This is the politically correct acronym.”, 2. The right acronym to obscure your Holocaust survivor fetish? A quick search for "closed captions on TikTok" reveals tips and tricks for hiding or getting rid of closed captions, with some claiming they're "extremely annoying" because the text often covers up part of the video. 25. 22. Events Calendar What Does CC Mean in Email, and When to Use It. All rights reserved. According to CyberDefinitions, closed captions come in handy when the sound in a video is muted or hard to understand — maybe because there's a lot of ambient noise in the background, or the person isn't audible — as well as when a video is in another language, or someone is speaking with an accent. "Wow, last night this girl walked in on me while i was cc'ing… Someone who is attracked to criminals i.e black people. " BBBJTCWS Date Russian Mumble Sauce, Best Of D.C. Ed Zachary disease 24. Theater, Football “Asian-American Massage Parlor. not online, or in-personS: SingleSBF: Single Black FemaleSBiF: Single Bisexual FemaleSBM: Single Black MaleSD: Social DrinkerSGL: SingleSI: Similar InterestsSO: Significant OtherSOH: Sense of HumorSTDs: Sexually Transmitted DiseasesSTIs: Sexually Transmitted InfectionsSTR: StraightSWF: Single White FemaleSWM: Single White Male, TG: TransgenderedTLC: Tender loving careTS: TransexualTV: TransvestiteUmfriend: a sort of, not really friendVBD: Very Bad DateW: Widowed or Whitew/: WithWAA: Will Answer AllWingman: a person who helps a friend meet people, What to Know If You're Thinking of Divorcing Your Spouse, If You're Going Through a Midlife Crisis, Read This Before Filing for Divorce, Everything You Need to Know About Divorce Mediation, 10 Things You Need to Know About Silverfish, Everything You Need to Know About Creaming Butter and Sugar, Psst… We've Figured Out the Perfect Cold Brew Coffee Ratio, Take Our Word: This Is Exactly What to Pack on a Trip to Cuba, Everything You Need to Know About Ashwagandha—The Trendiest Adaptogen on the Block, Design Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need to Know About Brutalist Design, Here's Why Gentle Parenting Is Effective (Buh-Bye, Bribing), The Surprising French Parenting Tips Parisians Swear By, Everything You Need to Know About the Cyclical Ketogenic Diet, I Got Under-Eye Fillers at Age 37 (And Loved the Results), 29 Genius Uses for Lemon That You Never Even Thought Of, Everything You Need to Know to Care For (and Propagate) Your Peperomia, The Top 5 Foods You Should Avoid, Says the Ketotarian Diet Doctor, MyDomaine uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience and for our. Do you know the correct racial slur for your masseuse/prostitute?

2020 Bustle Digital Group. City Desk Performance/Dance 29. Gear Prudence Civilian While these sex codes are meant to help johns avoid law enforcement, they have the added benefit of making any guy who uses them sound super douchey. Classifieds, About Us BBBJTC Liz at Large Sex workers and their clients, too, are trained to use the whoooole alphabet. TCSS Bookmark this for future reference. A "C.C." It's pretty darn thoughtful and ensures their videos can be viewed by a wider audience — and that, of course, increases their chances of trending. “Girl Friend Experience w/all three holes”, 23.

Bonny Albo is a dating expert, author, and writer with over 20 years of experience. PRC stands for Crowd Control. If you've come across the letters CC on TikTok, you either feel indifferent, annoyed — or totally relieved. It seems like every day there are new words, abbreviations, and turns of phrase cropping up, making it challenging to keep up with it all. Others seem to be confused as to why some folks actually type out "CC" before their manually-inserted text, claiming that it's already obvious it's a closed caption. BBBJ Sex workers and their clients, too, are trained to use the whoooole alphabet. 6. might also refer to a woman who "possesses unparalleled hotness and athletic ability." Music

A type of ability, or character role meaning when attacking a group at least one mob is unable to attack May be less discreet than a provider and more interested in a relationship.”, 14. AAMP I swear. Interpreter 31. David Campbell. Terms & Conditions 3. When email replaced traditional forms of office communication, it took on the existing language of paper-based memoranda. Coronavirus

A: AsianAKA: Also Known AsAvatar: small picture used to represent a personB: BlackBBW: Big Beautiful WomanBDSM: Bondage/Discipline/SadomasochismBi: BisexualC: Christian, D: DivorcedD&D free, D/D free, D/D or DD: Drug and Disease freeDTE: Down to EarthExing: Unable to get over an exF2F: Face to FaceFAQ: Frequently Asked QuestionsF: FemaleFtM: Female-to-Male transgenderedFWB: Friends with BenefitsFYI: For Your Information, G: GayGBM: Gay Black MaleLGBT or GLBT: Gay Lesbian Bisexual TransgenderedGLBTQIA: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning, Intersexed and AllyGSOH: Good Sense of HumorGWM: Gay White MaleH: HispanicHNG: Horny Net GeekHWP: Height/Weight ProportionateIR: InterracialIRL: In Real LifeISO: In Search OfJ: Jewish, K: KidsL: LesbianLD: Light DrinkerLDR: Long Distance RelationshipLDS: Latter-Day Saints (Mormon)LS: Legally Separated, or Light Smoker, M: MaleMBA: Married but AvailableMBC: Married Black CoupleMM: Marriage-MindedMSM: Man Seeking Men, or men who have sex with menMSW: Man Seeking WomenMtF: Male-to-Female transgenderedMWC: Married White CoupleNA: Native AmericanNBM: Never Been MarriedND or N/D: Non-Drinker, No Drinking, or No DrugsNeg: a backhanded complimentN/Drugs: No drugsNK or N/K: No kidsNS or N/S: Non-SmokerNSA: No Strings AttachedNRE: New Relationship Energy, P: Professional, or ParentPA: Personal Attachment or Pleasing AppendagePan: PansexualPansexual: interested in all sexes, genders, and gender identitiesPeacocking: attracting attention through props and clothingPC: Politically Correct, Personal ComputerPDA: Public Display of AffectionPoly: PolyamoryPOSSLQ: Person of Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters, RL: Real Life, i.e. Hardwood Floors

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