Normally taken in fourth year Winter Session, Term 1. LOLLIOT, SIMON | SHARIFF, AZIM | LAM, MARK | ODIC, DARKO | ZYSK, EVA | SCHMADER, TANYA | CHEUNG, BENJAMIN | RIVERS, ANDREW | BARNES, STEVEN, LOLLIOT, SIMON | SHARIFF, AZIM | LAM, MARK | ODIC, DARKO | ZYSK, EVA | HOLMAN, PARKER | RIVERS, ANDREW | BARNES, STEVEN, KLONSKY, ELISHA | RIVERS, ANDREW | LAM, MARK | ODIC, DARKO | SCHMADER, TANYA | PAQUET, MYRIAM | SOUZA, MICHAEL | ZYSK, EVA, Contemporary Topics in Biological and Cognitive Psychology. Not every course is offered every year. Theory and practice of psychological measurement, statistical models for items and tests, assessment of test reliability and validity, factor analysis, scoring. PERRINO, ANDREA | KING, DAVID | WORLING, DAVID | BONN, CORY, KING, DAVID | LOLLIOT, SIMON | CUI, ANJA-XIAOXING | PERRINO, ANDREA, Questioning Psychological Science in the Media. Cultural influences on human thought and behaviour; interactions of culture and self; multicultural experiences; intercultural relations; methodological issues. The biological, cognitive, and social perspectives of human thought and behavior are addressed. The structure of the mind as revealed by brain injury, neurological illness, and surgical intervention. Use basic principles of quantitative psychological research methods to critique psychological claims presented in the media and to translate psychological science to everyday life.

Not offered each year; consult Department of Psychology. Credit will be granted for only one of PSYC 217 or PSYC 277.

Approved and supervised relevant work experience in an industrial, academic, or government setting for a minimum of 13 weeks, full time.

Courses: Here is a list of all of the subjects offered at UBC Vancouver. Human development from the preschool period through adolescence. Psychological theory, research, and skills training related to sport performance, exercise motivation, and adherence. Perceptual phenomena and their underlying brain mechanisms. Psychology, Faculty of Arts PSYC: Psychology. Use of inferential statistics in psychology and conceptual interpretation of data; experimental design (laboratory, field research methods); presentation of data analyses in reports. Theory and research of individual social behaviour; social motivation; attitudes; group interaction; socialization; prejudice. 2019W - 206 60.12. Approved and supervised relevant work experience in an industrial, academic, or government setting for a minimum of 13 weeks, full-time. Please consult the Faculty of Science Credit Exclusion List:,215,410,414. Homework Help. Human cognition, perception, motor, social, emotional needs, brain development and their interactions from birth until the emergence of language. Human sexuality from a biopsychological, behavioural, and psychosocial perspective. Majors should take PSYC 217 instead. Detailed coverage of basic research methods; the design of experiments and statistical analysis; methods will be applied in laboratory and project work. Detailed examination of the interaction between hormones and neural control of reproductive and non-reproductive behaviours; emphasis on gonadal and adrenal hormone effects on learning and memory in the brain. Requires a research project.
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Students also discuss research by Departmental staff, with emphasis on choice of problems, research design and data analysis. Psychology of Sex Differences - PSYC OF SEX DIFF. Normally taken in Summer Session after third year.

Psychological Aspects of Human Sexuality - PSYC ASP HM SEXL. In addition to Psychology 348 and 448, all Psychology courses numbered 60 to 89 in the last two digits have Science credit. Directed investigation of an experimental problem in Behavioural Neuroscience requiring a written report of the findings. Work term report required. University of British Columbia Introduction to Psychology PSYC 100 - Spring 2012 Register Now Psychological and social theories of attraction and culture.docx. 11 pages. Drag your Unless otherwise specified, the prerequisite for 300-level Psychology courses is 6 credits of 100-level or 200-level PSYC courses (PSYC 216 or PSYC 217 or PSYC 277 strongly recommended), or permission of the instructor. For current listings, consult the departmental website at Student Services PSYC 218 excludes credit for a number of other statistics courses in various departments. Thanks in advance.

