93 A.D: Xianbi, with the help of China, Uhuani and southern Hunnu destroys northern Hunnu and invades most of the remaining lands and people. He controlled his 10,000 men strictly, and trained them hard every day for battle. In 200 BC, Modu fought a three-year campaign with the Han Dynasty of China, and decisively defeated the Han ruler Gaodi(Whose name is Liu Bang) (by shrewdly trapping him and his forces), forcing him to pay humiliating yearly tributes to the Xiongnu: when Emperor Gao of Han Dynasty launched a military offensive against him, Modu (with 40,000 soldiers) lured the Han army into a trap and ambushed the emperor reputedly with 300,000 elite Xiongnu cavalry, and encircled them for seven days at Baideng. Modu, Modun, or Maodun ... (Shanyu or Tan-hu) ejected. O. Pritsak: Die bulgarische Fürstenliste und die Sprache der Proto-Bulgaren, Wiesbaden, 1955.

They too were defeated. The eastern territory-the most important for nomads, who traditionally regarded the east in high esteem-was governed by a leader called the uqiang, while the western territory was governed by the Luli wang. The emperor was cut off from supplies and reinforcements.

"[3] The original origin may not be Iranian, as suggested by Clauson,[4] who claims it an original Xiongnu name/title. The Chanyu accepted the offer and restricted himself to minor raids throughout the duration of Gaozu's reign. [21][22], Another suggestion connects it with the name of the Magyar royal tribe of the Hungarians and with their distant relatives the Mators, now extinct.

Modu ruled from 209 BCE to 174 BCE. - 174. Mongolia gained a new constitution in 1992. The first of these, the Xiongnu were brought together to form a confederation by Modun Shanyu in 209 BC.

He was a military leader under his father Touman, and later Chanyu of the Xiongnu Empire, situated in modern-day Mongolia.

Also his father's wife and the rival heir were executed. He was a great warrior and a master tactician and was nearly undefeated in his battles against many empires including the Han Dynasty. Because of Hunnu attacks China started to build a Great Wall. In 1206, Great Chinggis Khan founded the Mongol Empire. He reigned between 209–174 BC. Culture & Nature of Altai Mountains. Modun Shanyu In 209 B.C.

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