. When Plants Don't Get Enough Light, Why Do They Grow Tall and Spindly? Hello. We had lots of luck and now are attempting to save seeds. Will they revive and come back? What should I do ??? I’ve been so excited , it’s my first time to grow them , they fell out of my bird feeder , and they are in full bloom ?!?!? to half an inch thick. I’m not quite sure what you mean but as long as they have plenty of room in the ground for their roots and are well watered, I should think it will be fine. However you want to be careful not to over water as it can lead to root rot and may loosen the soil too much causing the sunflower to fall. Now it’s been a week and some of its flowers are kind of droopy looking and not fully opening. What do you think I can do? My seedlings have sprouted and I’ve just noticed that the pots are probs only about 2.5 inch cubes.

I just bought a sunflower plant. When the last frost is past transplant into a warm and sunny position in the garden. Also, it has some leaf miners on it so would they be affecting the growth? my plant’s leaves are like swiss cheese. Sunflowers are more of a Summer plant. will that destroy the plants? I repotted some sunflowers ( in some new soil with some added plant food) and left them over night inside and in the morning they look saggy. In the house? Also they do tend to grow better outside. I tried to put a stick behind it to support and it did! You could try giving them some regular garden fertiliser. And the leaves were starting to turn brown. I’d pot it on into a bigger pot or into the ground. unfortunately, due to weather conditions, it has been raining for like 2 days already. It’s definitely not the typical yellow or orange. Picking a sunflower with totally white colored seeds rather than black stripes on white means the seeds are not mature. I am so confused on what to use to kill them. I would love to see the flowers on the plants a little longer than a week.. at least until the seeds mature.. Is there any way i can keep the squirrels off the flower? We have paid no attention to them except for watering. When should I transplant my seedlings? National Garden Bureau . I like to see them all flower but you’ll probably only get seeds from the larger ones. In fact if it rains, leaving the old florets on can sometimes cause the head to get soggy which can attract mould. I’m not sure if they’re open back up or what would cause them to close. Ants don’t eat the leaves, but they “farm” aphids on your sun flowers which can do a lot of damage. I just brought two sunflowers .they have a few fowers on the stalk and are about a foot high. I’ve heard if you water them all over with a little washing up liquid and plenty of water it repeals insects, this worked for me, sounds a bit nonsense but give it a try.

Sunday – we took pictures and wowed everyone with our 10 foot high giant sunflowers. Not everybody wants a sunflower with a dark center. Every one of them has grown and flowered! Nitrogen (N) Thank you. What to Do for a Fuchsia Plant That Is Losing Leaves. If the soap solution is fairly soapy it can make the leaves look particularly unhealthy. Hello! I have cut off the rusty leaves and applied soapy water but still notice this infection. I use a mixture of water, dish soap, neem oil, rosemary oil and lavender oil…they die and it takes them quite a while to come back. It depends on the weather and how warm it is.

Now the leaves are shriveling up and the flowers turning white, what should I do? When the plants got too tall for the net on top I removed it and then something still kept getting in and chewing the stems, not eating!

Sunflowers don’t like too much water so it may be that, especially if you don’t have drainage holes in the pot, it might also be that the pot was just too small. The pot has no insert, or care instructions. I got as a present a sunflower “irish eyes” in a pot. Now I have a lot of sunflowers at about 10 inches tall. Will it grown some buds after I took off the dead ones? My mammoth russian sunflowers are only 1 foot tall and are starting to flower. We have one that is 14 feet tall with the most amazing flower!! One is about 3ft tall and it had a 22 cms diameter flower. Spray in the morning or evening all over top and bottom of leaves and on the stem.

Should I cut off the smaller ones so growth is concentrated on the main flowers? Thank you! Hi, This year my sunflowers are not blooming. Thank you. The leaves are all nice and green and I don’t see any bugs or anything around them. Keep the babies inside or in the shade for a while until they harden a bit, then gradually put them out in the sun for more hours each day. Your ornamental plant can't pass it to your tomato plant and likewise. What happen? We are waiting now for them to spill their seeds.

You should expect them to germinate within a couple of weeks. Checked for bugs, worms, anything but found nothing on it or the other sunflowers I have. This year three plants in that row are starting to show same symptoms. I want to see my plants grow as big as they can. Gorgeous deep burgundy colored petals! Less water….the sites say water once a week with several gallons of water…you may be rotting the roots…I say leave it alone for at least a few days, and water sparingly at first, to see if it recovers…Someone told me to put vinegar and water on my sunflowers to kill ants…I almost killed them…leaves were brown and crinkled.

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