The third continually rises up and down, and acts as an elevator to the next area of the level. At the Haunted Ghost Ship near the end of the level, you’ll come across a room with a bunch of hidden areas that make a labyrinth. Use the video above to help you find its exact location. Such is life.". Super Mario 3D World contains Secret Exits, or Warp Zones, that are well-hidden red warp pipes. Warp Pipes have appeared in nearly every Mario game since, and some of them can be entered by pressing , or and a jump button (for upside-down pipes); some Warp Pipes are found protruding from walls, and can be entered simply by having Mario walk into them, or swim if underwater. Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! In Monopoly Gamer, four Warp Pipe spaces appear on the board. Bowser cannot jump into these. It has the same effect as in the previous game, switching the player's place with an opponent decided by roulette, except that it can no longer be thrown onto a space, and no longer costs the player Coins to use on themselves. Blue pipes, which act as shortcuts to previous areas, can be found in the Toad Town Tunnels.

There will be a pipe hidden under a pillow with a red arrow pointing right, just beside a floating Question Block that will take you to the secret exit. In the 2010 version of the game, the Brick Block "Advance to Go" card also refers to a pipe. If the player destroys a Piranha Plant in a Warp Pipe with a Koopa Shell affected by a Gold Ring, numerous Coins come out. In Spinning Spirit House, you’ll eventually come across a room filled with squares and multiple doors. Split Pipes can be colored yellow, pink, purple, red, cyan, or gray. You do not need to use all characters at the same time, because that is imposible. Warp Pipes reappear in Super Mario Maker 2 as objects that can be placed in levels. One Warp Pipe is a scrap that Mario must use to progress in Hither Thither Hill. They also appear as basic obstacles that block the ball, as well as containing Piranha Plants. Piranha Plants in Warp Pipes also appear along the course, as well as appearing as obstacles in Dream Ice Hockey. Some Warp Pipes are just outlines, and can only be used after a yarn ball is thrown at them as it creates them. It’ll require you to make a timely jump after dodging a bunch of fireballs to get to a pipe out of reach by ordinary means. Each color of Warp Pipe releases its contents at different speeds, with the blue Warp Pipe being the slowest, the green Warp Pipe being the second slowest, the yellow Warp Pipe being the second fastest, and the red Warp Pipe being the fastest. Some Warp Pipes tend to appear far more frequently on the ceiling of the inside sections of many planets and galaxies, mainly in the Rightside Down Galaxy and the Upside Dizzy Galaxy.

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