The information provided is from their perspective.

CI on Facebook That's what makes a great developer?I take tdd is important, but this is nonsense.The interviewers were below standards.Unfriendly, uninterested, in a rush.

They were very thorough and highly professional.

Around this time, CEO Nikolay Storonsky gave an interview to Business Insider where he said Revolut’s philosophy was to “get shit done”, a slogan that is emblazoned on the company's London office walls in bright neon lights. The instructions on the exercise said the applicants should recruit at least 200 clients in a week to have a chance at passing to the next interview phase.

When asked about the culture, some nuggets of answers they have include:1) US culture is different from the UK culture- we are much closer and are a mini team, with lots of autonomy (if you know about revolut, you know about the Wire article on their culture- this response felt like a cop-out)2) You will hear from us in the next few weeks- i dont know the timeline (at this point even if you have decided not to pursue conversations, it was pretty weird to suggest that the team is not aware of the few weeks worth of timeline to get back to an applicant)3) they asked me a question saying they were curious to learn if i had experience with xyz saying it does not impact the process, but it clearly did because towards the end i think this became the determining factor.All in all, the process with Revolut was disrespectful of my time and effort.

You trained recently a gradient boosting model. Finally, I reached out to the recruiter asking if there were any alternative formats or solutions, and she replied that "As a data-driven company we expect most of our employees to be able to independently solve problems using data in their day-to-day work. We encourage you to give feedback through the interviewer survey that you should have received after this interview - we provide personalised feedback and rankings to each interviewer to help them perform better, so we really value all the responses that we receive. I tried this for TWO hours. At no point did they bring up the task I had submitted or bother to speak more to the position. Fair enough - I can understand, but the next availability of the interviewer is 3 weeks out. Following revelations about the exercise on Spanish website, Chad West, Revolut’s head of communications, said the company had shut down the practice “immediately” after being made aware of it. Matt Burgess, Matt Reynolds and Amit Katwala. Thank you for letting us know about your recruitment experience. Two were fired within seven weeks of joining,” says Martin, a former Revolut country manager, who in the summer of 2017 was offered a job overseeing Revolut’s operations in a European country where the company did not yet have a physical presence. Thank you for your honest review. The process took 5 weeks. CI on Telegram, Categories

99.5% of those applicants are rejected: the company is extremely fussy about who it hires. She loved the product – an app and card that provided zero-fee international money transfers, the ability to use digital currency bitcoin, as well as other services – and was excited at the prospect of working for the company. Describe your experience with the curse of dimensionality. The process took 2 weeks.

Natasha Bernal. How would you reduce the time of XYZ process? I interviewed at Revolut (London, England) in February 2020. Crowdfund Insider As a result, his job interview lasted just two minutes, he told the luckless applicant.

Thank you for giving us your honest feedback about your recruitment experience.This interview did not match our usual standards and is highly irregular in process - we will pass your feedback on to the Recruitment team so that they can follow up on this internally.Please remember to provide feedback on your interviewer so that we can provide these scores to them to help them improve. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it and agree to our terms of service. I applied through an employee referral.

Christine Ng called the request “the worst take home task ever,” while stating she was boycotting Revolut. The first step is the CV screening and a call with the HR guy. This is when things started going downhill.

You need to retrain it from time to time, also, it must be put to production. Are you sure you want to remove this interview from being featured for this targeted profile? Bicelka said he won Revolut more than 5,000 new clients before joining last year. Smartphone bank Revolut wants to launch a retail offering in Switzerland. Info: [email protected]

Revolut's head business developer Andrius Bicelka responded to her objections by saying he regretted her decision, and that she had been the only one of 350 candidates to reject the practice. Staff retention at Revolut is far lower, Buckley claims. We appreciate that this is a difficult time for companies and candidates as business needs change and hiring priorities change.This has been an unprecedented set of circumstances that has affected the whole world - and we have tried to be as sensitive as possible to our candidates in this process and keep as many roles live as possible.

Asked questions were far away from real world programming. After several weeks of no response, a different recruiter reached out to say my assignment was not adequate - no feedback, never even spoke to the hiring manager. Just add a $20 deposit to get started and order your free card to spend at home or abroad in 150+ currencies. I interviewed at Revolut in June 2020.

I applied online. It was intense. Questions around Bayesian methods used in data science. He barely explained the role to me, seemed like a waste of time.

We have reached out personally to the candidate to apologise, and to thank her for bringing this to our attention. No guideline of expectations. While part of the job description of a business development manager would include customer acquisition, this was not a skill PR managers would be expected to have. About Us I interviewed at Revolut in May 2020.

I interviewed at Revolut (New York, NY (US)) in April 2020.

Not to mention that I had to get up very early in the morning because I was 9 hours behind the time zone of the recruiter.0 communication from the recruiter thereafter upon asking for a tentative date at which they expect interviews to commence, or even something else that I can do in the mean time.I understand that companies have the upper hand when it comes to recruiting, especially at times as hard as this, but they should also treat candidates with some importance. "You get a lot of responsibility and you get to deliver something at the end of it. Fintech unicorn Revolut is taking some heat for what appears to be a clumsy recruitment tactic that may backfire. I interviewed at Revolut (Remote, OR (US)) in March 2020.

I applied through a recruiter. #BoycottRevolut, — Christine Ng (@xtine08) October 25, 2018. Reached out to her several times for feedback, but she never responded. at first, you need to pass the screening test. The process took 3 weeks. Effectively, this means Revolut is making applicants work for the company if they hope to clinch a job.

Find out more about how she’s designed Revolut legacies here. "We have a culture that’s direct, hard-working, transparent and ambitious," says Chang, who's LinkedIn profile is preceded by epithets like, "We are underdogs.

An analysis of the start and end dates of 147 former Revolut employees on LinkedIn suggests that over 80 percent had lasted less than a year, and over half stayed at the company for less than six months. "We want Revolut to be the other place that top students apply, alongside Google, Amazon and Facebook.”. ( all this during the Corona virus outbreak). Suffice to say, the home task to work in operations is a dataset which replicates a problem Revolut has faced in real life. WIRED, In partnership with I had cancelled other interviews to make time for this, and also spent a considerable time preparing for the interview, since its a role that I was super interested in. She did a 30-minute job interview over Google Hangouts with the London-based head of business development, Andrius Biceika, and was immediately told she had passed to the next round, which would involve a small test.

Went great from my end, a week later an interview per se was scheduled with the hiring manager. "At a bank, you're maintaining old systems.

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