Donohue’s seems to be Joe Scolari’s favorite meeting place. And as much as it seems Chef Boulud has made an exception for Axe regarding the jacket, their usual practice is to provide a loaner to men that show up without jackets! This is not a restaurant but it is inevitable to talk about the almost spiritual dining experience that titles the episode. It will always amaze me how you find most of these places. He graduated from LIU and from there (lulz) to the Harvard B school. The centerpiece of the bar is a well-known mural depicting Old King Cole, painted by Maxfield Parish in 1906. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! As two of New York’s most visible philanthropists, the pair … Ongoing LTD events will showcase the best in art, beauty, design, fashion and travel. Just a couple of tiny spelling corrections: “Salt Bae” and “Casamigos”. I am kicking off our dining guide early with the restaurants our characters visited in the first two episodes in Season 3 and updating the post as we go. I don’t know how many times we have been to his restaurants (sadly, never to JoJo) and how many of his cooking books we have in the kitchen… Well, here is our mini collection! Get exclusive updates and invites straight to your mailbox! LIMITED EDITIONS | STYLE | ART | TRAVEL | BEAUTY | DESIGN.

Try lunch, or early and late dinner with them and I guarantee you will be a very happy diner! Great fan photo of the three and why I like Billions and DL. 104 North End Ave (at Vesey St Battery Park) New York, NY 10282, The one with Axe reminding World-Aid chairman that he is not King Cole.

While Taylor regretfully passes on the offer because they have other plans for the night, I was extremely lucky to have dinner there with a wonderful friend of mine after the two of us made a tribute video to Brody and Carrie after Homeland Season 3. But they could go to same restaurant in nyc–not a plot point, not saying they would meet at one coincidentally–but, like, from economic and socio standpoint, they could have friends choose same place easily. Tisch, a member of Vanity Fair’s International Best-Dressed List Hall of Fame and a Contributing Editor to Town & Country, was a co-founder of the beloved membership based shopping destination, Suite 1521.

Jon Tisch has a quick cameo as the Maitre de as he greets Axe and says he will get him his usual table. Wo Hop: Take-out friendly Chinese restaurant. The chef has several restaurants all over the city as well as in Boston, Miami, Palm Beach, Washington D.C, Montreal, Toronto, London, Singapore, and Tokyo with Daniel being the flagship.

Despite all my efforts, from keyword search to Google Earth, I was not able  to find what this place was.

Maybe after this season, I may re-watch and make a Billions Wine / Beer / Whiskey guide.

Thanks! JoJo: A French Bistro serving  in a brownstone since 1991. A wine that I’ve been introduced to thanks to Billions is Wolffer from Long Island, New York of all places. I thought JT was playing himself – the hotel owner is ready to get Axe a table! I used to go there a least every few weeks. The one with the Rhoades – Watley double date. Here is a close up to the original burger. Please let me know if I am missing anything and I am happy to add it to the list. Billions steals from Dalio’s biography, he went to LIU then direct to Harvard B school. The elevator seems like the dead giveaway but couldn’t place it. Jonathan and Lizzie Tisch. It is no secret that one of my favorite things about my favorite show is how it showcases the New York dining scene from hole-in-the-walls to neighborhood gems to Michelin-starred restaurants. The traditional way of eating the ortolan involves the diner covering his head with a large napkin which is, the legends says, to shield the shame of such a decadent and disgraceful act from God’s eyes, and, the French chefs say, to keep the aromas from escaping: One part pagan ritual, one part essay in gluttony, if you will. We had the pleasure of visiting the estate over Thanksgiving Break. I think Barolo/Barbaresco would suit the trio better Hahaha how about this speculation? and if it’s French, from the shape of the bottle, it looks like a Burgundy or a Rhone wine rather than Bordeaux. It was hilarious that the dining room was full of men wearing the exact same jacket! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The one with Axe and Oscar celebrating their win at World-Aid board meeting. Well, we do not see this one in Billions, but we hear Oscar asking Taylor to have dinner with him and that he could make reservations at State Bird Provisions. When the Manhattan couple-about-town decided to buy a downtown apartment as the weekend complement to their uptown residence, the do-it-right-or-don’t-do-it-at-all duo immediately got down to business. Viand Cafe: Believe it or not, it is my local diner! Brandy Library: An institution of fine drinking in the heart of Tribeca since 2003. I’ve never had a pierogie, but I will try one day!

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