| Feedback | Advertising These are used for low torque transmission. Woodruff key: Woodruff key is a sunk key in the form of a semicircular disc of uniform thickness. else Learn the ABC of Pencil Drawing From the Experts. Tangent keys are shown in Figure 15.6. Feather key: Feather key is a parallel key made as an integral part of the shaft with the help of machining or using set-screws. Figure 15.3 Feather Key. As the exact location of force P is not known, to simplify the analysis it is assumed that the force P acts tangential to the shaft.

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17.13 Dimensions required for a Woodruff key in a tapered shaft. These are used for high torque transmission e.g. ANSI B17.2. in automobile transmission. Key is a machine element which is used to connect the transmission shaft to rotating machine elements like pulley, gear, sprocket or flywheel. Engineering Videos Brass and stainless keys are used in corrosive environment. These are used to transmit high torque.

OTHER TYPES OF KEYS Gib Head Keys Woodruff Keys.

About ANSI B17.2. Height Width Diameter Actual Length Full Radius Flat Bottom Distance Key Below Center No. Slot for this type of is provided only in the hub as shown in Figure 15.5. Splines also permit the axial movement. 17.11, is a segment of a circular disc and fits into a circular recess in the shaft which is machined by a Woodruff keyway cutter. Shaft applies a force P on the key and the key applies an equal force on the hub. Square sunk key: Rectangular sunk key having equal width and thickness is called square sunk key.

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For a known diameter of shaft, w and h can be calculated using these relations and then using the above strength equations required length of the key is calculated for given values of allowable stresses. Splines. Figure 15.1                Rectangular Sunk Key. }