Do NOT support puppy mills!!!!!! After reading all of these negative reviews I’m glad there is at least one person that has had a positive experience. I had to call them half-dozen times to get them to schedule the hand off from breeder. Our sweet girl vas not growing! She is now listed as 8 weeks and ready to go home. major rip off of clients! I asked a few questions that he could not answer including what testing the breeder does on the parents for eye and orthopedic health so he offered to call the breeder. If you have good puppies well cared for healthy and respect yourself and them you find your own new families so that you know they will be taken care of the way you want. Anthony called back a couple hours later with the breeder on the line only known as "Aaron". Our problems began from the very beginning. here... Richard Lauersdorf has 2. We have so much love to give and the pup needed a home. The reply back was that they are also concerned and they had asked the breeder for current weight and current weight. My puppy had to have a surgery for a congenital hip problem when he was less than 1 year old. Not only that, the puppy can’t be registered with any nationally accredited registration such as AKC, etc. Do not make the same mistakes we did, a puppy’s life could very well depend on it. We finally heard from them two weeks before the puppy was ready saying he would arrive on Sunday. He actually told me NO breeder info would be given out until there was a commitment to purchase!!! We thought this was an odd mistake but did not think much of it and decided to move forward with the adoption. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Unfortunately the more I tried to work with them the more I realized that this was just a consignment pet store.

Without telling anyone in our family she payed half up front for a dog. I didn't hear back so I texted the puppy manager team on June 3rd and asked that someone please confirm her weight that morning. The next day on Wednesday I texted the puppy manager team via the App and asked how much Collette is weighing and if her dew claws were removed.

10…, The pandemic's impact on workers has been devastating. He had such bad anxiety he wouldn’t go to the bathroom outside, he wouldn’t let people touch him, and he now has severe separation anxiety. The site’s reputation becomes your reputation. Stay far, far away from this company and do not believe the doctored photos and false promises.”, A highly-paid but potentially risky way to make money is to volunteer for clinical trials. I asked Puppyspot questions regarding my puppy that they never answered. Not sure if I will get my puppy or money back. You can imagine my concern that she had lost about half her weight! They are complete frauds! We hung up and called our credit card company to file a dispute. One excuse after another in failing to deliver the puppy. It’s heartbreaking.”, “Please read this before buying a puppy on Puppy Spot formally Purebred Breeders.I purchased a Shih-Tzu puppy on this site. You don’t know what kind of home they will go into you don’t know anything about what’s going on this is a place where backyard breeders and puppy Millers can lie their heads off sell puppies inappropriately and make money. Alberto Torresini and Araya Cha are the brains of scams in Thailand. Thank You! After numerous visits to the vet, she was diagnosed with an extrahepatic portosystemic shunt (a common genetic defect that arises from irresponsible breeding). OR Thanks guys. Reply

He was so weak he could barely stand or walk. There are plenty of better places to sell, including. As a last resort find a reputable breeder. I guess it was the good lord making me wait on it. My dog matched with another dog on Embark (the DNA test I did) and their dog was a match for being a sibling that they also bought on Puppy Spot. Do research; make sure you can visit; contact the breeder. I have Had no return calls From them, no text or email response, nothing. They told me to send him back before they would give me a refund! On Monday June 1st, they replied to let me know they had an update from the breeder and Collette is 1 lb and 3 oz. This health guarantees don’t seem to exist. He was shaking and ill. At the “ripe old age” of 8 months, this pup is already 12 lbs. We named her Eevee. It was at this point that we were referred to a surgeon.

He added that 1.5 million families regularly use the site, which brags about 250 page views per puppy. I asked about her parents age. She was 6 weeks old.

misrepresentation in advertising, incompetence. They offered no sympathy, took zero responsibility for their lack of due diligence, and essentially dismissed us. He told me they were 2 years old. They told me they were going to drive it up from some place in Indiana and it would be ready in three to four weeks. We were very disappointed with PuppySpot however. “Puppy Spot was Purebred Breeders. Dog arrived with scratching her ears.

She started having diarrhea and would throw up no matter what we fed her. Within minutes of reserving the puppy someone contacted me and had an interview with me to see if i and the puppy were a match! From day one they were responsive, caring and crackerjack.

I am still in contact with each of the families. On Tuesday May 26th, I spoke with Anthony Smith of PuppySpot about a female Bichonpoo named Collette. Once the company got my money, you can’t get in touch with them. The irony that such a business would only further encourage the spread of puppy mills was not lost on us either. We love our Bernedoodle! This review was posted by a verified customer. Will contact my Lawyer. I haven’t felt so outraged in a while. The “puppy managers” you first interact with do a nice job. The response back was that they had not heard from the breeder. I replied that the breeder also told me the same weight and I did not purchase a pocket puppy. This is a horrible scam.

