), “Demographic and Health Survey 2011”, Population Division, Ministry of Health and Population, Government of Nepal, “National Population and Housing Census 2011 (National Report)”,  Government of Nepal National Planning Commission Secretariat, Central Bureau of Statistics, “Unequal Citizens” Gender Caste and Ethnic Exclusion in Nepal, The World Bank, DFID, Sample sizes for comparison taken from Facebook groups each (except “The Thakuri Network” and “Youth Thakali Community”)containing over 10,000 members.

It may be: A surname of the Magar people in Nepal (पुन) An English surname of unexplained origin A Cantonese spelling of the Chinese surname transcribed as Pān in Mandarin Pinyin (潘)According to statistics cited by Patrick Hanks, there were 783 people with this surname on the island of Great Britain and six on the island of Ireland as of 2011.

I guess. What’s in a surname? And, when I do get online it's not all about writing here. ). They are not included in hindu caste system. Few of them found in purbanchal too. Younger Nepali are not so quick to judge though. But until Rai marries Sharma and Pun marries K.C. बोगटीले मान्ने विशेष पर्वहरू Very insightful piece. In practice however, especially among the older generations or those who still believe in the caste system, it’s more difficult. Equipment you’ll need for trekking in Nepal, Camera recommendations for trekking in Nepal, Guide to the Annapurna North Base Camp Trek, Places where you can see Mount Everest from, Day by day account of trekking to Everest Base Camp.

Puri and giri cast is higher then Brahmin cast….. Bcoz they are the teacher of brahmin …. दोस्रो अवस्था ( Log Out /  Grave But in terms of global observations it’s interesting to me in terms of documenting it. बाहुन बोगटी आफ्नो जात मिल्ने जोशी, भट्ट, पन्त ,लेखक,उप्रेती , ओझा सहितका बाहुनसंग विवाह गर्छन । I’m Dhamala and I want to know about my caste. Get the most out of the Jungle: » Download my Guidebook to Chitwan! Pokharel/Pokhrel  I am married to a Nepali man (and from my name you can see he is from Brahmin caste)but he grew up in a poor family. Planning: » How to plan a trip to Nepal » Adventure tours in Nepal » Nepal Travel Planning Services Itineraries: » 7 days or less travel itinerary for Nepal » 14 day travel itineraries for Nepal» 30+ day travel itineraries for Nepal Before you go: » Nepal visa information » Best time to visit Nepal » Places to travel in Nepal » Kathmandu weather » Vaccinations & immunizations for Nepal » Permits / entry fees for trekking & national parks » List of festivals in Nepal Arriving: » Arriving into Kathmandu Airport » Traveling overland into Nepal Traveling around: » Getting around Nepal » Dealing with strikes or bandas » Nepali language for Travel » Money, ATM’s & credit cards in Nepal » WiFi, mobile internet & sim cards in Nepal » List of Embassies in Nepal » List of Airlines in Nepal » Solo female travel in Nepal » Traveling alone in Nepal » Budget travel guide to Nepal Food, culture & shopping in Nepal: » Nepali people » Nepali food » Culture & etiquette in Nepal » Where to get the best coffee in Nepal » Best things to buy in Nepal » How to bargain & barter for souvenirs » Where to buy a camera in Kathmandu Living in Nepal » What would it be like to live in Nepal? वोगटी थर लेख्नेहरूको बसोबास भएको स्थान र गोत्र पहिचान उल्लेख गरिएको छ । [२] :- Lama Skip to content. Is it possible for a couple from different castes to get married? Then in this regard why some people told sharma is higher ??? I recommend you try my own hotel search network here. Today such punishments are illegal by way of legislation. मल्ल , चन्द , सिंह ,शाह , देउवा , हमाल सहितका He grows and sells rice for the markets as have his family for as long as they can remember.

20 April 2011,Banduk, Nepal डोटी बोगटान शौनक After a decade long civil war, a fallen monarchy, a fledgling democracy which still hasn’t been able to form a legal constitution since 2005 and a disastrous fractured political system Nepal’s caste system continues to influence everyday life in Nepal. Mogaung, Burma23 June 1944 Pun founded the Nepal Wireless Networking Project in 2002 to connect people in the Himalayan communities. 8. As an old hat in Nepal this is one of reads I’ve come across by a traveller in some time. Whereas Shah are clearly Khas-Thakuris, of the royal clan. But at least one has a better chance at breaking out of poverty than being forced into it by caste.