PSYC 100 | 3 Credits. Neurobiological pathways mediating five core aspects of motivated behaviour: (1) affective decision making; (2) motivated drive; (3) goal-directed vs. habit-based behaviour; (4) learning from negative reinforcers; and (5) disorders of motivation.

fergusson-janel-lynn barnes-steven past-course, graf-peter barnes-steven truong-grace lam-mark zysk-eva rankin-catharine clark-luke limbrick-oldfield-eve hosking-jeremy past-course, hosking-jeremy truong-grace lam-mark graf-peter shahban-shenaz rankin-catharine clark-luke zysk-eva barnes-steven lolliot-simon past-course, lam-mark graf-peter zysk-eva truong-grace rankin-catharine fergusson-janel-lynn barnes-steven lolliot-simon current-course, lolliot-simon shariff-azim lam-mark odic-darko zysk-eva schmader-tanya cheung-benjamin rivers-andrew barnes-steven past-course, lolliot-simon shariff-azim lam-mark odic-darko zysk-eva holman-parker rivers-andrew barnes-steven past-course, klonsky-elisha rivers-andrew lam-mark odic-darko schmader-tanya paquet-myriam souza-michael zysk-eva current-course, christoff-kalina hosking-jeremy past-course, cherkasova-mariya hosking-jeremy past-course, perrino-andrea king-david worling-david bonn-cory past-course, king-david lolliot-simon cui-anja-xiaoxing perrino-andrea past-course, rawn-catherine cheung-benjamin lam-mark truong-grace rivers-andrew past-course, rawn-catherine cheung-benjamin lam-mark truong-grace rivers-andrew current-course, rawn-catherine scratchley-linda chen-frances hall-david-geoffrey truong-grace past-course, rawn-catherine laurin-kristin dudarev-veronika rivers-andrew truong-grace past-course, rawn-catherine laurin-kristin dudarev-veronika truong-grace hall-david-geoffrey current-course, zysk-eva dang-silvain hewitt-paul lemoult-joelle alden-lynn michel-bethany past-course, fung-klint alden-lynn hudec-kristen michel-bethany macar-ivana past-course, hewitt-paul hudec-kristen lemoult-joelle dawson-samantha michel-bethany current-course, hosking-jeremy silverberg-noah barnes-steven current-course, may-lillian sugden-nicole birch-susan past-course, may-lillian hamlin-jane birch-susan current-course, floresco-stanley-bogdan hosking-jeremy barnes-steven hanson-laura past-course, floresco-stanley-bogdan hosking-jeremy barnes-steven hanson-laura current-course, king-david assanand-sunaina tracy-jessica past-course, king-david assanand-sunaina tracy-jessica current-course, soma-kiran seib-desiree-rosa-maria current-course, cheung-benjamin heine-steven martens-jason past-course, cheung-benjamin heine-steven martens-jason current-course, rivers-andrew laurin-kristin armstrong-heather past-course, norenzayan-ara cheung-benjamin rivers-andrew past-course, dunn-elizabeth cheung-benjamin rivers-andrew schaller-mark current-course, handy-todd truong-grace palombo-daniela past-course, handy-todd palombo-daniela truong-grace past-course, handy-todd palombo-daniela current-course, king-david de-longis-anita sin-nancy hoppmann-christiane past-course, sin-nancy king-david de-longis-anita hoppmann-christiane past-course, sin-nancy king-david kim-eric hoppmann-christiane de-longis-anita current-course, palombo-daniela belardetti-francesco past-course, palombo-daniela belardetti-francesco current-course, winters-jason armstrong-heather past-course, hosking-jeremy winstanley-catharine past-course, rights-jason dunn-elizabeth current-course, barnes-steven truong-grace cheung-benjamin lolliot-simon past-course, sochting-ingrid woody-sheila bilsker-daniel past-course, sochting-ingrid woody-sheila bilsker-daniel sehrbrock-joachim past-course, sochting-ingrid sehrbrock-joachim hewitt-paul papsdorf-michael current-course, christoff-kalina handy-todd current-course, Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, Woodward (Instructional Resources Centre-IRC), Chemical and Biological Engineering Building, Search using the course title (e.g.
* indicates that there are currently no courses offered for this subject in the current session. 1874 East Mall Work term report required. He claims that his exams are the hardest in the department, and I'm wondering what to expect for my midterm tomorrow (for psyc 100). Approved and supervised relevant work experience in an industrial, academic, or government setting for a minimum of 13 weeks, full-time.


