Higgins is an extremely interesting character and the life of the play. Then, we have the relationship with each other. In Pygmalion, Shaw presents the classic theme of drama - the complexity inherent in human relationships. The excerpt takes place when Higgins and Pickering want to first test if Eliza can perform a simple talk in Standard English with other people. True Higgins's mother, who's just come in to get Eliza, thinks he's crazy, but Higgins himself is sure. At the end of Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, Eliza finds herself as a new and empowered woman. It's just his way of being fair. Higgins hears her speaking one night as she sells flowers, and he says that, within three months, he can change her speech so dramatically that she will be accepted in the highest society. Eliza turns around to leave, telling Higgins, LIZA: I shall not see you again. (Source). In view of English has been the most powerful language nowadays, people tend to question what Standard English is and which Standard English to be used by everybody; Standard British English or Standard American English or any other standard. Alfred though his transformations where due to Henry's comments, it still changed Alfred's life all around.

Here's what goes down: Henry and Eliza have a huge fight. Eliza's already made Higgins plenty angry by leaving his house, and then proceeding to act all cheery and nice the next day. The story of cinderella is most known for the transformation of a poor sweet lady into a princess. Instead, she marries Freddy and they open a flower shop. She doesn't seem convinced by the whole "I treat everyone like garbage" excuse. 1. For example, we have Freddy and Eliza Doolittle as boyfriend and girlfriend, the step mother and Alfred Doolittle for husband and wife, and so on. Though Alfred has become wealthy, his speech and the difference is what separates the different social classes. Eliza is shown standing up to a man who is taking detailed notes on her vocabulary. In ancient Greek mythology, Pygmalion fell in love with one of his sculptures that came to life and was a popular subject for Victorian era English playwrights, including one of Shaw's influences, W. S. Gilbert, who wrote a successful play based on the story in 1871, called Pygmalion and Galatea. The storyline basically tells how Higgins teaches Eliza how to speak a proper English. Galatea never does quite like Pygmalion: his relation to her is too godlike to be altogether agreeable. Pygmalion + Hij slaagt uiteindelijk in zijn opzet, maar tijdens het proces is Eliza zodanig geëmancipeerd geraakt, dat zij aangeeft niet langer afhankelijk te zijn van Higgins en haar eigen weg te kunnen gaan. What Higgins has not considered is what will happen to her then. Essay Three |Email |, ambiguous. For... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. It is a retelling of an ancient story, of the same name, by the Roman poet, Ovid, in which a sculptor falls in love with a statue he carved.

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