Nepal will always have a meaningful system of discrimination – I … While counting people’s surnames wasn’t the logical answer to quench my thirst for information regarding our history, I certainly take it as a start of a logical answer I know many other Nepalese have. This is a terrific article – well researched and well written. Chaudhary/Chowdhury   ( Log Out /  SERIOUSLY HOW CAN YOU LEAVE OUT “LIMBU” ?!!!! A friend told me later that night that I’d insulted one the men at the table by letting a laborer sit with us. ललीतपुर भैसेपाटी ७ शिवनाम, As there’s no law that prevents who you marry yes a foreigner can marry someone from any caste. Tamang लमजुङ भालय खर्क कश्यप The 2010 United States Census found 1,197 people with the surname ... You can read more on Wikipedia. Much like in western societies where they say “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” holds true in Nepal as it maintains the inherited ghosts of a caste system. Thank you. Things will and are changing as they do for many things based on the moving of generations through societies pivotal roles. KNOWN GRAVES OF HOLDERS OF THE VICTORIA CROSS IN : NEPAL. A lot of what goes on here, is the raw reality of life. बैतडी — भारद्व Dr Harsha Bahadur Budha Magar, Magar historian. **Slight edits in the ranks made since the original publication on 12th June after re-counting new tallies. क्षेत्री दुवै थरका पाईन्छन् । निरोली बसेका निरौला । लेखनको कामगर्ने लेखक, पाठ वाचन गर्ने पाठक, बेलका रुखमुनि बास बसेको बेलवासे, सापकाटेर सापकोटा, खड्क चलाउँने खड्का, मल्ल युद्ध जित्ने मल्ल, ब्रह्म÷ब्रह्म भनिने प्रधानमन्त्रीको पदमा बस्ने बम , दिल्ली शुल्तानको निगाहाले पाएको शाह शाही पदपी धारण गर्ने शाही र शाह यिनै पदपीबाट बनेका थरहरू यसै प्रकार बनेका हुन्। त्यस्तै विटकर उठाउँनेलाई विष्ट आज अधिकांश विष्ट थरका क्षेत्रीहरू हाम्रो समाजमा छन् । तिनै मध्ये Sir i want know about Dhami caste whose they are living in far wersten nepal baitadi in which catgorious caste are they becouse i little confused actual why they are written the surname like Dhami even they are wear a janai like bahun…. There’s always a strange look when traveling and sitting at a table with a doctor, a bricklayer and a cook. One of the most interesting reads I’ve had in a while.

20. Mr. Madu Bhusal can be identified by his surname as being a Brahmin. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Are Jogi or sanyashi . » Cultural integration in Nepal » Jobs in Kathmandu » Living, working & volunteering in Nepal Leaving: » How to fly out of Kathmandu Airport » Travel overland from Nepal into Tibet, Nepal Guidebooks: » The best guidebooks to Nepal. Some of the dhami are matwali chhetri like matwali thapa, matwali budhathoki, matwali mahat , rawal, karki etc. The difference with Nepal is that the ideals behind the caste system were made illegal in 1962. But it shall take a long time to change people’s mindset. If it’s a conflicting caste to theirs there’s often a follow-up frown or nod of approval. Even without work he will never be asked to sweep a road, clean a toilet, or bake bricks.

Full guide: » Guide to Bhaktapur city Durbar Square » Guide to Bhaktapur Durbar Square   – Erotic Elephants Temple (Shiva Parvati)   – Basantapur Chowk (Sculptures)   – National Art Gallery / Museum   – The Golden Gate (Sundhoka)   – Taleju Temple (Mul Chowk)   – Naga Pokari – 55 Window Palace   – Siddhi Lakshmi   – Stone Lions   – Pashupatinath Temple (Bhaktapur)   – Vatsala Durga Temple & Taleju Bell   – Chyasalin Mandap Near Durbar Square » Taumadhi Square » Pottery Square » Dattatreya Square Just outside Bhaktapur » Kailashnath Mahadev (Tallest Shiva statue) » Nagarkot. List of Nepali Surnames | Family Names in Nepal Get the famous, popular, surname of Nepal. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. मकवानपुर हेटौडा कश्यप People do judge you on your name (Nationality) and of course job status. Full list of family names of hilly, Himalayas, terai, madhesh regions. Banduk Village, Myagdit, Nepal,23 March 1923 NEPAL Singh Getting there: » How to get to Bardia Full guide: » Bardia National Park travel guide Things to do: » Jungle treks & jungle activities in Bardia » Things to do in Bardia. Force It is written in the same way people write street address in any other part of the world. Giri,puri, nath, yogi etc. ठकुरी संग विवाह गर्छन । TULBAHADUR PUN I do see more of a willingness for Nepalis to have a mixed marriage with a foreigner than with a different ethnic groups within Nepal, which is odd but apparent. ,, मंगलशेन, मार्कु कश्यप दैलेख भवानी ५ कश्यप, The solution is coming in the form of the new Nepali generations that have exposure to international media and news. Remarks Everything related to federalism and promises of the future . बोगटी थर पद , स्थान सहित विभिन्न अवस्था बाट बनेको एउटा थर भएकोले यसले मान्ने फरक पर्ब ,तिहार हुँदैन । बोगटी थर लेख्नेहरु हिन्दु हुन् । यी अन्तर्गत शिव , मस्टो ,भगवती , देबी सहितका देवता मान्दछन् । बैतडीका बाहुन बोगटीका देवता मालिका छन् । एक किसिमले भन्ने हो भने नेपालको प्राय अधिकांस जिल्लामा बोगटी लेख्नेहरू बसोबास गर्छन् । हिन्दु धर्म मान्दछन् ।

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