[21] Willow departed again on 4 August, after deciding to live with her father Fergus Olsen (Andrew Percy),[22] before making a guest appearance from 8 December for Toadie and Sonya Rebecchi's (Eve Morey) vow renewal. Hamish takes Tyler's keys to the garage and sabotages the mobile hoist, which later falls on Amy Williams, resulting in Tyler's dismissal from the garage.

Rory later apologises to David, who tells him that he ended his relationship with Aaron. He tells him to leave. Willow explains that Andrea turned up at Toadie and Sonya's vow renewal, and left Toadie a note asking him to visit her. Hamish later pulls out Russell's phone and listens to Tyler's message. "[29] Mills reprised the role in 2018,[30] and he was promoted the regular cast in 2019.

She decides to stay for a while to make sure Andrea is not trying to con Toadie again. But she eventually admits that she is not Dee. Kirsha eventually tells Shane about the blackmail and he promises to sort it out, but Marisa records him confronting her and the family are dropped as the Faces of Lassiters. The police conclude that he was murdered. Fay later talks with Tyler about her divorce from their father, Russell.

Willow weighs up the pros and cons of going to Port Macquarie, and eventually decides to go. Lehman added that Joanne and Sheila would be "very much at odds" with one another.[69].

Believing it was Evan, she turns to her aunt Mishti Sharma (Scarlet Vas) for help, and it transpires that Evan is fine.

He later buys Aaron a drink and kisses him, but Aaron pulls away. At The Waterhole, Fay tells Sheila that without her, she might not have had the courage to tell Tyler the truth. Anna is an assessor for the Lassiter's hotel star rating review. Fay apologises to Tyler, but he asks her to leave.

Willow expresses her reservations over deceiving the Rebecchi family and letting Toadie believe that she is his daughter. While walking around the lake. When Rory sees Aaron again, he believes that things are going to go back to how they were between them.[66].

After Paul tells him David went to the police, Mannix leaves town.

While she is in the shower, Toadie finds Andrea's passport. The motel's co-owner Stephanie Scully (Carla Bonner) becomes suspicious of him, after seeing people enter and leave his room. A couple of weeks later, Jasmine brings her grandfather.

When Piper finds out, she meets with Cassius, who explains that the underlining is just something he does. Fay comes to Lassiters Hotel to visit her daughter Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly), who has recently moved to Erinsborough. After Toadie discovers Andrea's real identity, Willow tries to talk to him, but he walks into the road and is struck by a taxi. Sonya takes her to the hospital, where Toadie meets them.

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