I find the term “dresser bars” to be a bit humorous because we’re talking about a Scrambler here; you can “dress” this bike up all day, but it’s a shadow of any bagger I’ve ever seen. The folks on various Scrambler forums have also recommended YSS and TEC shocks, but I had a hard time finding any info on them here in the Midwest, plus my dealer was a Hagon rep so that seemed like the best thing to do. Triumph Twin Power Ltd. is not affiliated with Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. or Triumph Designs Ltd. in any way. I bought the “slim” springs because I wanted a more “open” look on the tail of the bike. May 4, 2016 - Explore Greg Wessels's board "Triumph scrambler mod ideas" on Pinterest. I expect I will keep these risers long-term as I have adapted to the initial change after several trips to Kentucky in the last few weeks (and some off-road in Shawnee Forest). Despite my teasing, I assume Triumph calls them “Dresser Bars” because they don’t want to call them “Crash bars”. The Transportation Revolution New Orleans (TTRNO) is a motorcycle dealership and custom bike garage based in New Orleans that, like most things from The. Close menu. If you decide to go that route make sure your ask for the plastic protectors that cover the shock “body” as the slim line springs tend to rub the shock body from time to time which will scrape off paint. Fortunately, I had my trusty Haynes manual laying around, but the concern wasn’t about reading the wiring diagram, it was more about finding the actual wire on the bike, everything is easy on paper. Considering most of the wiring was going under the seat, I decided that the rear “running” light was probably the best candidate for this “Tap-in” for +12VDC. Generations and history of the Triumph Scrambler, (Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3)and how to buy each one (plus a surprising recommendation for the 2019 model!) 'Red Pill' - To be taken twice daily. I admit that I had really big dreams of upgrading the Scrambler’s suspension to a 6” travel kit. They informed me that replacement shift levers for a 2008 Honda CRF70 have identical fitment to the Scrambler, however they didn’t currently keep anything in stock. Once you’re able to get the weight off the rear swing arm (Motorcycle jack preferred), swapping out rear springs is a just four bolt affair. That’s a welcome change considering I have no handguards at the moment. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The destination of a thousand tales... », This bike from Spanish workshop, Fuel, is clearly built for action. I took the tank off again to make sure the wiring harness ran cleanly along the frame spine with the other electrical bits from the auxiliary lights. Stage 1.5 with a 2-1 system - Best overall power and torque throughout the rev range. Want to give your Triumph Bonneville an vintage look? I ordered longer bolts (45mm) from Amazon for the Tiger 800 hand guards and I’m very happy wit them. With a little elbow grease, I slid the brake cable up slightly for proper fitment.

See more ideas about Triumph scrambler, Scrambler, Triumph. http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/11068/i/msr-aluminum-shift-lever. I have also left the grips on at gas stops with the bike turned off; after a few moments a warning light starts flashing on the rheostat to tell you they are about to shut off because the bike is not running. That said, over the past month I have found that just a small bump in dampening can make a big difference in the overall ride behavior; besides, they’re black… what’s not to like?! Item two on the buy list was some sort of lighting upgrade. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This custom from Drags & Racing has a jockey shifter on the left and a seat from a 1939 Harley. Pressed the button, light came on, done deal. SW-Motech Bar Risers (30mm) As I mentioned way back when, I already had an extensive list of goodies picked out; having ridden over 6,000 miles with Rosie the Scrambler I established prioritized list of modifications, on the top of which was bar risers. The parts offered through this web site are not manufactured by Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. I have had to replace ($$$) bent gear shifter shaft due to tip over on the left side. I typically run on the middle pre-load setting and dampening level 3. Heated grips are actually a really cheap and easy upgrade; I’m somewhat surprised that more people don’t have them. The name Triumph and the model names Bonneville, T100, Thruxton, Scrambler, America and Speedmaster are trademarked names of Triumph Designs Ltd. and are used for model reference only. I don’t know why folding shift levers aren’t stock with every bike. ©Triumph Twin Power Ltd 2008 - 2020 | All Rights Reserved -, America & Speedmaster 95mph Speed Limiter Removal. Obviously, they’re better than nothing, but I intend to do a little shopping at the local hardware store and remedy this situation in short order. Speaking of install, in this case, with a little Windex and an extremely small screwdriver, the stock grips come off pretty easily and can be set aside for later use. These bars are obviously a factory option and come with all of the necessary hardware; following the directions from Triumph’s parts website I had the bars installed in about fifteen minutes. All said in done, probably two hours to get things set. At that point it was time to remove the tank and run all of the cables properly. Induction: Stage 1.5 (full airbox mods). Stage 2 Power Induction Kit - Airbox Replacement & Pod Filters. This part of the TTP X-Files is about tuning the Triumph Scrambler with bolt-on modifications. I had BikeMaster heated grips on the Speedmaster, but without handguards, once below freezing, the heated grips were really struggling to keep up with the cold air. We’ve always thought that the Triumph Scrambler has potential for an edgy, custom vibe. I put heated grips on the Speedmaster (link) no problem, but that was a simple lug to the battery ordeal. After putting a few miles on the bike with the risers in place, there’s no denying that a one inch change in rise equated to a significant difference in feel. Thanks, have ordered now. Common modifications for a Triumph Scrambler; The alternatives to a Triumph Scrambler (including the Ducati Scrambler, and yes, I know it's awesome — just different!) Triumph’s Bonneville-based ‘modern classics’ range has been a hit with riders and builders since its launch in 2001. The 2810 shocks come with 3 preload adjustment settings and 10 dampening settings. CAFE RACERS, KUSTOM KULTURE, STREET TRACKERS, DIRT TRACKERS, SPECIAL BIKES, STREETFIGHTERS, MODERN MOTORCYCLES, BOBBERS, MOTORS, DESIGN. Triumph Scrambler Touring. I do feel slightly more upright and much for comfortable when standing. They will provide it at reasonable price. Keeping the Bonneville platform as a basis, Triumph then added the Thruxton and the Scrambler to the… I also expect that long-term I may find a bolt-on “highway peg” option for these just make touring a bit more comfortable. Having push started the Speedmaster no less than twice because I left the heated grips on, killing the battery, I’m a huge fan of this idea; however that didn’t make the install any less intimating. Stage 1.5 - (Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit plus internal airbox baffle removal. Thanks & Regards, The Deus philosophy recalls an era before the various pursuits of fun – motorcycling, surfing, skateboarding, whatever – were divided into fundamentalist factions. Stage 1.5 with free flowing silencers - Very close figures to the 2-1 system up to 5,500rpm, then the 2-1 system pulls away.

