This effort included correspondence with companies operating in Europe and Asia as well as the United States.

To achieve this multiple systems and teams are required. All were familiar with the problems associated with the profusion and mismatch of rig data formats. The WELLSITE INFORMATION TRANSFER SPECIFICATION (WITS) is a communications format used for the transfer of a wide variety of wellsite data from one computer system to another. (Please consult the device specific how-to guides below.). Sometimes a system will accept an empty dummy packet, other times it’s best to transmit some data in the dummy packet.

More information about the WITS manager is available on the Wholesale information and trading system – WITS manager website.. What WITS does

I personally enjoy it for it’s simplicity.

Even though this specification has been succeeded, a lot of rigs and other oilfield equipment still use it. Fax to DHS, Attn: WITS Security Administrator at 608-267-3203. Sign up to get the latest content and exclusive downloads! (Rec: 19 Item: 84) With the asynchronous method both systems will exchange data (usually at some specified interval) without any sort of request, basically just streaming. A rig is required to drill the hole, an MWD tool is required to provide directional information, and an EDR system is deployed to monitor the drilling operation. Wellsite Information Transfer Specification (WITS) is an industry standard from the mid 1980s that uses a binary file format for transferring wellsite drilling data.

It is a recommended format by which service companies and operating companies can exchange data.

Together with its partners in the Department of Health - Bureau of Informatics and Information Technology and the Department of Administration - Office of Information Technology, DDAP has completed the procurement process and evaluated the submitted data solutions.

Thank you for your time! Download the ICAS-on-the-Go App, contact the toll-free crisis line 0800 111 331 or send an email to

WITS also incorporates the means for a remote computer system to send instructions to the sending system in order to set or change certain parameters, including the type of data transmitted and the interval for transmission. While not yet available for sale online, they are available by request. Trigger [TIME] Transmit at a specified time interval (secs), Data Source Data acquired in real-time and computed over the trigger interval; record transmitted and computation reset when triggering interval occurs, RECORD #5 : TRIPPING/CASING RUN TIME-BASED, RECORD # 6 : TRIPPING/CASING CONNECTION-BASED, RECORD # 12 : CHROMATOGRAPH GASES CYCLE-BASED, RECORD # 13 : CHROMATOGRAPH GASES DEPTH-BASED, RECORD # 14 : LAGGED CONTINUOUS MUD PROPERTIES, RECORD # 24: VESSEL MOTION / MOORING STATUS. If you have problems using WAMS to obtain security clearance, it may be that you already have an account which has been frozen due to inactivity (one you obtained previously for another application such as the CARES WorkerWeb). WITS Basics User Guide – Use the WITS Basic User Guide to help logging in, password, pin, and basic functions..

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