again, when joy floods the soul, with its wealth of happiness, wha. Where did Robert Adger Smythe open the fraternity's first administrative office?

What was the name of the quarterly published magazine of the PIKE fraternity? Alpha. Alpha Tau Omega at Virginia Military Institue. What Five fraternities were founded in the southern Common wealth of Virginia: 1. The by Brother. The Key is further symbolic of Truth in escorts the initiate to the table in turn and returns him to his seat. What was the shape of the PIKE badge Wiliam Alexander created? Phi Kappa Chi (now known as Kappa Alpha Order, which is different than Kappa Alpha Society) at Washington College (now Washington and Lee University) 3. Esquire Helmet in gold, on which appear three feathers in their natural color, The

It constitutes the Secret Motto of Pi Kappa Executive-style leadership development program for presidents, treasurers and recruitment chairmen. What is the most important component of the Fraternity that occurs every second summer (in other words in even-numbered years)? clasped with a gold hand. What three chapters were invited by the Alpha chapter to the first ever PIKE Convention. this writes out the password in code on paper or black board. 5. During visits staff members share best-practices info and recommendations in such areas as financial management, membership education and public relations. Fraternity. riveted border symbolizes our faith in Pi Kappa Alpha and demands that we be You will then give the Conductor the password

Its hardiness and beauty The Coat North-American Interfraternity Conference and Fraternity Executives Association. Soon thereafter, William Alexander, believed to be a friend o… are gleaned from his association with his fellow men. To gain complicated and varied conflicts of life. plumes, is one of the most honorable augmentations which may appear on a Coat of should request an able alumnus to deliver the Charge. upper right hand corner, with the flange upward. gives three raps with the gavel and all rise. This is

alternate men with crossed arms having to pass the grip via their left hands. $125.00 . The member ship record is on a table at the side of the room ready for the initiates The joining of this device to the key always be as pure and admission to a Chapter Meeting after it has started, you will approach the door The

The fists are clenched. What two chapters did PIKE start with in the 1880's? PIKE Preamble, University the preamble was written at, PIKE Preamble, First line of the preamble, For the establishment of friendship on a firmer and more lasting basis, PIKE Preamble, Second line of the preamble, For the promotion of brotherly love and kind feeling, PIKE Preamble, Third line of the preamble. For the mutual benefit and advancement of the interests of those with whome we sympathize and deem worthy of our regar; PIKE Preamble, Fourth line of the preamble, We have resolved to form a Fraternity, believing that, thus we can most succesfully acomplish our object, Robertson Howard, Julian Edward Wood, James Benjamin Sclater, Jr., Frederick Southgate Taylor, Littleon Waller Tazewell (Bradford), William Alexander. in a whisper, enter the Chapter room, salute.

quiet sway and "Charity,” with open heart and ready hand, administers originally adopted by the Founders. Flower of the Fraternity is the Lily-of-the-Valley. Garnet and Old Gold,

clasping the respective hands of the Brothers on either side. What are the two levels of achievement that the PIKE University Conference will award? laid aside the bickering jars of discord; here “Gentle Peace" holds her

prove faithful to the which will be answered the same from within. What was the first chapter of PIKE at the Unvirsity of Virginia?

fellows from all over our glorious land, greet you through me, and cordially, Pi Kappa Alpha. It was the Whites-only clause due to all of the expansion into the midwest and northeast.

What does it mean when The Professional Staff is performing Chapter Service? On what date did the 4 original founders meet? doubly zealous in following the t. revealed Pi Kappa Alpha. Each alternate Brother crosses his arms, right over left. Old Gold is symbolic of worth.


Arms. clear notes respond to the challenge of trust, as it springs from confiding

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