Their body always calls for compelling attraction. They don’t need a haircut. Goliath II is a very impressive Exotic Bully due to his impressive size. Or will the dog languish in a backyard suffering. “Hey Steve this dog turned out deformed, should we take him to a vet?” I will take the best care of him and make his life as good as I can for however long I’m blessed with him. The main reasons for these standards are: Because this dog is a part of the Bully family, it also has bulldog health problems. A descendent of Mr. Miagi, he is only 13 months old and he is on pain medication 2-3 times a day, and an anti-inflammatory daily. Mère : Exotic, WGB miss BOOBOO. My case is extreme, but most wouldn’t put up with half of the hassles. This strong and short-legged dog become famous overnight. Everything About Pitbull and Bully Dog Breeds. Le père est Bully Camp Mr Don Pablo (IBKC, ABR), fils de Cristal Bully Camp Mr.Roswell et Abacus's Bullies Camp Tricky, avec des grands noms au pedigree. Not to mention the ghastly expenses for people with limited incomes to be paying for extensive, chronic vet visits and medications life long for these poor beautiful creatures, which do not cure any of their maladies, only mitigates their suffering. Ils sont à vendre à partir de 1400 €. Unless you have a wild dog or wolf. Height: 14-16 inches

You are breeding solely for a look (no idea why), regardless whether the dog should be bred or not. However, that’s not the case with Exotic Bully, since this breed is still developing. Origin: Unknown These breeders are unethical, inhumane and all about the greed. Period.

Our dogs are registered with one or more of the following registries- UKC ( United Kennel Club ) USBR, BBCR, ABKC & are eligible for registry with other Bully Clubs. 35 talking about this. IBC introduces standards for this breed, taking into consideration animal welfare before anything else. For this reason, you should invest more time in proper training and early socialization. These dogs are strong smart and beautiful…. Learn more about this exotic bread and discover if an Exotic Bully is the right dog for you! Regardless, they have a tendency to shed a bit. None of these dogs should have been bred or should be allowed to breed! Animal cruelty. big boned super short and extreme in all ways. Combining and breeding dogs from different Bully bloodlines often produce Bully puppies with unique combinations of their sire and dam. Notre élevage familial royal style Bully kennel a le plaisir de vous annoncer la naissance de 8 magnifiques chiots Bully micro. Hemivertabre? The dermatologist is for his many allergies. Keep bad health away by maintaining your dog’s healthy teeth.

Deformities are not “exotic”, they’re disgusting.

We are not responsible for any actions taken by our posters. It kills me. The popularity of the American Exotic Bullies is due to its physical features making them a favorite for Bully dog-lovers. Dogs were not meant to suffer needlessly for your enjoyment – and this includes the bad breeding done to modern German Shepard’s and Neapolitan Mastiffs. Their bone structure is completely deformed and will lead to problems when they are older. Their life span is at 5 years old. ÉLEVAGE PROFESSIONNEL propose à la réservation des chiots de type American Bully Pocket Exotic. The good thing about their hair is that it never tangle’s, so they don’t need brushing more than once or twice a week. Exotic’s are great with other dogs, especially if they socialize on time. Jaws are broad and square, while canines should be large. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'americanbullydaily_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',114,'0','0'])); Owner: Jorge Luis Soto Kennel: Bully Camp Line Location: California. American Bully that is gaining lots of popularity, what set the dog from other Bully dog breeds, very muscular even by American Bully Standards, Classic Bully – An Amazing Bully Dog Breed For Breeders & Dog Lovers, Exotic Bully – The Popular & Expensive List of Exotic Pitbull Dog Breeds, XXL Bully – The Loving and Friendly Giant American Bully Breeds, Extreme Bully – The One of the Beautiful & Exotic American Bully Breed. These aren’t Bully’s. The Exotic Bully’s physical features have been exaggerated or overdone. A number of different health issues can shorten the life span of the dog. The photo-shoppers are.

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