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As SIM soaked in the praises of many, the KL-based company felt that this "found-phone" concept of gaming that they had pioneered needed some refining and fine-tuning. It's up to you to peek into her device and explore what she has kept inside, as well as interact with her contacts and unravel what led to her disappearance.The game even comes complete with a Tinder parody, a web browser, and a vlogging site. Now some of the information you find is helpful but that’s only 1% of the info. I'd love if in the future we could look through Sara's dating profile (and read more of Buddy's cringey attempts to flirt), see more realistic attempts at texting (less "...", those read more as a smug intellectual texting rather than intimidating), and more branching out in genuine choices (not "omg this is so scary" to a text where a person is asking a question). — 14 Nov 2017, 05:44 PM, When local game company Kaigan Games released 'Sara Is Missing' to the world last year, they certainly didn't expect the game to fetch over 2 million downloads.

"We are deep in the marketing for 'SIMULACRA' now, with plans to expand it into a franchise. I'm really scared I have a virus. Mind you I HAVE AN IPHONE X!!!

If you choose Sara to make her safe, the killer will kill her instead. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. I'm really scared I have a virus. In 'Sara Is Missing' (SIM), you find a phone that belongs to a girl named 'Sara'.

'SIMULACRA' is currently available on the App Store, Google Playstore, and Steam for USD4.99 (around RM20.92). Its just terrifying that they send pictures of Sara or Faith actually being killed, and the filter just makes it creepier. Just, don’t download this is blood/death/torcher and stuff like that is a big Nono for you, the amount of violence and blood in this game can be very triggering to some individuals, so please keep that in mind but otherwise go ahead! It would be great if you could actually find a lot more information about sara’s disappearance. The Sara is Missing Wiki is about the 2016 horror game, Sara is Missing. Sara is Missing (SIM) is all about the horrors of mobile technology and touches upon the voyeuristic pleasure that one gets from prying through another person's personal items. Last but not least, there's not much gameplay," he said.Through months of brainstorming and hard work, they released the successor to SIM in October. It took me to this thing on safari and I clicked of quick but the title said something about Sara is missing.

With exciting initiatives in the pipeline, the company has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. In 'Sara Is Missing' (SIM), you find a phone that belongs to a girl named 'Sara'. The game has a similar formula to the Mystic Messenger game but gives it a horrific (and realistic) twist. So overall this game has its ups and downs And I wouldn’t really recommend this game to anyone else because it can get boring at times. Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Say hello to 'SIMULACRA'.

Being a tech geek, I have to help my friends fix some stuff on their phones from time to time; and when I catch a glimpse of their messages or photos, I immediately apologise to them. If you were disappointed by the first game, I can guarantee that 'SIMULACRA' is a spooky game through and through. Wiki Activity. With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. I'm on MacBook and I was playing Sara is missing when I closed the game I saw Sara is missing in my search bar in 2 tabs on yahoo/amazon search thing. I went back in and it said my battery was affected and three more viruses were coming. When you go through her messages you get to discover more about her life sad thing is you only get to talk to James and Izuru (SPOILERS AHEAD) Izuru is the cause of all of this and at the end you have to pick who will die Sara or Faith.

She's missing and you have to dig for information and details about her disappearance.The game also bagged three international awards, with extensive coverage from YouTubers and international press. I downloaded the game from game jolt. Kaigan Games have proven to the local and international gaming community that it is not a one-hit wonder since 'SIMULACRA' has also won an award in the recent International Mobile Gaming Awards. This wiki is open for editing to anyone at all, so if you have any relevant information or images, feel free to add them!

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