Currently, the biggest drawback to triexta is its lack of history to substantiate manufacturers’ claims of its features. Available in a wide range of colours and styles. We chose dark grey and it goes well with whites. Hirst many times & have emailed , someone was going to get back to me & of course we have heard nothing, yes you replaced the faulty carpet, but there has never been so much as an apology. Provided that the next 10 years or so verify that the fiber can do all that DuPont and Mohawk claim it can, it is definitely foreseeable that triexta, as a soft and durable fiber that is more sustainable than other fiber types, could be the fiber of the future. The root chemical for triexta (PTT) is the same as that for polyester (PET), so originally, triexta was defined as a polyester. The loops are cut evenly and are constructed with a slight twist in the yarn so the pile stands upright providing a soft smooth surface. However, even the entry-level qualities of triexta feature impressive warranties from the manufacturer, so overall triexta offers good value for the money. Has a combination of cut and loop tufts. Just had eco carpet installed and it looks and feels fabulous. We are so very happy with our new Eco+ carpet. GH sent a hired Rep Ian out to inspect, he told us it’s normal and will continue to do this in any traffic areas throughout as mentioned in their brochures (never given this info till after we complained) GH refused to be responsible for their durable, wear resistant, 25 year guaranteed carpet because the rep said it’s a “fibre” issue not a wear issue. We are pleased to be ... Read more. Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm duct for your home, thank you for selecting Godfrey Hirst carpets. A good rule of thumb is 2 dry strokes for every 1 wet pass. After reading about it and the warranty, we thought it was ideal for what we wanted, particulary because we have a dog who very occasionally when we first got him, had the odd accident, which we immediately cleaned up. I’m in the middle of a legal battle with the retailer. Considering it was an issue with your after sales service! The rooms now have a very inviting, warm and comfortable feel. Hi Sparky, we thank you for your glowing feedback. The tufts can be of different height giving a textured and patterned appearance. Its softness is due in part to the fact that it does not have chemicals applied to the fiber for stain protection. I live on my own and my house isnt very big.

Triexta has actually been used in the clothing industry longer than it has been used in the carpet industry – in the clothing industry triexta uses the tag-line “dry-fit” to reflect the non-absorbent properties of the fiber. We love our new Eco+ Sunrise carpet. Thoroughly rinse the area with plain, hot water. 2/117 Hector Street West,

That is a short sweet answer! Even the looped Berber styles, which can have a tendency to feel rough when made of nylon or olefin fiber, feel soft to the touch and very comfortable underfoot. Tufts of different height give a textured and patterned appearance. Write a review on! HOT WATER EXTRACTION. A carpet’s resiliency is a big drawcard for many potential buyers, as a durable, resilient carpet will stand the test of time against whatever life throws at it. Dont know how it would go in large house with kids and pets. The ECS (Environmental Certification Scheme) is a rating out of four awarded to carpet manufacturers based on their environmental performance, including the sustainable use of resources, the energy used in the manufacture and greenhouse emissions in carpet manufacture. We purchased our Redbook Green Carpet in 2014. I live on my own and my house isnt very big. The charcoal colour in our bedrooms actually makes the rooms look larger.. bonus! Perfect your interior vision with the incredibly stylish Winter Flair. Fibres repel stains so you can enjoy your carpet worry free. Very happy we chose Godfrey Hirst.

Cheryl Simmons is a freelance writer and the owner of a home flooring store with years of industry experience. Hi Sue G, I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your new carpet.Please could you send me some more information to require the where and when you purchased... Read more, Just had eco carpet installed and it looks and feels fabulous. However after cleaning, according to your instructions, the stain disappeared but in 2 - 3 days it would reappear.We have tried everything including professional cleaners provided by David Thomas from Godfrey Hirst.

With all the best brands you know and trust, Godfrey Hirst has all you want in carpet. Polyester has a higher luster, giving it a shinier look than other fiber types. Thank you for selecting Godfrey Hirst carpets ... Read more, I was surprised at just how beautiful the carpet looks now it has been laid. Hello Pauline, thank you for taking the time to post a review, we are very excited that you are so pleased with you lovely new carpet. Triexta is the newest fiber in the carpeting industry. Your trust is our top concern. eco+ carpets are a stain resistant, eco friendly and a luxuriously soft carpet choice for your home. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. My apartment now looks very glamorous indeed. Triexta was originally defined as a type of polyester, as they share the same root chemical.

It is interesting to read other reviews with the same problem. As they should be able to fix... Read more, We purchased our Redbook Green Carpet in 2014. Suited to low traffic areas, polyester carpets are soft and lush underfoot and available in a large range of colours. Invested in new carpet for the very first time in my life ,to our 3 bedrooms, went with a good brand name retailer, on laying of carpet it was covered in blue spots in 2 rooms, the installer got a carpet cleaner in! Very Satisfied.

The full technical name for triexta is polytrimethylene terephthalate or PTT for short. Hello Alison, thank you for your brilliant feedback on one of our luxury carpets. Crafted from our extremely durable and stain resistant triexta fibre, this high performing carpet promises unbelievable amounts of cosy comfort underfoot. A loop pile carpet made with textured loops in straight rows.

0 4 Less than a minute. With built-in stain protection from household spills and pet mishaps, as well as excellent durability, this cosy carpet will continue to charm you year after year., Perfect your interior vision with the incredibly stylish Winter Flair. Hi ChrisW, How wonderful to hear that you are more than happy with our Eco+ carpet.

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