most slapped. This time around, the cast put the ladies first.

SE: Yes, a lot of them.

I was from the neighborhood. Calls Erykah Badu His Closest Friend & Talks Co-Parenting (Video). They have a functioning and fluent relationship. Monie Love works with the company and serves as host of these events. WATCH: Special Ed Link With Monie Love, Dana Dane, Chubb Rock & More To Form “The Alumni ... Yeah, three [songs] on Junior Mafia‘s album and two on two different Tupac [Shakur] albums. Accountability to what you do offstage matters as well. She also describes keeping her younger ones away from social media as long as possible, and turning off sexually-explicit music for innocent ears. SE: The only person that was there at Erasmus when I was there was Queen Pen and Michael Rappaport. What Is The Role Of The Wealthy Male Hip-Hop Pundit? Being on stage with Run-DMC on the same tour—that was a vision, a premonition [I had] when I was younger. I loved what he did. It turned into a passion for me.

It was crazy. Ed hopes this Sunday’s episode (May 27) of TV One’s Unsung, where he’s the featured subject, will school young folks who don’t fully understand his contribution to hip-hop. SE: No, I knew people. Were there any memorable moments or funny stories?

DJ EFN’s Coming Home documentary videos are available at AFH TV. #BonusBeat: Monie Love’s “Born 2 B.R.E.E.D.” which featured writing and production from Prince: Busta Rhymes Has Made A Classic Album 30 Years Into His Career, MC Eiht Details Lessons He Learned From EPMD, Rakim, Menace II Society & More, Scarface Is Sick & He’s Asking Hip-Hop For Help, Jay Electronica Kept Fans Waiting For A Decade. SE: I don’t even remember. Monie tells the Father Hoods that providing time to children is perhaps the most valuable asset a dad can offer. Her oldest daughter Charlena is 28, followed by college student, Caleigh, who is 22. It was humorous in a dancehall style. They have three siblings from their father’s second marriage, and they are all very close.”, The D.O.C. I had submitted some tracks for Biggie’s album and didn’t get any placed. SE: I met Tupac from being on tour with Digital Underground and Queen Latifah.

My lifestyle in Flatbush groomed me for this and to not be distracted by everything. OKP: In the Unsung episode you talk about how you invested in real estate in New York. The older girls maintained a very good relationship with their dad. When Klep came through and said he was doing the Junior M.A.F.I.A. Very cool guy, good spirit, very creative and artistic. Her book ‘Love, Peace, and Soul: Behind the Scenes of Soul Train’ is available on Amazon. I would write her album, and he would produce about three or four songs for my album. album, I was like OK, just come through. I was studying before that. Monie Love talks about the time she dated Bell Biv DeVoe's Ricky Bell. So I thought we were just going to break, and he’ll come from London, and we would resume. Oh No. Monie Love speaks on alleged rumors that she dated 2Pac @hiphop. Rumors have been swirling around about Nas and Nicki Minaj dating. The exchange was he wanted me to write raps for Carmen Electra, who was his protégé. SE: “Oh My Lord,” “Murder Onze,” and “Lyrical Wizardry”. SE: I did this episode primarily for the reason of education. The only solo rap artist that had made noise at such a young age at the time was LL Cool J at age 17 with his first single on Def Jam “I Need a Beat.” Special Ed was so young that signing him at age 15 had to be sanctioned by the courts. I did this as a reminder.

OKP: Anything crazy happen?

OKP: How did you deal with all the girls? OKP: When all that was going down with East Coast/West Coast, what were you thinking? I was like if they can get big like that and make that kind of money I want to do that too. Like that man is a beast,” she recalls. I don’t care what you say.’ I [agreed]. A master of the flow, Ed would go on to release two albums and go multi-platinum before the age of 18.

In 2020, He Has Released 2 Albums, Joe Budden Has Made 1 Of The Biggest Moves In Podcasting (Again), focuses on interviewing men in the Hip-Hop industry about raising children. Well, while I was walking on the stage, he took my baby from me. But that didn’t get him into the consciousness of millennials. While speaking on 1993’s In A Word Or 2, Monie Love says that she had the opportunity to work with Prince. But most millennials only know who he is from Rick Ross’s cover of his classic hit, “I’m the Magnificent,” a reggae-influenced cut, featuring a loop from the Rocksteady classic “(007) Shantytown.” Even Shaquille O’Neal would cover his club anthem, “I Got it Made,” on his album Shaq-Fu: Da Return. Everybody has to pack up and fly to London with him to continue working. All Rights Reserved. Okayplayer: You talked about in the Unsung episode how Jamaican artist Yellowman and hip-hop artist Jimmy Spicer influenced you….

Monie Love Digital Biography Born Simone Johnson, July 2, 1970, Battersea, London, England. Special Ed: Around that time they had records out and they were the closest thing to rapping. You were behind the boards for songs by Tupac [Shakur] and Biggie [Smalls] and Junior Mafia.

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