ripley and SB 130s from the dentist crowd. I’d think enduro tires might diminish the speed and performance this bike is capable of...my bud’s Ripley came with Forcasters and he switched over to Vittoria Agarros saying they are fast, responsive, and predictable in grip.

It's nice to see a not black bike up in here, can't wait to get mine!

If it didn't really make a difference I doubt they'd even bother using it, especially since you're saying you can't feel it on pavement which is definitely where you should really notice a difference. How does it climb without locking it out? It's a couple pounds heavier. One thing I really don't want to do is run a tire that has high washout potential on loose over hard or hardpack.

Warning! ) [info] => verfuegbar ab KW 03

The SRAM G2 Ultimate brakes stop you safely in every circumstance. But that's just me and I'm no expert. Frame details include fully internal cable routing, integrated chainstay protection (but none on the down tube) and space for a full-size bottle. With the flip chip you have the possibility to have seat and steering angle by 0.5 ° and to raise the bottom bracket. I can't remember) I could test out if needed. I too have put it into the cart a dozen times and can't pull the trigger. Find the sweet spot, however, and the Izzo comes into its own. To be able to use YT USA in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. [0] => Array Why don't we stop adding one tooth to the gear and maybe start focusing on getting 13 gear cassettes more mainstream.

This has been a leap of faith for me. [target] => weight shown is for size S bike, with tubes, no pedals, no bottle, 31.6 mm | S 100 mm / M 125 mm / L 150 mm / XL - XXL 170 mm | Matchmaker Remote. Its pretty progressive, only manged to nearly use all travel once or twice so far. But also very capable down. [target] => Already have an account with us?

Question. But that was before bikes like the Evil Following, Transition Smuggler and Banshee Phantom had successfully redefined the genre. The Izzo clearly shares the same DNA as its burlier counterparts in the German brand’s line-up, but in place of its usual Virtual 4-Link suspension, it sports a more traditional take on the four-bar linkage design, with a vertically- mounted shock and rocker link. 1, Array Again, I understand the confusion on the TwistLoc system as for Rockshox it does the opposite vs Fox. ) Your information has been successfully processed! You can use these sheets, there used to be another brand on Amazon that had precut sheets which was really useful but they aren't available anymore. And if it's retained the attitude YT pours into everything else they produce, it could easily hold a place in that pantheon.

It defaults to.

I don't think I said it doesn't make a difference. In order to see a balanced geometry across all framesizes, the chainstays in frame sizes XL and XXL are proportional to the main frame by 5 mm. I've got it on the workbench ready to go.

[selectable] => 1 ) [optionID] => 101 SRAM’s 12-speed X01 Eagle drives things forward and its G2 RSC brakes bring things to a halt, with a powerful 200/180mm rotor pairing. [link] =>

Stands to reason the Shimano Cassette would work with the Eagle Mech. Maybe Shimano will come out next year with a 9-52 tooth cassette so they can say they have a 530% gear range. The cutting-edge climbing characteristics of the bike are courtesy of a steep seat tube angle of 77°/77.5°  paired with low stack height and low weight.

That being said, in the real world a full lockout is not all that beneficial unless you’re on a smooth long climb. I've demo'd a few new bikes this week.

Installed the 150mm airshaft on the fork and some OneUp 800mm bars. The ‘race-specific advanced sealing concept’ and ‘axial-lip-seal’ prolong the service life of the IZZO, thanks to additional seals that protect the double-sealed full complement bearings and keep water and dirt at bay. That is why we also offer you quality pedals at an attractive price in the shopping cart.

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I ordered 140mm and 150mm airshaft. Twisting the grip opens the shock. Quick question, does the shock come with air pumped to some default value ready to ride or do we have to wait for the new part before we can ride it?

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