So he said that he wanted to help me pay the 2,000.00s He wanted my banking account information. I had exactly the same message through Messanger from a Marianne Hall, also requesting payment of R2000 before my whopping prize of R200K will be delivered to me by Bidvest coin. 2020-04-24 at 9:29 pm. Got as far as them giving me their bank details (name, account and sort code) so I could transfer a sum of money to cover the taxes, letters of origin etc for the winnings and smelt a big hairy rat with the persons name. It may be even from the founder Mark Zuckerberg. This is a scam.

not happening! Of course, the prize didn’t exist, and the couple was cheated out of a great sum of money.

OMG, I told her I was reporting her to the proper authorities and to leave him and me alone! Is there really a facebook lottery?

This is definitely too good to be true. However for the purpose of proper verification among other relevant information, it is imperative that you forward your claims to ourn claim department with the below details.FULL NAME:FULL CONTACT ADDRESS:MOBILE PHONE NUMBER:OCCUPATION:MARITAL STATUS AND AGE:NATIONALITY / COUNTRY:YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS: Correspondences. Friends account was hacked and it appeared I was talking to two people. Millionaire Raffle is so easy to play – just ask your agent for a ticket and you're in the Raffle!

Steam card scams have been perpetrating a lot.

If they get evasive I ask them if they are trying to scam me. I told him if he really won, they would take the taxes out of the winnings, not charge him beforehand. So they wanted me to open up an acct. got this thru a text message on my Phone. FACEBOOK PROMO LOTTERY Scam has spread to Singapore by Ms Caroline Jackson (claims to be Facebook Online Claiming Agent at

Funny thing almost every photo they sent me was from the NY lottery or photos from FedEx. I also told her I was reporting her to Facebook and my local police department as she was still sending me messages. Be Smart and Aware or they will convince you, I’m way too smart for them thank goodness.

I was just scammed or Amy Kimberly who said that she was with FB and was in charge of the organization that handles the Lottery. I too was scammed.

then she said I had to pay over $1,400 to get the Facebook Lottery Prize. I think he did.Like in 2015, I received all the Lotter Documents and now I have the Debit Card. How do I report her to Facebook?

Facebook has strict guidelines when it comes to organising a raffle that is promoted on the platform and there are plenty of legitimate competitions out there.

We have Royal Bank of Canada.

Please notify me. She actually booked me and it was only a scam ???? Fortunately, I kept the message trail and reported the incident to the Starling Bank with the details of their customer who was using an account with them to collect the fees.

I was just contacted by someone pouring as Facebook police. So you can Text Mr. Williams Hurlson from FedEx in charge of the delivery (929)399-3617 then text him the information stated bellow to enable him attend to you.Facebook INC, He sent me pictures of my package at FedEx and a picture of a computer scream with the tracking number blocked out I asked for the number he said no I asked for a picture of the shipping label also no response I know this is a scam bug the longer to keep them busy that’s maybe one less person scammed. I knew when they asked for money to process the prize that it wasn’t legit. Wish I had someone like you to help me as I’ve been scammed over the last three years now and lost £19,000.00I know I’ve been stupid now but everything seamed real and I fell for it. This person eventually sent me the credit card but then told me that I needed to send them $6000 to get this card activated. Well, then I received a message that she won a lot of money to contact this number because my name was on the list. There still texting me to as we speak.

Don’t be like me block them from the beginning. I hope someone can investigate this.

How long will it take the bank to find out this fraud? Then I asked him if he was in California, why does he have a Washington DC number? They come from an email account that has been hijacked to make it look like it’s from an official Facebook account. Thus is so like fake scam as far as I can see. All Award/Lottery winners should know that most of these messages that you had received are fake and scammer are using some multinational company’s names to defraud people, so beware of such messages before you replied or sent out your personal data to anyone. He sent a picture of his driver’s permit. I’m sure this is just another scam – says it comes from Details of your Winning are:Winning Number:- FB392-US7720Batch Number:- 0024892JTSerial Number:- DT119027834SZTicket Number:- 47061725. To apply for this help says it comes in 224. Also, wanted my money fees put on google play card. They want 500 USD from me. 2 talking about this. not ever knowing it was scammers…. My scam email said I won one million dollars. A man by the name of Guillermo Hernandez stating he is a registered officer of Facebook, has been hounding me constantly, claiming to be a registered Facebook lottery Claim Agent, and wanting to proceed with claiming my prize. So i friend and the agent still pressure me to go thru it.

Then he will send you a bank account information and told you to activate the account by depositing amount of a few hundred dollars (or British Pounds). I got one too said I won 600,000.00 and when all said and done I needed to pay shipping and handling insurance came to a total of $500.00 dollars will I still get messages they even said that the state police had been notified and so was the FBI are both aware of the winning.

Need catching, thriving scum.

I have one going on right now I got text and IDs from all the ones involved they say they or from Facebook, CEO Mark and one from Mrs. Sandburg a one from us attorney general with IDs and so on is it true or not I need to know who to report to.

