Temporarily increases the stats of all party members. All Aboard, Roll of the Dice, Blackboot Bill (1) Cooldown: 30 sec. Level 20: Final Damage 20%, Critical Rate +30%, and ignores 20% monster DEF. Level 1: MP Cost: 25, Bullet Cost: 4, Damage: 475%, Max Enemies Attacked: 8, Number of Attacks: 4. Double Down Why do we max Blunderbuster instead of Blackboot Bill? btw i love ur website it helps me out all the time u/re the best :).

For starters, Nautilus ship does much higher damage and reduces remaining cooldown of dice by 50% when NS is used.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail or subscribe without commenting. Can you post all three 5th job skills that include Nautilus Assualt?

Required Level: 150 Level 1: MP Cost: 26 With Majestic Presence, your bomb in Broadside will gain most benefit from explosion damage which you will be maxing Rapid Fire after it. 3. @Kurinteh: Hi, I have updated the skills for Ahoy Mateys and Broadside. It works just beautifully on certain games such as League of Legends however I do some stuff on MapleStory and this is where the problems begin. Would you say that maxing Rapid Fire (Broadside) first is better for Captain since Broadside itself serves as a mobbing skill from a far distance so Captains don’t have to take as much damage compared to Eight-Legs Easton where you have to get up close?

After the 5th job skills, their mobbing got a lot better because of Bullet Barrage "DIE! @Evan: I seldom use this for training or bossing. Look me up on the website, I’m a Corsair, Ayumi could you add , like best inner abilitys for each class ?

Move on to maxing Pirate’s Revenge and Jolly Roger. I have updated the skill details :-), update the skill Broadside it is a summoning skill now, update the skill Broadside it is a summon now. Crew members deal increased damage (Muirhat: 428% | Valerie: 488% | Jack: 248% | Cutter: 408%) If you’re targeted by an abnormal status, a crew member will block it. Yellonde contest from 2008. Roll two dice, and if both have the same number, you’ll receive a very powerful buff. 11. Level 1: MP Cost: 29, Gun Attack Speed increased for 18 sec Rapid Fire – Reinforce (MAX) where can I find the treasure of the queen in the ariant palace? Applies to any Explorer class within the party. [Passive Effect: Critical minimum/maximum damage +1%] Check out the v.217 Sengoku Returns: Asura War Patch Notes.

Pirate’s Revenge can only trigger once every 50 seconds. By activating the effect 4 times meaning I can roll 4 dices and if I happen to roll 4 of the same numbers, does the effect stacks? Jonathan: Damage: 193%, Attack Speed: Normal, Range: Long :o

Hero’s Will (MAX) Pirate’s Revenge 8. 2. Fourth Job: Remaining Cooldown -50% upon using Scurvy Summons and Roll of the Dice. does it just increase the damage from using the skill or does it also increase the passive/active effect when you target the monster, they should have made the 5th job skill where they could dual wield guns and their attack would be boosted. Shulynch: Damage: 150%, Attack Speed: Fast, Range: Normal Level 1: Increases damage increases +20% when attacking Boss Monsters. After acquiring these subtle yet important bonuses from aforementioned skills, you can then work on Majestic Presence (Captain’s Dignity) and then Eight-Legs Easton (Fusillade). OR Hi kjh07, what do you mean by skip the level? may i ask what does the hyper skill 7 added to double down does? Corsair Hyper Skill Build Guide: If you learn the Ahoy Mateys skill, you can use Broadside. For MapleStory on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is the corsair's Rapid Fire worth using? Pirate can advanced as a Buccaneer or Corsair. Jett – 1st and 4th job are good. Shoots bullets in all directions. Welcome to ayumilove.net! Grants a chance to ignore the cooldown when Double Down does not activate. Pump up the crewmen from your All Aboard skill with your amazing leadership skills. Thanks for the throughout guide that is easy to understand. Level 1: Weapon/Magic DEF: +2%, Max HP/MP: +60 I’ll update it later :). Roll of the Dice (MAX) Call upon the bravery deep within to increase damage output and max damage. Note to self: This page is fully updated to GMS 1.74, Thanks for the guide. Cooldown: 180 sec.

Please consider whitelisting ads here to support this website! With Majestic Presence, your bomb in Broadside will gain most benefit from explosion damage which you will be maxing Rapid Fire after it.

This specific job route is determined when you reach Level 30.

