Characters Turn Gray/Bronze/Black during Export: Some users with AMD graphics cards have reported that during video export, puppets in the scene will occasionally turn gray, bronze, or black in color. We’re just getting started. When the user finishes their recording session, a 2D video will be exported to the "My Documents" folder, where they can watch their scene in all it's glory. Their twitter account is dead silent. " However, we are not able to test Mindshow on every possible combination of compatible hardware, and it is possible that some users may encounter performance issues or have some difficulty getting Mindshow to work as intended. I’ve realised it’s not on the Oculus store, but I’ve read it’s on the SteamVR store, which apparently I can access through the Quest? We’ll also keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible…. We at Mindshow are dedicated to the idea of amplifying creativity, making content creation not only accessible but also fun, and to building a structure where creative exploration doesn’t need to look or feel like work.

Now, go all the way up the navigation panel and close HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder by clicking on the little arrow next to it. There are now three new props, along with four more winter-themed characters that you can use. Exported File only contains Audio, Not Video:  We have had a few users describe a situation in which when they attempt to view their exported video in the My Documents folder, the video only contains the audio from the scene that they recorded, not the video. You can download Mindshow for the HTC Vive on Steam Early Access for free.

On the right, find Steam.exe, right-click and Delete it. Dog Died (Made this Wackyness in Mindshow) - Vive VR, In this guide i will tell you how to edit your mindshow vids as epic as i do it. It looks like it's been taken off steam entirely. Discussing Virtual Reality Experiences and VR technology. Valve traditionally did not allow “pornographic” games. One game that’s caught my attention is Mindshow - a 3D animation movie making game. Only exports first 5 seconds then freezes. The following antivirus solutions do not appear to interfere with our export: The following antivirus solutions DO interfere with our export: We're working on a solution from our end, but for now we recommend whitelisting the app or temporarily disabling antivirus whenever you want to export. it's not on steam anymore.

In Mindshow anyone can find their voice, and animated content can evolve because the process is fun and immediate. Want your Mindshow video to look professional? Last April was the last update for Mindshow before the team started leaving. I have no clue, and after googling it I’ve found nothing. I'm sure the developers already have a version of it running on Quest. Are you experiencing an issue with Mindshow?

Mind Show is pretty amazing.

Dont work ivan.zyryanov.92 15 Oct 25 @ 9:50pm Stopped working! Scan these files (change from All files to Programs and documents only . Valve was recently threatening to remove games that it considered pornographic.

Play is the natural creative mode of people and we want to see more of it. Please note that some features (i.e. ... Last April was the last update for Mindshow before the team started leaving. Contact us at and we'd like to work with you in order to resolve the issues Mindshow may be having on your system. We’re blessed to be growing with an amazingly talented team who have galvanized around this shared mission and brought together their technical and creative acumen to Mindshow. Everything is being done behind the scenes. So is mindshow officially dead now? Apply After launching Mindshow, users are brought to a calibration sequence in which one of our puppets asks the user to raise their arms. Want to know how to edit your Mindshow clips together in a very fast and effortless way? Although the desktop will show Mindshow functioning properly, Steam VR will say that the headset has lost tracking, and the headset will continue to have a gray screen until Steam VR is shut down and restarted. The app doesn't work, just the opening room with no way to do anything in it. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. Popular games like The Witcher 3 feature nudity and occasional sex scenes, just like an R rated movie. Def a great app, hope it gets to as many platforms as possible. This can mean multiple things: Unfortunately we have not been able to reliably reproduce many issues regarding these export audio inconsistencies. I can't find any information about this searching around online. This will make the navigation easier for further steps. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Nothing comes up but white in every direction and the controllers. The website is still up and being updated as well. Unfortunately, there are still a few issues related to exporting: Export Does Not Finish: This issue has a separate, dedicated Knowledge Base article describing the most common cause of this issue, which is antivirus software (link found here: We are working fixes for these issues, but please contact us at This will be present in both regular gameplay and in the exported file. Have done all updates and still unable to get it to work. #htc#htc vive#mindshow#virtual reality#vive#VR, This site uses cookies to optimize website functionality, analyze website performance, and provide personalized experience and advertisement. We love having their feedback as we continue to build and to grow. For the best experience, we recommend using Mindshow with an active internet connection, in order to easily upload your videos or share them. We will build and release features that surprise, delight and further playful creativity. As of recently, they have assembled a few new staff and have been working on rebuilding it (I assume) but they are still active, just not able to reach right now. Where did you read it was on quest? So is mindshow officially dead now? We sat down for a chat with Gil Baron, CEO & Co-Founder of ‘Mindshow‘, the VR experience that allows users to make animated movies in VR with your body and voice, which just released on Steam Early Access! That’s a shame, considering it’s a major feature in the game. If you haven’t tried it already, you can get Mindshow Unleashed by right-clicking Mindshow in Steam, and select Properties > Betas > "mindshowunleashed". Because this issue can occur on a variety of unique setups, if you are encountering it please contact us at Real-Time Scanning . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the OculusQuest community, Press J to jump to the feed. The official Steam account for Mindshow, the app that lets you make animated movies in VR with your body and voice!

To access SteamVR, you need a desktop connected to your quest and need to stream it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press J to jump to the feed. Mind Show is only for PC VR headsets, which the Quest is not.

Seems like it should be ported to Quest sometime. Sound was a little off though using the microphone. Apologies from the team for the radio silence. How do I change my character’s facial expressions? Also curious to know what happened to Mindshow? The VR sharing feature is not the only addition to the Mindshow Steam app.

Look at the navigation panel again and go to Compatibility Assistant > Persisted folder. Our amazing community of alpha users has emboldened us through their creativity and passion, reflecting and amplifying our own, and we are so excited to invite everyone who wants to join us in Mindshow Early Access to take part.

We’ve been in stealth for a while sorting out the next iteration of Mindshow. Along the way we have really pushed and evolved how the interface between user and machine can be helpful and playful, and how it fosters the sense of play and wonder that is the strongest space for creativity to flourish. I know the game is a thing but when i search on steam nothing comes up i dont know how to get it. it's not on steam anymore. ". After much consideration as you now know, we’ve decided to answer the call of professional content production.

Select "Mindshow" under the Steam > steamapps > common folder. We are excited to empower users and to show how and why creativity in VR matters.

We've worked hard to ensure that Mindshow runs well on range of Vive-compatible PC configurations. One game that’s caught my attention is Mindshow - a 3D animation movie making game.

The app doesn't work, just the opening room with no way to do anything in it. Bring your story to life crazy fast with hundreds of high-quality assets, or import your own! I can't get the game to open properly. Nothing has changed since yesterday. We are working to resolve this issue and could use your help to do so.

To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer.

Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations.

The app was working fine for a loooong time until I tried to open it today and the screen just shows a room with blue and white. Steam Subscriber Agreement. It looks like this: If you are using an external microphone, Mindshow may crash after the calibration sequence.

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