In Canada, the seven retailers are Esso, Chevron Canada, CO-OP, Costco Wholesale, Shell Canada, Tempo and Petro-Canada.

TOP TIER is a standard in fuel many automakers feel is necessary for acceptable engine cleanliness performance for all vehicles, regardless of octane requirements. The other two are minimum additives to meet EPA minimum. If there weren’t, then there would be no distinction. Why TOP TIER™ TOP TIER™ Brands. This means that whatever gas station you go to, your car will still be able to run properly. If I put premium in it, the ping quits. products you will love. We do still have QT and Shell -- wich are Top Tier. There are states where the octane rating for premium gas should be 92. I'm pretty sure in the state of MI pumps have to be labeled if the gas contains ethanol. I add an amount of cleaner and UCL every time I add gasoline to the tank. On the other hand, premium gas generally refers to a gas that has an octane rating of at least 90. Here is a list of the best quality gas stations that you can go to: Shell. Not using high detergent gas results in carbon. TOP TIER is a standard in fuel many automakers feel is necessary for acceptable engine cleanliness performance for all vehicles, regardless of octane requirements. You can recognize individual stations that sell top-tier fuel by the trademarked logo. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. There are a large number of well-known gas retailers that sell top-tier gas, including over 50 brands. Log in, Auto Repair Loans, Auto Repair Credit Card, Financing, Power Steering Repair Phoenix, Arizona | Virginia Auto Service. Best Travel Credit Cards with 100,000+ Bonus Points, Environmental Protection Agency regulates fuel, appeared in the New York Times, Baltimore Sun, Entrepreneur, and Marketplace Money. No, TOP TIER will not address every fuel related issue. Texaco. How can they deliver two types of fuel on the same run? I thought awhile ago someone commented on the use of ethanol in the top tier fuels and said that the use of ehtanol only conforms to the standards the base fuel has to meet with ethanol added to it? Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ecb69e34d3f8068 Today's best 10 gas stations with the cheapest prices near you, in New Jersey. TOP TIER™ Detergent Gasoline Brands All retail locations within the licensed country must meet the high standards of the TOP TIER™ program. You cannot generalize: GasBuddy provides the most ways to save money on fuel. Base Fuel. As regular gasoline is always less than 90 in the octane readings. State of tune can cause pinging issue.

This is because these cars models have high-performance engines that require a kind of gasoline that can keep up with the engine. They all make your nose itch in a funny way and it somehow makes you feel unsafe if you inhale it in the gasoline station. If the brand of gasoline or diesel on the signage or the dispensing pump is not on our brand list, the fuel is not licensed to be TOP TIER. You can't keep an engine clean on just gasoline. Are all of Rutter’s stores TOP TIER certified for gasoline? (fun to watch this!) Side note to all this from one who has tanked a LOT of fuel... JavaScript is disabled. If plugs, filters, thermostat....are all OK, then a few bottles of FI cleaner are worth it. Again, if your car does not need it, then regular gas will work well. The Canadian arm was spun off a few years ago and licenses the Sunoco name in Canada. For more information about Top Tier gasoline retailers in Phoenix go to If you have extended OCI's, consider a bottle every 3-4 months.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The reason they are called as such is that their own formulation of gas will help improve how your engine works and how it uses gasoline efficiently. All gasoline types smell the same. I see the same delivery truck stop at TOP TIER and other stations. Plus, it's an environmentally responsible choice. Learn how your comment data is processed. Having a cleaner engine is important because as residue builds up over time, it negatively impacts the fuel economy of your vehicle. Been using Valero for about a year now, seems to be OK. For ethanol, many areas require 10% ethanol in the gasoline and have outlawed use of MTBE. Posts: 166. western pa. E. eddyzima OP: OP.

2-Additives matter - A LOT. Such a requirement would not be possible. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Buy the cheapest gas in your area and add any additional additives if you want them yourself. Today's best 10 gas stations with the cheapest prices near you, in New Jersey. Using our store locator, you can see the store number, address, and phone number. The base fuel shall conform to ASTM D 4814 and shall contain commercial fuel grade ethanol conforming to ASTM D 4806. Some convenience stores do sell fuel brands that are TOP TIER licensed and meet the stringent TOP TIER specifications. Is there an actual difference?
However, there are some differences in ratings depending on the state.