Plus you will need an account too (with legit Korean ID).

While on cooldown, it increases Final Attack proc damage by 30% Also, brain scrambler now has cooldown & Majestic presence adds WA. [Passive Effect: Max HP +5000, Critical Damage +10%]. since All Aboard (Assemble Crew) does not actually grant any bonuses, hence have little impact with training despite the improved A.I. Your trusty parrot marks a monster for targeting.

For the Parrotargetting node for 5th job, i see it say increase final damage +2%. 10. Cross Cut Blast (Before) Ahoy Mateys (MAX) Marks your bullets, making them more powerful. can you explain?

Which those are really RNG heavy. That crew member cannot block another status effect until resummoned. Physical Training (Passive) It would be approximately 3-9 months at most. Each crewman will give you different passive effects. SECONDARY WEAPON: Far Sight Rapid Blast (19/20) Gun Booster (MAX) Thanks for pointing out! 0. but you do give much more details of those provided information. Please note that the tooltip for the Double Down upgrades don’t give any extra description; that’s all it says. Murat: Critical Damage +2% I’m looking at my Corsair hypers right now and can’t see to find those Eight Legs Easton or Blunderbuster Hypers. Check this Hyper Stats Guide for more details! Level 10: When used, next used skill’s final damage 25% increased. Ayumi, love your in depth and throughout guide which is easy to understand, if not for you I would never have try this class so now I’m going to try zen for myself since jett is never going to come out. Link skill: Summon Duration: +4/6/8/10/12%. You can max Parrotargetting after Maple Warrior for more bossing damage!

Should be the first hit. Level 1: MP Cost: 45, Duration: 66 sec, Attack Power: +1%, Abnormal Status/Elemental Resistance: +11%, Stance Chance: 22%, Avoidability –15 Corsair is one of Pirate subclass that uses guns to shoot down their enemies in long-range combat. Fullmetal Jacket, Blunderbuster, Cross Cut Blast (1) However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects. Broadside is outdated. It’s mentioned in the Hyper Skill Build guide. Roll 1: nothing, Roll 2: +30% physical defense, Roll 3: +20% hp and mp, Roll 4: +15% critical rate, Roll 5: +20% damage, and Roll 6: +30% experience. Level 1: MP Cost: 25, Summons two brave crew members to assist you in battle, Summon Duration: 120 sec, Cooldown: 120 sec.

Thank you for your patience. I have removed cooldown from Brain Scrambler. Level 10: Weapon/Magic DEF: +20%, Max HP/MP: +600. Level 1: Chance: 4%, Damage: +6%, Duration: 18 sec, will also activate for attacks that deal damage of a set proportion to the maximum HP. 1. cannoneer- tanky and strong if you want a pirate main this guys But I can say that I’m glad I didn’t give up training my corsair because their dmg output are remarkable and they can both boss and mob easier than other class on similar setting due to their extensive list of passives and self buff.

Quickly fires rounds.

Blunderbuster (MAX) @Ray: Sorry. 4. All this charging gimmick just pisses me off. Black Bark: Damage: 445%, Attack Speed: Slow, Range: Normal Start maxing Eight-Legs Easton to kill enemies faster in training and shrink the minimum and maximum damage gap with maxed Majestic Presence.

These 2 skills pair up nicely. You could help test it out to see if its true :) I have added your pros and cons into the guide above! Cooldown: 120 sec. Level 1: MP Cost: 6, Damage: 213% per shot Then, max Ahoy Mateys for the Weapon Attack bonus and Crew Member bonuses. Hi Ayumi, I heard that after the RED patch, skill books will not needed for 4th job anymore as the all the skills and max level for each skills has already been there- just like 1st,2nd and 3rd job. However, your SP might automatically reset without your consent to cater for the new skills. Level 20: Damage: 20%, Critical Rate: +30%, Enemy DEF Ignored: 20%.

Who do you think the next heroes would be?

Can you update on the hyper skill to add I’m not sure if its how it should be. Triple Fire, Rapid Blast (1) Also has a chance to trigger a Stance effect. Level 1: Final Damage 1%, Critical Rate +11%, and ignores 1% monster DEF. This class doesn’t get boring because of the varieties of skills that you can play around with. I have replaced Brain Scrambler Cooldown Cutter with Brain Scrambler Boss Rush. Rapid Fire, Eight-Legs Easton (1) That has to mean something I guess?

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