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I just wanted to say, I hate you. This song serves as a response to his recent death, expressing both hope for a better existence in Heaven as well as an emotional tug-of-war in which she tries to reconcile her feelings for her father. Aren’t all of us walking a tightrope at one point of time or the other?

Lists of songs on specific topics as wriiten up in The Guardian's Readers Recommend column ... Top Listers . Your state may determine how picky you are about your coffee. When it comes to songs about taking risks, there’s not much that can motivate you to move ahead than the thought of constant regret, an emotion which this song captures perfectly. The general election on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, will decide not only the next president of the United States but also which political party controls the House of Representatives and the Senate. The emotional effect it can generate in one listener or an entire stadium is incredible, and we all have experienced something through music at one time or another. With poignant lyrics like these, it really isn’t hard to deduce that the song is between two lovers, both of whom have accepted that their relationship has become a dead end, but neither has the strength to end it. The song expresses the turmoil that comes with being in a relationship that is on the brink of extinction, told from the perspective of the person who is fighting to keep it alive.

Imagine, therefore, the chord that the suggestion of Indianapolis by Bottle Rockets struck: Can’t go westCan’t go eastI’m stuck in Indianapolis with a fuel pump that’s deceased. Florence sings about her regrets, having enough of her regrets, and then talks about how “it's hard to dance with a devil on your back…So shake him off”.

While I enjoy the original version by Bonnie Raitt, something about Bon Iver's voice brings the record to life for me, but you can be your own judge of that. My mental health has been a concern ever since my freshman year of high school.

The new theme will be announced at 8pm (BST) on Thursday 20 July. Here are some songs to take you back to the good ole' days, when you listened to music on an iPod and your biggest concern was what you were going to wear to the middle school dance. Give it a shot, huh? LiveShopper Sassie, the company behind this Coffee Project survey, received input from 1,000 coffee drinkers via their mobile app, PrestoShopper, to ask various questions about their coffee drinking habits and preferences.

A List . Sure, you can go in completely blind or you can take calculated risks – that’s totally up to you. Kristen Haddox, Penn State University4.

Genre does not matter but I'm really into rock. The more I thought about the selection process, the less sure I was whether “prison song” suggestions (although welcome) really fitted the bill – the punishment element somehow led away from the intention of the topic. While disappointingly there were no Miley or Billy Ray tracks nominated this week, young Noah Cyrus flew the flag – nailing the topic concisely with our opener: I’m Stuck.

Fits of anxiety can also come out of nowhere or be a constant battle. These songs inspire positive self-esteem — give them a listen. We are all in this together so I'm sure you know what's up. Here is a reminder of some of the guidelines for readers recommend: Available for everyone, funded by readers.

Sometimes, taking a risk is about leaving the person you know you aren’t happy with. Crisis Text Line is a nonprofit organization that provides confidential crisis intervention through text messaging. Whatever your situation may be, … You can use this song to motivate yourself to get back in touch with your ex, to change your job or to simply stand up to that one person who has been bullying you your entire life.

I remember meeting a little kid who was on his way to Vietnam. We had the party, but he was very solemn, just sitting with his girlfriend.

Tell me if you haven’t ever felt this way before: But there's a voice inside my head saying.

Music is arguably one of the most powerful forms of expression that we have. Songs about life being in chaos, or being lost in life... dark, depressing, songs is what I'm looking for. People keep talking they can say what they like, But all I know is everything's going to be alright. The song’s about not giving a fuck to what critics and haters think about you, and to just go about doing your own thing. He was frightened. It details the difficulty of being trapped in an abusive relationship, one that the victim is begging to be ended. The USP of the song, of course, is its uplifting beats and its addictive tempo, which will immediately make you wanna bring out your dance shoes so that you can dance your heart out! We could all use a mental health check-in, especially as we approach the end of a wild calendar year.

After all, they do say putting your festive decorations up early could make you happier — it's science. If you want songs about taking risks, them this one should definitely be on your list. She is a power house with the ability to write and express raw emotion in her songs, and this song in particular really hits home in a way that many others don't.Gut-Wrenching Lyric: "I promise I'm worthy to hold in your arms". The entire song is devastating, but if you've heard the song, you know that the final climactic note is what makes it that much more emotional.Gut-Wrenching Lyric: "I never wanted anything so much / Than to drown in your love and not feel your reign", This song is a true heartbreaker. I'm looking for some songs that are about being frustrated with life specifically about nothing happening in life (as in no job, no girl, being stuck in a rut). And what do you do when you are scared to take the initial leap? It was the nation's first radio show that allowed listeners to read the lyrics as the songs play.

The diversity of artists is, well, diverse.

Some of us (yes, me) love to start celebrating the holiday season as soon as even slightly acceptable, and since this year has been a wild year, I have a hunch more and more people are going to do it too. You'll love others. It focuses on self-discovery and the termination of an unhealthy relationship in order to be true to oneself and find one's own voice. And this is exactly what Alicia’s empowering song is all about – sometimes, you risk everything you have by staying where you are, instead of leaving it all behind and moving forward.

Server responsed at: 11/04/2020 12:45 a.m. All texts are contributed by our excellent writers. Ah. Speaking of movie nights in, Freeform released their 25 Days Of Christmas movie schedule! But sometimes, it’s an even bigger risk staying with them because despite not knowing how things will turn out, you want to give it your all. I guess they manifested as a result of stress and genetic dispositions, considering how many people in my family struggle with the same issues I do. Here is this week’s playlist – songs picked by a reader from hundreds of suggestions on last week’s callout. It’s through this song that one of them decides to finally take a risk, leave behind his feelings of comfort and look forward to a happier life without his partner. For all the young professionals, parents, and students out there who've been working, learning, or even teaching remote — 2020 has likely been the longest year of your life. Ella Fitzgerald is Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea; while following a Havana-based gambling-related poor choice, Warren Zevon is stuck between a rock and a hard place in Lawyers, Guns and Money. She took some time to share how her roles have evolved since New York City first shut down in March 2020, as well as how the climate surrounding mental health has shifted and grown even more apparent in 2020.

I found myself thinking about how he was feeling trapped – nowhere to run. The song’s choir is its high point and it’s highly recommended if you’re in the mood for a little soul searching as well. Being such a diverse emotion that I have struggled with myself, there are certain phrases that are more damaging than helpful. If you watch the video, you will get an early 90s vibe from it, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’re into that kinda music. Thanks for taking part. From matters emotional to matters mechanical. Powered by Taking risks is, well, risky. The answer is no. I’ll leave you on this rather solemn passage: “There were riots at the time in Detroit in the 1960s. There's something almost ghostly about the tracks opening, igniting the chills that are sure to last throughout the entirety of the song.Gut-Wrenching Lyric: "If you want me to break down and give you the keys / I can do that but I can't let you leave", Beyoncé gives one of her most powerful performances with this song.

The story of the beast with those four dirty paws. By having the opportunity to be a crisis counselor, I can answer texts from people who reach out during a crisis and bring them "from a hot moment to cool calm." Music has the inherent ability to connect both the listener and artist on an emotional level unlike any other forum of entertainment. Oh God, he must have been about 19.

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