Runs perfect. Where it located? factory recommended TBO.

Ppc was faster then any other ppc I ever flew with.

Fascinating write-up that got me double thinking things.

This powered parachute is for sale starting at $15,995 USD from Sundog Powerchutes. Unfortunately, the 503 and 582 Rotax are both 300 hrs. With tandem seating and power enough to lift most any two people in some of the most challenging conditions, the Airwolf is a very versatile powered parachute. I have a PC2 – which is easy to ship. The Airwolf actually has three high-power versions sporting different powerplants.

The parachute acts like the wing of an airplane and gives lift as it moves forward. Simple isn't it? PPCS For Sale; NEW PPC; Sport Pilot Info; SAFETY; Contact Us; THE SHAPE OF WINGS TO COME THE SHAPE OF WINGS TO COME THE SHAPE OF WINGS TO COME THE SHAPE OF WINGS TO COME.

Charlie, CA 925 997-3600. Yes, quite likely! We spoke a few weeks ago and you gave me KEVIN Rittons name to try a discovery flight Thank you. Where are these located and what is the price of the buckeye? Are you still looking for a PPC plane? The Six Chuter Legend is the most cost effective powered parachute in the industry. Are you going to be listing any more used powered parachutes?

Mine will be up for sale soon. Cassopolis MI 49031 Phone: 574-606-9797 . Your message was forwarded to Carroll at Thank you! Yes. Has upgraded riser mounts with new risers because old ones were cable. Suggested Searches: parachute rotary powered rotax engine aircraft rotax paraglider drag parachute powered paraglider parachute for sale jabiru swap cars vn ss ute holden parachute aircraft. The Airwolf is available with either Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) or Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) certifications. Thanks, Your email address will not be published. Beautiful Flight off to the Sandwich Fair! Check out our marketplace section for a powered parachute for sale! Welcome. Every possible upgrade. Optional Frontal Bars and outrigger configurations are available.

PC2000 • $7,500 • FOR SALE BY OWNER • Powered parachute rotax 582 bluehead engine Engine Information System 9.5gallon aluminum tank • Contact Edward Meyer, Owner - located Wiggins, CO United States • Telephone: 9703810963 • Posted October 19, 2020 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad

The Planes Two Place S-LSA and E-LSA Powered Parachutes. The Powrachute Airwolf was created for pilots who loved the Pegasus, but who wanted the additional power provided by the Rotax 912 Engine. Roy's Powered Parachute Book is regarded as the industry standard for powered parachute instruction and reference. :>) LOL Let me know if you have any questions. The 103 series is designed with the same design standards as the Legend airframe, but within Part 103 weight limitations. 2500 hrs. You can call Carroll Werren at 491-2811 or email him at – Spirit Six Chuter w/Dual Controls & Zero-Houred 582E, – 582E Zero-Houred Rotax – February, 2020, – Includes 3 Gallons of 2-Stroke Inteceptor Oil, – Built-In Shelves to store all your supplies, – Floor fully carpeted w/D-Rings Installed, – Space & Tie Downs for up to 4 Gas Tanks, comtronicts helmets and dual control  com box. 512-909-0915 Joe. Located at Taylor Flight Park (MI95) 16922 Mount Zion RD. Hi Steve!

Learn how you can become an FAA certificated pilot in only two weeks. 04/09/2020. If any one can help me out great, I’m in Wisconsin and travel is no problem. Here's how it works. Clean custom machine. Hello and good morning! Thanks for the help. Thanks! Discover 10 reasons why Buckeye Dragonfly powered parachutes are the #1 choice among the industries' elite!

290hrs.. Was used in a Powered Parachute. Someone with more engine knowledge than I have would be the answer. Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android . any more info? Ready to buy. I hope this helps. After that some cool stuff from Bear Perkins. Hi Carroll: I was wondering whatis the price for the DCSI and is it 103 eligible? Right for right.

$2,500. The little red single seater you have for sale is a 1993 buckeye eagle. And that's because they are so slow, so simple, so easy and so forgiving. If you are still interested in a package with a two seater and enclosed trailer, you might want to take a look at my 2002 Six Chuter which I just listed on the ChutesUp.

I need more details please about this powered parachute . Does anyone know if there are any powered parachute instructors in the western New York area? Your email address will not be published.

This powered parachute is for sale starting at $15,995 USD from Sundog Powerchutes. Powered Parachute - Two-Seater - Photo #2, Powered Parachute - Two-Seater - Photo #3. One or two people ride in a cart . Hi (Limited Time Offer – Incl. They’re 100 hp and they usually run 35-40 grand. I use to fly this PPC in Washington State, so its use to weather in the NW. What was the price on that six shooter and trailer combine? Required fields are marked *. What part of Washington did you fly that six shooter? My 2016 Airwolf cost $39999.00, loaded. I am a private pilot, with instrument and commercial. I would like to get into something a bit cheaper to fly. Your message was sent to Carroll at I would be interested in buying only Lynx Helmet with carry bag and Headset with 2 place intercom and Icom radio adapter. To climb add throttle, to cruise throttle back some, to descend throttle back more. You get: 2009 SLSA. We did…. ~Ed The engine is 80 or 100 hp. Link Attached:, I am looking for a 2 seater if possible PPC, It can be a sixchouther or what ever rotax 582 or even 913 ?. What included? Hey, The engines need work – (left side is OK, the right was always hard to start).. Contact Carroll Werren At or call 603 491-2811. Please take advantage of this resource and visit us often. With tandem seating and power enough to lift most any two people in some of the most challenging conditions, the Airwolf is a very versatile powered parachute. If you need more info contact Carroll Werren at 603 491-2811 or you can email him at The Legend is our standard for Two-Seat Powered Parachutes.

$11,495* I live in Oregon but I’m willing to travel to find a good deal. Equipped with a 360-400’ canopy the climb and cruise performance will match that of a two seat powered parachute with a 500’ canopy.

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