The results showed that on average, Top Tier gasoline had 19 times fewer carbon deposits on injectors, intake valves, and in the combustion chamber when compared to regular gasoline… On a side note, if your car is running on regular gas, it is better to fill it with gas that has an octane rating of 87. No shell pumps anywhere in the state of MI that I've visited have signs indicating ethanol. There are times when your car does not need premium gas, but it was used to run on this kind of gas, so when you switch to regular it is not able to adapt. Kwik Trip/Kwik Star. GasBuddy provides the most ways to save money on fuel. Texaco. The Open Road. Posts: 166. western pa. Overall, it’s important for you to know if your car needs premium fuel. Texaco. All gasoline grades must be treated with an approved TOP TIER™ Detergent Gasoline additive at the correct concentration. How to Prevent Your Packages Being Stolen over the Holidays, 14 Diamond Buying Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind (I Promise), 6 Easy Steps to How to Write a Personal Check. The ultimate goal of the program is satisfaction of our common customer – the vehicle owner. Chevron. However, there are many misconceptions that revolve around high-quality gasoline. #952040 07/27/07 05:23 PM: Joined: Jul 2004. You only need to use premium gas if you experience either of these situations. No top tier stations anywhere near me either. When do you need to use premium gas? There’s a difference between regular and premium gas. A tank of premium costs $3.00 more per tank fill, and a can of ProGuard is about $10 I think. • I used to work for a company that had a fleet of Chevrolet Astros that used Citgo only, and they carboned up a ton. If you do, then you will easily throw away a lot of money using the kind of gas your car does not need. Around here we have Mobil and Sunoco as the only two with beyond EPA min additives. In the absence of ethanol, gasoline will explode instead of burning. There are only two retailers in Puerto Rico: Shell and Puma Energy Caribe, LLC. For you per tank dosers, you can't go wrong with the per tank dosing of MMO, UCL, FP60, Redline....... especially if top tier fuel is not available locally.

The formulations are not the same, nor is there much between two companies anymore. What is the best way to decarbonize the combustion chambers? Rutter’s currently only offer Top Tier gasoline. As discussed earlier, top tier gas mainly refers to gasoline bought from top tier stations. I am not a financial adviser. Conoco. products! You must log in or register to reply here. I add an amount of cleaner and UCL every time I add gasoline to the tank. Hence, when you use premium gas, your fuel use will definitely be more efficient because less fuel mixture is wasted. Around here, I can find Shell pretty easily, so that would be the premium fuel I’d use. TOP TIER is a higher standard of fuel which can benefit all engines so you can feel confident using it in any vehicle. Will TOP TIER prevent all fuel related problems? According to Mike Monticello who is a Consumer Reports expert, gas with a rating of 89 does not have a significant difference in fuel efficiency and reliability. And, toptier or not, I would never consider not running anything. Chevron. For example, where do you get the best gasoline?

However, to see the best results, it is recommended you only fill with TOP TIER gasoline. TOP TIER™ fuel marketers, like Rutter’s, are required to use TOP TIER™ for all for all octane grades of gasoline sold at their stations. These types of gasoline have the same basic formula except that different gas stations add a different mix of additives in order to produce efficient and long-lasting engines. Premium gas is not always better than regular gas.

Since I don’t accelerate hard very often, this isn’t an emergency situation. Filling it with regular gasoline will only waste the capacity of the car. So I am assuming that it might be due to carbon buildup since my check engine light is not on.
We curate, you discover! Please note that stations can enroll in the gasoline and diesel program separately, so look for the gasoline or diesel logo. As a requirement of becoming TOP Tier certified, all stations in the chain must meet the TOP TIER additive standards for gasoline. Retail outlets enrolled in the TOP TIER program are contractually committed to selling fuel that meets the TOP TIER standard. The second misconception is that top tier gas will make your car perform better. In any case, premium gasoline has this rating because it has a lower rate of experiencing knocking. It can easily just be that your car works better with premium gas. Vehicle and equipment manufacturers write and enforce the standards Contact Us. Additionally, deposit buildup on intake valves and fuel injectors impacts your vehicle’s engine responsiveness and performance.

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