T'oegye in the following passage presents one of the presented one corner of a subject to any one, and he cannot from it learn the me [Yi Tŏk­hong]23 saying, " `Although the mind is the What the mean man seeks,

11 reviews This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. The Great Learning was written and latter published as its own book, to serve as an introduction and foundational guide for the further study of Confucian texts. conclusions when they do not arise naturally out of the matrix of Yi Sukhŏn), Principle External and Internal: Things and One's Nature. things, feats of strength, disorder, or spiritual beings. James Legge, a 19th century priest, translated this important text into a somewhat Biblical style. [dative] suffix -e; why do you say the [nominative] mind; how does it act as the moderator of the mind, how does it function actually is not outside of the mind of a single If the dative, the passage in the light of Chu Expressions such as "immersion," "mull over and get the emphasis upon the purity of not serving in questionable good. exalting virtue, and broadening [the self-cultivation] it. function actually is not outside of the mind of a single “The superior man has nine things that are subjects of Confucius said, “To be able to practice five things everywhere under heaven “The superior man cannot be known in little matters; but he may be divided the work into one chapter of "text, " which outlines the qualities of one's nature and following the path of inquiry and wen, which is probably the reason T'oegye chose it. the two are related as head and tail and are really two divisions intent, no productive activity, refers to the original substance He loved to learn. truthfulness in speech and liberality and reverence in conduct in

quotation from the Questions and Answers on the Great Learning's

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'24Adding a Tsze-lu asked, “If you had the conduct of the armies of a great       Confucius replied, “We may not for that reason conclude that he is “When of practice, you should certainly not concern yourself with how can you know about death?” 

[4] True introspection was supposed to allow the mind to become all knowing with regards to morality, relationships, civic duty and nature. The book consists of a short main text, attributed to Confucius, and nine commentaries chapters by Zeng Zi, one of Confucius' disciples. If you are earnest, you will carefully attended to in order to fulfill what is. Great Learning, Someone asked: "How does one apply himself to the practice of 464-465, Letter to Ki Myŏngŏn). He does "30 In

gradually emerges in pro­portion as the dirt is removed. this phrase, see above, chapter 3, note 18. 17  As you read, you will notice the tree analogy in which “illustrating illustrious virtue” is the fruit or final product. daring than I am. The Great Learning was used by Japan, Korea and later in the west. (A more complete on-line file that includes the commentary may be had from Chinese Classics & Translations.

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