Theoretical and research foundations of the processes of assessment and behaviour modification in clinical psychology. Current research into human brain systems underlying cognitive processes such as perception, attention, memory, and decision-making. Credit will be granted for only one of PSYC 100 and PSYC 102. Directed Studies in Psychology - DIRECTED STUDIES.

Intensive examination of selected topics and issues in psychology. Topics include attention, memory, language, sense of self, topographic awareness, moral reasoning, emotion, theory of mind, and social awareness. Directed Studies in Behavioural Neuroscience - DIR STDY BHV NEU. Prepares students for graduate studies or other advanced behavioural research; experimental design and analytic techniques; laboratory with computer applications. Directed Studies in Behavioural Neuroscience - DIR STDY BEHV NS. Intended for non-psychology majors to prepare for upper level courses. Please consult the Science Exclusion List (,215,410,414) before registering. Students carry out a research project and report on its development during seminars. You can then drill down into the offered sections of that course. Click on a subject code to drill down into Credit will be granted for only one of PSYC 100 and PSYC 101. graf-peter barnes-steven truong-grace lam-mark zysk-eva rankin-catharine clark-luke limbrick-oldfield-eve hosking-jeremy past-course Letter % Section averages from recent years. Introduction to basic theories of non-associative learning, classical and operant conditioning. PSYC 301), Find the course section and click on the down arrow under DETAILS. Memory: Historical, Clinical and Cognitive Perspectives. Has anyone taken psychology with Boris Gorzalka before? Investigation of an issue, topic, or phenomenon in psychology, focusing on research deeply within a subfield or integrating research across subfields.

The application of psychological theory and research to legal issues and the criminal justice system. Introduction to Methods and Statistics, Biopsychology, Learning, Perception, Memory, and Cognition.

Credit will be granted for only one of PSYC 100 and PSYC 101.

Advanced Research Methods in Behavioural Sciences. Credit will be granted for only one of PSYC 217 or PSYC 277. Credit will be granted for only one of PSYC 260 or PSYC 270.

The principal trends of psychological explanation and events in the history of psychology from the earliest times to the present. Grade Distribution. Foundational topics in behavioural neuroscience. the courses offered. 2019W - 206 60.12. Comprehensive overview of the psychological processes in the social and personality development of infants, children, and adolescents.

You can then drill down into the offered sections of that course. Restricted to students in the Faculty of Arts who have declared their major in one of Psychology, Cognitive Systems, or Speech Sciences (Linguistics Department). Psychological theory and research on the interaction between organisms and the physical environment; emphasis on applications to the design and management of constructed and natural environments. Health-related behaviours such as smoking and drug use; effects of stressful events on health; methods for coping with stress; impact of chronic illness on the family; social support systems. Directed investigation of a problem, requiring a written report of the findings.

Research methods used in behavioural neuroscience. Credit will be granted for only one of PSYC 311 and HKIN 231 and 364. Study Resources. RAWN, CATHERINE | CHEUNG, BENJAMIN | LAM, MARK | TRUONG, GRACE | RIVERS, ANDREW.

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