However, it is surely unnecessary to point out that every person may have a particular weakness, and if one is to follow the principle "He is wise, who learns from every person," he will be wise to learn from only the person's strong and positive qualities and not from his weak ones. Of course, you might point to this one or that one who do not wear a sheitel. By the next generation (the time of Rav Hirsch), ... Shaitel vs. Tichel 21 Feb 2013 15:18 #2237.

Reply, To Naava Well, she is an expert tichel-wearer, and on her website,, she has a number of video tutorials on how to tie tichels in fabulous, beautiful ways. My father-in-law related that the city of Frankfurt had very religious Jews their piety made a name for them over all of Germany. Also, when I tie them tightly enough that they stay in place, it can be a bit tight. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Visit my website, The foundations upon which Judaism rests is ethics. Yisroel Strauss; OFFLINE; Simply pull your hair back into a ponytail bun, pop on a snood and you’re ready to head out the door. Just have a look at our facebook page : On the days when I’ve had a shetiel on all day, I also tend to switch to something more comfy at night. Since I haven’t been snood shopping in a while, I’m not sure where to get them. However, when she wears a sheitel one can tell that here is a Jewish religious woman. Tichels take a slightly higher amount of effort to put on, and so I will don one when I feel like investing an extra couple of minutes in my appearance. What I like about hats is that I feel like they have a little more personality and pizzazz than a snood, and give me a slightly more polished look without any extra effort. I wasn't wearing a hat or a sheitel (wig). I watched a movie about a young Orthodox Jewish woman, and her friend.

How could I forget?

Hi, I am from Sits! So it’s a matter of finding the right balance. Furthermore, if you will eventually settle in a Jewish Orthodox neighborhood, you will find that other young women will wish to emulate your good example, and thus you will have the additional merit of being instrumental in influencing others in the right way. So so cute. We beseech G‑d prior to our prayers, "Do not bring us into temptation." 1. is a proud partner of. Yes! All the industries are completely out of hand. Thanks, Batya. Of one's friend? I will be more than happy to help everybody find the mitpachat that fits her best. As in other cultures, law and custom evolve from an undestanding and commitment to an ethical standard.Halachic structures and substructures have their place, but are supported by a bedrock of ethical teachings. 3. If she does so, then surely it is well. I like the “floppy beret” description for a snood. In response to your letter where you write about Kisui HaRosh : I have already stated my opinion on many occasions that in present generations covering one's hair with a kerchief will not last, for each and every time the woman is put to the test whether to cover all her hair, or just part of it, etc., so that she not be embarrassed by those who scoff (although it may only be a figment of her imagination, and sometimes it is actually so). I usually wear my sheitl if i can’t find a scarf that matches my outfit, or if i feel like blending in (i.e. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Excerpt from Igros Kodesh, Vol.

When one is asked to give a dollar and is promised a thousand dollars in its stead, one readily does so even when one doubts that he will receive the thousand dollars. Her friend was Middle Eastern, but they were going through some similar pains, about marriage. As usual, a great post. That’s my go-to head covering for the morning, the evening, and whenever I just don’t want to put a whole lot of effort into it.

I’m tracking quite well, though. I relate to everything you said. Great questions! Awesome. I’m actually wearing a snood *right now.*. When one goes, for example, to a doctor one does not understand why he prescribes a particular medicine, but he is believed and relied upon. The mitpachat on your page are very lovely indeed. A pleasure! The tichel, I realized was the tip-off to my supposed mastery of Hebrew. :). Why not simply rely on G‑d? When the hair is covered with a kerchief and one meets a non-religious friend or acquaintance, then quite often the kerchief "slides up" or disappears altogether into the pocket. Reply, Where in the bible does it say to wear a wig? Stanley! Sichos in English has published hundreds of volumes on Chassidism and its way of life. Why place oneself in the path of temptation? Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Find Your Style Pick Your Wig Fill Out the Form! That is where I learned a little bit about the head coverings. As regards to your writing that they may laugh at you and you will be embarrassed, etc.

haha, glad to aid in the procrastination. Me and My Covered Hair, Part Two: Tichels, Hats and More, Rivki Silver is no Huffaloftus!

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