Just received an SMS text message @5:14a.m. Needless to say, the amount mentioned could be any: $500,000, $250,000, etc. I had a JAMES COOK contact me claiming he’s a Facebook Claims Agent. His name was Paul Steve from California. Before she had time to type anything substantial I called her out but not before screenshots were taken and reported. Then, I would receive my money via UPS in 7 hrs, CASH.

Of course, you get excited and send a Facebook message to this organization. It was emailed stating I’m a winner on Facebook. someone text me on my facebook and said that they work for the fbi facebook and said that i won one million dollars and then they said for me to friend someone but the person they made me friend sent me a message saying who are you and what do you what do you want i told them and they said give me a moment and let me see if your name is in tne file of the 2016 winner and they replied a few minutes later and said your name is indeed in the file and then he said… Read more », "You have been rewarded 530,000.00 GBP ( Five hundred and thirty thousand great britain pounds ) in the facebook Award. Was the FedEx Agent named Ramon Carter? Identification card and photo was for Susan Desmond Hellman. Further more to give it to a Courier that will deliver me this $300,000.00 winning money check. 127 likes. There also was no number to that either.

My boyfriend and I were both messaged and sent friend requests by a Jane Alexander.

I have not done this of course. They took his money, disappeared, and when he contacted the Police, they basically called him an idiot. Told her I’ll send info when I’m home but I don’t know what to think. Should I report this to the Police? I was just contacted by a beautiful woman that If I sent her contact info and whatnot that she will take it down and that FedEx will deliver the oversized check.

0 0. So beware she has been ruthless to get money from me! She sent pictures of people receiving checks as well as debit cards and even videos from so-called previous winners.

I confronted her telling her I was no idiot and she is still at this moment trying to convince me I won the money and saying I should tell no one about winning or it will cause my prize to be forfeited. I think it should stop because they are robbing pennyless people who are winners in England then ask for thousands of money ok it be stopped before someone else who is going to be victims of the this like me, I just received a Messenger text by my late uncles wife whom I have not heard from in years stating that she won $200,000 from Facebook lottery promising me that it was not a scam Earlier this evening once I told them that I forwarded the phone number sent to me to the local police department here in South Carolina I did not get a no the response from them I knew it was a scam these people need to give up and stop doing shit like this and get a regular job.

I’m in the middle of all this attention right now, Facebook lottery of $5000,000 they are very persistent asking me to send $5000 US to release the money, it sounds very dodgy, definitely a feeling about all this. I have been told that I won a million dollars and a semi truck I want to know if I’ve really won something or am I being scammed. They cost €20 each and are Quick Pick only, so you don't even need to fill out numbers. I told him that I wasn’t going to send him any money. I’ve had so many texting me on emails, hangouts and some numbers just pop up on my phone saying that FB agents and FBIs. See more of Millionaire Raffle Organization on Facebook Well, I got it stuck to me. I have been contacted on Google hangouts by 3 people so far. Now this “friend” is angry that I called him a scammer. Yes I had a lady by the name of Kimberly Brokks to try and scam me I have screen shorted the entire conversation how do I report her, I was just scam and did some research about the lottery I’ve been scammed like the people above but I caught myself after reading the other complaints of the other people be careful I almost got caught India scam. They want me to keep this secret. They almost got me. didn’t lose any money and never sent the info he wanted, I got a message on hangout saying I won $5000,000 from Google/Facebook lottery it all look real they wanted $400 for a delivery fee but when they started to say I couldn’t tell anyone I knew it was a scam, I was also contact by a lady Petro Coetzee and luckily I said no thank u for their offer.

For Facebook international lottery!Said I won 950,000,000!! She said that my name was on a list and sent me info. I met the compliance, but then he claimed the card used didn’t work. Does anyone know what I am supposed to do?? So I can get it in 12hrs 16 hrs or 2 days each one is a different amount350$ 250$ 180$ so they said all the paperwork I need to pay.

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This is also a scam, I’m sure. I haven’t fallen for this because I researched it after the first contact and found it to be a scam. Then I was turned over to Mark Zuckerberg. I guess I am the big winner. There was a feed it had to be paid so I paid it then I received pictures of former winners and also a picture of the credit card that I was to be receiving.

Thought it was true. I am very suspicious about this.

We lost our friendship over this. All they needed was $500 for certifications and tax fees. Related Pages. I have been contacted numerous times about winning 650000.00.thrn they want me to pay them with Google play cards worth 750.00 then the last time offered to fly me to Menlo Park California.

Hi, I have also received messages from a Friend of mine which I am now not sure if her account was hacked, advising me that she has won and had to make a R30,000 payment to SARS in order to get her winnings.I also spoke to Agent Bill Wilson who demanded money before I can get my “winnings”, I just said leave it I am not interested and reported both their numbers. I have the same story but I got scam out of $4000 thousand dollars!

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