December 25, 2014 0 masuzi. God she's a…, Las Vegas, the Desert City that never sleeps, where you win big or lose big. The SW-Motech kit includes the riser inserts and increased length fasteners in the box. Pingback: Tried and True Dual Sport Tires: Shoe Shopping with Rosie the Scrambler | Moto Adventurer, Pingback: The SaddleSore 1000: An Iron Butt Tour of Appalachia | Moto Adventurer, Drew, Sorry to hear about that; I actually dropped mine in the parking lot, which scratched the left case cover. When you go Motorcycle Superstore site you have to specify year, make, model etc but this isn’t possible for scrambler (or CRF70). I carefully laid a thick towel over the tank, and methodically removed the stock bar hardware, gently resting the handlebars on the tank. How are you getting on with the Hagon shocks ? I was immediately surprised by how comfortable the stock bars were in and around town, combined with the fact I could easily reach the … This morning in fact, it was 32F on my commute to the office, while I did have my heated gloves on, I did not need the grips at full power while on the highway. They only have 3 pre-load settings, and honestly I don’t use the 1st setting very often (I probably should have gotten a stiffer spring), however there are 10 dampening settings which makes a world of difference. As I mentioned way back when, I already had an extensive list of goodies picked out; having ridden over 6,000 miles with Rosie the Scrambler I established prioritized list of modifications, on the top of which was bar risers. The electronical connections and clutch cable were both long enough for sufficient suspension travel, however the front brake line was a little taut because of the clamp on the triple tree. Also fitting handguards to protect levers ! I was immediately surprised by how comfortable the stock bars were in and around town, combined with the fact I could easily reach the bars when standing. Deus ex Machina (god from the machine) roared into Australia’s cultural consciousness in 2006, with some neatly customised motorcycles and a quaint notion that doing something is more fun than just owning something. I have considered rolling the bars back just a bit for increased “touring” comfort, however I’m afraid that will negatively affect the off-road riding position. This heavily upgraded 2014 Triumph Scrambler prowls the streets of Zürich—and pumps out an extraordinary 95hp.

The kit comes with necessary tools and fasteners to bolt right onto the lower fork tubes. I keep coming across this bike on the web and I keep coming back to oogle it. I’m not going to say that will never happen, but I did not anticipate that riding the Scrambler on the street would strike my fancy as well as it did; I expected that the different geometry might shake things up a bit, but I didn’t realize how much “faster” it would feel. I am by no means a suspension expert (layman… at best), so I thought that 10 dampening settings was a bit excessive. I admit that I was extremely excited about getting the D4s up and running, while at the same time a little intimidated by the wiring. It may push me over the top to just buy a darn scrambler and get on with it.

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