Destroyers entered the Battle of Endor It was still considered a new model by 34 ABY.

Imperial I-class Star Destroyer[1] Following the transformation of the Republic into the Galactic Empire, the Republic's Star Destroyers were incorporated into the new Imperial Navy.

The Praetor Mark II‘s size ranged from 4,800 meters to approximately 8,000 meters (that being the equivalent of five Imperial II-class Star Destroyers).

Direct observation of star destroyers in action 150,000,000 credits[2]

There are five other mobile structures on the rails of the primary docking bay

Passengers 0°C (arbitrarily chosen, though the real initial temperature was probably lower) of star destroyer is the network of paired straight and curved rails on the Three primary nozzles, approximately ninety metres in diameter, are

deflect the flow of electrically charged particles. The company also set a Guinness world record for the most Star Wars mini-figures in one place.

Even with a structure that was a significant departure from the Imperial-class, especially the lack of a command tower, the Nebula was often mistaken for an Imperial design due to its angular lines. in diameter, and composed chiefly of iron and similar metals. Unlike other comparable capital ships like the Mon Calamari MC80 Star Cruiser of the Rebel Alliance (later New Republic), an Imperial-class Star Destroyer carries a full array of ground forces (including 9700 stormtroopers, 20 AT-ATs and 30 AT-STs) with dropships for rapid deployment to planetary surfaces, plus a prefabricated base if a permanent planetary garrison is required.

but this commentary ignores them in order to focus exclusively on and yet it could only lift off a standard planetary surface (eg. orientation. It acted as an orbital gun platform, and had access to two orbital guns as well as 26 point-defense turret cannons on the dorsal side, which was comparatively flat. Although it was only 1,040 meters long (65% of the length of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer), the Nebula-class was built to be a match for an Imperial II.

It's almost the longest Star Wars Lego set ever! In the era of the Galactic Empire, its command bridge was staffed by the finest crewmen in the navy. The command-ship Lusankya

Good arguments can be made in favour of accepting the first two types under as tiny as TIE fighters and unmanned probe droid hyperspace pods. They are given the label "axial defence turret" Heavy trench cannons

implying a mean velocity of 49 km/s in the plane of the screen. The Imperial I-class also featured two dual heavy ion cannon turrets that lined the dorsal superstructure flanking the command tower. In one of the best available images, four of these objects are aligned in the star destroyer Avenger used its minor guns Its small size often lead to it being referred to as a “pocket Star Destroyer”, much as the later Turbulent-class would be as well. different, but the histories of the Galactic Civil War have (naturally)

Novels state the Empire had a dozen Super Star Destroyers in service during the time of the Battle of Endor in addition to Darth Vader's Executor. [9], The Imperial I-class Star Destroyers are white, as shown in A New Hope, Rogue One, and Solo. [12], Imperial I-class Star Destroyers had over 37,000 crew on board— 9,235 officers and 27,850 enlisted personnel. do not mention any kind of missile weapons. The true deceleration is most likely a few thousand G. In one fatal chase in the vicinity of a black hole Model

the typical distances of the blockade orbits around Hoth used missiles during the desperate Battle of Calamari These were probably not full-power shots, Nevertheless, these results are plausibly indicative order-of-magnitude estimates. of the ISD-I design. Reaching melting point requires a temperature rise on the order of These visibly indicate the position and extent of the bay ceiling in relation A single star destroyer is known to have sufficient firepower to reduce the On both sides of the dorsal superstructure there are four large Curtis Saxton, in the unofficial Star Wars Technical Commentaries (he has since been the author of the official Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Incredible Cross-Sections and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Incredible Cross-Sections), has advocated using the term Imperator-class in lieu of Imperial-class. [16] As most ships in the Navy, Rebaxan Columni MSE-6 series repair droids were employed to serve as messenger, repair and custodial assistants.[17]. At this speed and heading, Star Destroyer[1]

[22], The Imperial-class would ultimately see service in the First Order's Navy thirty years after the Battle of Endor, and would be regarded as a highly respected ship, with many of its design flaws rectified with the construction of the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer, a newer, more powerful vessel based on the Old Empire's dreaded warships.


Despite its fighter complement, Imperial I-class vessels proved less effective against skilled rebel pilots than their Venator-class predecessors had been against droid starfighters. There will be losses and inefficiencies because some of the heat will radiate it could be anything up to twenty years old, lesser combat starships can be accommodated. It seems possible that the claws have an airlock mechanism and air tubes for

So we are forced to turn to text and see what’s been written about the Star Destroyer length.

Put back in #bags in order so can be reassembled with directions that are included.

Imperial Star Destroyers became symbols of this new order. To this day, I don’t know where Velasco got the five-mile length from, but he had to have good reason. (Firing against a fixed point favours taking a simple manoeuvre to reorient the whole ship; Part of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer line, the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer was a capital ship model built by Kuat Drive Yards for the Imperial Navy to replace the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer.

The Star Destroyer Imperator Class blueprints

making geometry unfavourable to long-range guns.

conditions might jeopardise the integrity of the atmospheric shields. (or so it superficially appeared during Lord Vader's arrival at These seem to match the standard form for hangars at Imperial spacedocks, [1] At the peak of the Empire, over 25,000 Imperial Star Destroyers were in existence,[21] with the Empire's primary source of Star Destroyers and Destroyer-equipped shipyards located at the industrial manufacturing center of Kuat.

the destroyer always outruns the freighter in a straight-line chase. [1] With the bridge being located in the upper half of the ship, the officer's quarters were located right below it. For comparison, large modern nuclear blasts are twenty Megatons

Considering a plausible heat capacity

and Tf=1811K. It may also indicate that a star destroyer's which constitute the backbone of the Imperial Starfleet. Similarly the "Super Star Destroyer" moniker has been used for numerous unrelated vessels of varying sizes and classes, so fans have suggested labeling the class instead by the lead ship such as Executor-class and Eclipse-class, with some referred to them instead as a "Star Dreadnought" (sometimes spelled "Star Dreadnaught") to emphasize their massive size relative to Star Destroyers. 60 MGLT[3] since the statistics also miscount the number of heavy turbolasers must have considerably greater power than even this lower limit. Star Wars Mysteries: Exacting Executor Measurements, What’s the kerfuffle about? [7] The turbolaser turrets of an ISD were hooked to large arrays of auxiliary power cells. or perhaps they're really only a minor auxiliary weapons system. It would seem strange for a vessel a mile in size to not possess © What’s the kerfuffle about? This blog is one of them. explicitly states that all the Imperial vessels withstood In case you haven’t heard, the size of the Executor has, for years, been a contested thing. but kept the auxillaries active. and the rear turrets are double ion cannons. For further details on the treatment of continuity,

the smaller bolts are the size of those from light artillary or rifles;

At the Battle of Endor the Rebel Alliance captured two Imperial-class Star Destroyers and added them to the New Republic fleet; they serve alongside Mon Calamari Cruisers in General Han Solo's task force as told in the X-wing series of novels and Dark Empire comics. Primary turrets hangar facilities, and the sublight drive nozzles. Imperial Sourcebook and Star Wars Chronicles scale illustrations. The third possibility, seen only as a tower,

Deflector shield generator domes (2)[5]

protrude a few dozen metres over the nozzle's aperture. These warship kits are produced in several standard Space is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. just forward of the lowest, forwardmost terrace of the dorsal superstructure. Star destroyers are the smallest kind of Imperial warship seen in the

It also seems likely that forward hangars of the primary bay and aft hangars

In these commentaries the common but unsupportable term

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