Make no mistake, the animals advertised on the site are exactly the same as you would get from a puppy mill, they just found a gimmick that allows them to slap a much higher price tag on them. I just bought a puppy from there. He was shaking and ill. They only need to have shown a dog in an AKC endorsed show. I told him we would dispute that. He told me that Collette was 2.5 lbs the last time they weighed her and she was on Royal Canin dry food.

You will know you are dealing with a reputable breeder and not a puppy mill when you have access to the mother, father and the living conditions. If u love animals, dont buy one here. Once the pup leaves them, there is no such thing as Customer Service.

❤️, I am extremely happy to have gotten my best friend for life from! PuppySpot helped me find me best friends and the perfect pup for me. Then last minute, gave me no option but to go pick up myself. buyer beware! I wanted to post a review of puppyspot here because I haven’t seen any threads about it.

Then Saturday morning we get a call that the puppy would be there at 3pm! I would NEVER recommend getting a dog from puppy spot for all of these reasons. We explained that we used the site specifically to avoid a situation like this. I paid $5000 for a designer dog breed (Pomsky). Nothing that pure bred breeders said was true, and they added a lot of flight fees and 5X the cost while the actual breeder still only gets their asking price plus (IF they really shipped puppy), the actual expenses for flights etc. She deserved more. I think we need to find out. He is affectionate and had a head start in training. The company (previously known as Purebred Breeders) also had so many complaints from buyers on sites ranging from the Better Business Bureau to Yelp that I’d advise sellers to stay away. PuppySpot made finding my special puppy so easy and satisfying. They responded that they could not call me, I would have to call them. Was taking too long get my puppy home. But this is a BIG LIE, PUPPIES ARE FROM PUPPY MILLS and the site does nothing to monitor or hold the breeders they use to account! Consider selling stuff that you already own. They replied that they would have someone from their client services team contact me. We also fell victim to puppyspot..time to bring them to Justice. Puppyspot animals are pet grade puppies, with really noticeable faults, and should not be selling for $2400. Fast-cash side…. I am so glad to read these other posts that confirm my crazy horrible experience with Puppyspot. We did not ask to return her but requested they provide some sort of refund for the purposes of helping with Eevee’s growing medical bills. Then we hung up. This policy is not only enforced with every PuppySpot puppy’s health in mind, but also to give peace of mind to all prospective puppy parents. The response was that they did not hear back from the breeder and would let me know when they did. She started having diarrhea and would throw up no matter what we fed her. The pain and suffering we had to endure was tremendous and her medical costs were approaching $10,000 (she is only 1.5 years old). Woah, I really regret buying now.. We just bought our Pomeranian puppy off of the website. After speaking w/Keffe (sp) in Florida I confirmed what I already knew about this business. T, hey are just a fancy Internet Puppy MILL.”. He had gardia, kennel cough and perhaps parvo. Do not make the same mistakes we did, a puppy’s life could very well depend on it. Or they gave us wrong information about Collette during the whole process?There is no reason to charge us a fee. Travel for second puppy was only going to be AIR CARGO - no thank you. My daughter and I just gave our deposit? PuppySpot - misrepresentation in advertising, incompetence, PuppySpot - guarantee breach contract three weeks ago I purchased a golden from puppy spot. :). I asked them to confirm her weight with the breeder and expressed my concern. After longer than a month, numerous follow ups and after Puppy Spot’s own vets reviewed the medical records and agreed with us, we were made the following offer: 50% store credit from Eevee’s original purchase price to be applied to the next purchase of a new puppy from their site Kudos to Lisa, Jeffrey, Sara and Mario for all of their help. And we never got pic only until we ask. We love our new puppy and the breeder was great. We thought this was an odd mistake but did not think much of it and decided to move forward with the adoption. This company did NOT want to honor the contract and provide a refund. They are the biggest puppymill supporter in America.”. We had to arrange our own travel for the 2000 mile trip and still had to pay $200 for their 'service'. Not only that, the puppy can’t be registered with any nationally accredited registration such as AKC, etc.

We originally went to this site knowing that we would end up paying a much higher price for a dog but that at least we would have some assurance that it was not bred in an irresponsible and amoral manner. A so call puppy manager does not exist. When I went to the vet the day after my pup got to me, he had double ear infections, completely matted ears covered in black gunk and yeast, and a nasty infection on his private parts.

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