Sadie and Will Foust have recently relocated from their Chicago home to that of his deceased sister Alice’s in coastal Maine.

This is a serious page turner so make sure that you have plenty of time to devote to reading as you will not want to put it down.

Their new home is far larger than the one they left behind but also comes with one of its previous inhabitants still residing there. “A man who is willing to cheat on his wife, she said, will often make promises to you that he can’t keep. As previously mentioned, the pacing was lightning speed, with absolutely no dull moments, alternating perspectives and time with each chapter, keeping readers (well, at least me) at the edge of their seats.

I will caution those who actually have the physical copy to not even so much as glance at the authors acknowledgements at the back, because I happened to do so and it ruined part of the reveal for me! You have to read 250 more pages before Kubica finally relents and “reveals” this plot twist. Soon their neighbor, Morgan is murdered, and the new family draws suspicion. Am I really to believe that she is truly this inept? It was fun reading The Other Mrs and trying to figure out just what was going on and who was doing what.

Read. Ron, a … To make things even spookier within days after you move a neighbor is murdered, and the murderer has to have spent the night on the island, because the only way on or off is by ferry. 2.0 stars-I enjoyed “Good Girl” by Mary Kubica because of the unexpected twists and turns that were interwoven throughout the book. Is the murderer still on the island? Did it pay off? And, better yet, it was an effective twist.

Bravo Kubica, I'm officially on the bandwagon! This had all of the elements of what I need in a great suspense/thriller and that's all i'm going to say about that! That causes lots of fear on the island, particularly so for Sadie who comes under scrutiny. while reading go out and get this immediately! But even these myriad domestic dramas and sinister secrets soon pale in comparison to what is lurking in their new neighbourhood... Mary Kubica is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of many novels. Even the legitimately compelling ending wasn’t enough to sufficiently temper my distaste for this slow-paced and obvious novel. Total slog. I must be missing something.

Please post a comment and let me know what brought you to my corner of the web. Will his doctor wife Sadie and their two boys Otto and Tate, relocate from Chicago to an island off the coast of Maine. I keep seeking to see how others can be so enamored with her writing while I continue to find it oddly forgettable. But, sadly, my enjoyment of the book very quickly dwindled.

An old house on an island off Maine. From the start, it was clear that Sadie was a complex and rich character. GRRRR!

A flawed woman with a murky past and confusing present, it seemed that she would be an engaging character to unpack. To make things even spookier within days after you move a neighbor is murdered, and the murderer has to have spent the night on the island, because the only way on or off is by ferry.

We’d love your help. But, I wasn’t. The story is principally told by Sadie who is a rather cool personality, Camille who is a complete fruitcake with zero boundaries and Mouse who is 6 years old and a very clever little girl. The mystery never really builds because the author does a poor job of keeping the twist from being guessed very early in the novel. The island community is small and tight knit and they are rocked to the core when Morgan Baines, a neighbour of the Fousts is murdered.

It is explained in the book t. Of course there was closure about “Mouse”! Start by marking “The Other Mrs.” as Want to Read: Error rating book. In what ways is she the hero of her own story?

I started to read this book and found it dark and depressing. Heiress to a fortune left by her philandering late father, she passes the days in a haze of alcohol. He has both a wife and a lover on the side. Sadie and Will Foust have inherited a home on a small Maine island and move there from Chicago with their two sons. The ending pushed things a little over the edge for me and that overthinker in me took over and ruined it all for me. This is an original plot that makes this mystery fascinating. Plus, Imogen is not very happy to have them there and is moody and withdrawn. My second issue was the protagonist herself. The reason for their sudden move is a little murky and Alice’s house is more than a little creepy considering that she committed suicide in the attic and left behind sullen teenage daughter Imogen. Sadie knows the couple’s account can’t be true, as she doesn’t remember having any real interactions with Morgan.

Mary wrote in her author’s note: “mental illness affects forty-six million Americans each year. The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica is psychological fiction mixed with a murder mystery and a police procedural.

Cheating spouses are masters at manipulation, she said. On a positive note, the author managed to come up with some twists to the story. This book had such a chilling and eery vibe to it. He realized how her stepmother severely abused her in his absence, divorced her and got a restraining order against her.

Should readers really be expected to trudge through 7/8th of a book before something awesome happens? How can you have missed it? I couldn't continue,each page brought more of the same. Because so many of the things I wanted in my youth — things I never dared dream for, like a spouse and kids and a writing career — are things that I have now. What I expected to happen happened.

The street itself is charming, sloped and tree-covered, each home as lovely and well kept as the next. Sadie is a doctor and Will is a teacher and they’re the parents of two sons, 14-year old Otto and 7-year old Tate. It doesn't matter whether you're alarmingly caffeinated, drunk, or just exceptionally well-hydrated.

Murder on a small coastal island town. The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica is psychological fiction mixed with a murder mystery and a police procedural. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published After the tragic death of Will's sister, her home and daughter were bequeathed to her brother as a package deal.

It is my hope that we, as a society, will continue to bring awareness to this important issue and that in the … Though I started out liking Sadie, she grated on me very quickly.

What was the reason for this crime?

There's something great about a paperback book: They're perfect book club choices, you can throw them in your bag and go, and they've been out in... To see what your friends thought of this book, Of course there was closure about “Mouse”! What have I missed? Thank you to Harlequin/Park Row and NetGalley for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I feel we were left hanging. I look forward to reading more books by Mary Kubica. First, Sadie discovered that Will — whom she had always trusted relatively implicitly — had been cheating on her. It is probably because I am so resistant to change that I initially felt a tremendous amount of sympathy for — and, by connection, attachment to — the protagonist in The Other Mrs., the most recent novel by the increasingly prolific Mary Kubica. Wowzers. Though Sadie insists she knows nothing about what happened to Morgan — in fact, she barely knows Morgan at all — there is evidence to the contrary. Tragedy soon strikes when a neighbour is murd. Their new life is shattered when their neighbor is murdered and Sadie.

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