The part number for the CI-3 cardiac output cable and box assembly is 2392199. Two cables are needed to do cardiac output simulations on these monitors in addition to the HP catheter set. There are two different types of sequential procedures that can be used in the medSim 300B menu. There are two wires in the cable. There are two different temperature cables for the medSim. 2. On some monitors you may need to cut off the thermister from the catheter set. Walgreens Thermometer 354062.

Do not store the unit where it will be exposed to direct sunlight, dust or humidity. If cardiac output is not installed the F1 position will be blank. Turn the pot used to adjust the simulated injectate temperature slowly as monitors do not update the temperatures shown on the screens very quickly. By turning the pot too quickly you may pass right by the 0 degree target temperature. Nuclear Power Radiation Monitoring Systems, Particulate, Iodine, Noble Gas Monitoring Systems, Reduce radiation exposure through behavior, Reduce radiation exposure through equipment modification, The ProSim 2 and 3 Vital Signs Patient Simulators. The M1006B modules are all 5 uV systems. Do not place the thermometer on scarred tissue compromised by skin disorder, open sores or abrasions and patients in trauma. Page 1 Instructions for Use temple touch premium Temple & Underarm Thermometer Digital Temple Thermometer Thank you for purchasing the Temple Touch Premium Digital Temple thermometer. 3. These are eight preprogrammed sequences that run by automatically without showing the current simulation on the screen of the medSim 300B and no user interaction. Notices Fluke Biomedical 6920 Seaway Blvd. 4. 1-440-349-2307 (International) Using the FBC medSim 300B, you will be able to perform simulations on both channels simultaneously. You can solder the wires from the thermister to the general purpose connector, part number 2392158, which can then be plugged into the injectate temperature connector on the cardiac output box. If your medSim 300B has the cardiac output option installed CO will be in the F1 position on the second menu of your medSim 300B. The first is called auto sequences. You can adjust the time that the medSim 300B will stay on in the Utilities menu under the TIME button. Page 2: Quick Start In the upper left corner on the front of the medSim 300B there are two switches that are used for respiration impedance and for selecting the lead for the respiration signal. Check with your monitor manual to see which baseline impedance should be used and adjust it accordingly on your medSim 300B. Two cables are needed to do temperature simulations on these monitors. Digital temple thermometer. These two cables must be connected to pins 1 and 3 on the injectate connector on the cardiac output box for the medSim 300B. This product enables accurate temperature measurements from the temple area or underarm in 6-8 seconds, using simple steps.
The unit is not shock proof. Do not walk, run or talk during temperature taking. Safety warnings: 1. Check with your monitor manual to see which baseline impedance should be used and adjust it accordingly on your medSim 300B. Try switching the lead position to see if the respiration signal comes in. The unit is not water proof. 2. You still need the proper blood pressure cable, part number 2198902 for the 5uV systems or 2198916 for the older 40uV systems. The larger four pin connector is the injectate connector. 0 Solutions. The part number for the battery eliminator is 2183983. 3 Measuring Guidelines: 1.

Clean the thermometer before and after each use. You can program up to 20 simulation segments that will each run from 0.0 to 99 minutes. 2. No, the medSim 300B will only simulate cardiac output for chilled injectate (0 degrees C). Measurement body location is the temple, in proximity to the temporal artery, between the end of the eyebrow and hairline. The blood pressure sensitivity switch allows you to change the transducer sensitivity for the blood pressure for either 5 or 40 uVolts. Page 1 of 16 The second type of sequential procedure is the step sequences. This video will explain how to operate your 180° Innovations Digital Temple Thermometer FHT1 thermometer pdf manual download. 3.

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