"I'm not sure if Hark Moth will make another move to akumatise her again, but please look after her to prevent that from happening," and with a smile, Ladybug and Chat Noir were gone.

"I know I'm never attentive at school, but I'll try my best from now on.

She is the the third akumatized villain who doesn't appear in the. Lila's smirk after being de-evilized in "Catalyst" implies she may have been the first person to be willingly akumatized other than Hawk Moth himself and his assistant Nathalie. After Kagami's akumatization, Lila attempted to apologize to Adrien for the trouble she caused and yet was told she could count on him unless she hurt his loved ones. Incumbent

Besides, the show's writing for Lila when she's around was never good to begin with.

Lila Rossi

Respecto a Cat Noir, lo manipula haciéndole creer que ha superado su rencor hacia Ladybug y lo engaña para que la superheroína quede a merced de Oni-chan.

Gender: En "Volpina", al notar el cariño que Adrien la tiene a Ladybug, intenta engañarlo haciéndose pasar por la descendiente de una antigua portadora del Miraculous del Zorro. She took the form of Adrien, a little boy, Cat Noir and even an oyster. "Were you…always so upset that you get akumatised often?


Además, la incluye entre los contactos a los que les envía una salfie de ella besando a Adrien en la mejilla. In "Volpina", after Ladybug humiliates her in front of Adrien Agreste by exposing her lies about the both of them being close friends and her owning the Fox Miraculous, she is akumatized by Hawk Moth into Volpina, a fox-themed supervillain who is a master of illusions. Lila was shot back down in her seat in seconds. In "Oni-Chan", seeing Marinette in a pile of trash Lila proposed of taking a picture to post online but she opted against it, deeming it too easy.

As long she remains in their form, her victims remain unconscious.

How did that batty old man even become a principal to begin with? "And you have arthritis? There was nothing wrong with lying to begin with, as it allowed Lila to get all the love and attention she obviously deserved more than anyone else. Alignment:

Affiliations: Age: Everyone here were the dumb ones to fall for her lies so easily!

Volpina wears an orange mask with black edges, and her hair bands are black. The girl was too dangerous to be allowed here, as not only could she cause the whole student body akumatised by her lies, but Lila herself was akumatised too many times to count.

It must be a very difficult job for her. Being humiliatedDefeatSuperhero lecturing[4]

Wanting to make Ladybug suffer, she nearly convinced Ladybug to give up her earrings twice, almost tricking her with illusions of people she threatened to hurt, like civilians and Adrien. That and I had to help Prince Ali with the pollution-reduction project…" she continued to sob out her sad story. Despite Marinette’s best efforts, Lila manages to dodge the truth. You're expelled.". He had no need for a pawn that would potentially betray him. To the point I don't want to hand in anything because I was so scared that I'll be a disappointment to everyone!

Incluso puede imitar los poderes del portador de un Miraculous. Akumatized identity: Camaleón

Miss Show-Off[5]Super Liar[6]

In "Catalyst", when Marinette attempts to expose Lila's lies about being invited by Prince Ali to his palace by pointing out that he is in the USA, Lila merely tells her that Prince Ali wasn't actually with them. Everyone else in the classroom noticed, making them hush for a moment. Regarding Hawk Moth, while Lila doesn't know him personally, she does seem to like him to some extent as he can give her the power she desires to destroy Ladybug. Lila Rossi Como Volpina, viste un traje de color naranja con una sección blanca que entra por la parte delantera. "Not only have you been lying to me and the teachers here, but you also lied to everyone about one of your classmates committing horrible deeds!? I mean…" she let the tears fall again. "O-Oh…" Wow, despite the principal being dumb, he kept a thorough record on what she said. Una vez de regreso en la escuela, a pesar del hecho de que fue Adrien quien no quiso sentarse junto a ella en el salón, Lila dirige todo su rencor hacia Marinette.

"Yes! Admit to lying to everyone all this time.

Pero cuando Marinette la rechaza, confrontándola por todas sus mentiras, Lila abandona la farsa y amenaza a Marinette con hacer que todos sus amigos la odien a menos que le siga el juego. Mr.

What's more, her mother found out about the lies she told to everyone so then she could be away from school for so long. In "Chameleon", she returns to class and uses her lies to get whatever she wants, like having a seat next to Adrien and having everyone get her lunch for her.

Lila lying about being friends with Ladybug in a video for the Ladyblog.

And with Adrien by her side, along with Gabriel Agreste's assistance for her service, Lila could obtain everything that was beyond her wildest imagination.

She becomes miffed when, after telling Ladybug that they were on a date, Adrien responds that it wasn't really a date, though he immediately says that it could have become one to avoid making her angry. All she could do was let out a haughty laugh in the hall.

A primera vista, Lila parece ser alguien muy agradable que desea hacer nuevos amigos y compartir sus anécdotas sobre su emocionante vida, pero en realidad es una mentirosa a la que únicamente le interesa ser el centro de atención. Therefore, she takes a lot of enjoyment as Volpina in ruining her reputation with an illusion of an akumatized Ladybug destroying Cat Noir with his own Cataclysm.

Como Camaleón, su enemistad con Ladybug permanece intacta, incluso estaba dispuesta a acabar con ella utilizando una imitación del Gataclismo de Cat Noir. I did have tinnitus and arthritis," she wiped away the rest of her tears now, putting on a sweet smile, "but Ladybug cured me. Lila lies to her classmates in a video chat.

Como Camaleón, lo primero que hace tras adoptar la apariencia de Adrien es sabotear su amistad con Nino y Alya.

Lila then threatens Marinette, warning her that if she continues to try and expose her, she will turn all of her friends and classmates against her. LadybugMarinette Dupain-ChengCat Noir (como villana) "Ah, Lila.

En "Oni-chan", Lila tiene la oportunidad de conocer a Gabriel Agreste en persona.

Lila isn't above lying to her own mother, which is evident in "Catalyst", when she tells her that Adrien is her boyfriend and the school closed down from all the akuma attacks.

"I have seen my students come and go, telling small lies to big lies. He's so gullible.

Miraculous Ladybug - Marinette confronts Lila Rossi - YouTube I didn't mean to hurt anyone! Al final del episodio, Lila observa furiosamente como Marinette y sus compañeros se reúnen en el parque para celebrar el Día de los Héroes; posiblemente celosa de que Marinette pueda pasar tiempo con Adrien mientras ella debe quedarse en su casa para mantener su engaño. In "Catalyst", it is shown that Lila still bears a grudge against Ladybug and is irked by everyone celebrating her.

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This should make Adrien see Lila in a better light, and fawn over her while being disgusted by Marinette in the end. She timidly poked her head in, putting on a soft-spoken voice as she asked "You wanted to see me, sir?

She could become the world's top model.

She is the first akumatized villain to have amplified Miraculous superpowers, as it's revealed in "Timetagger" that prolonged and multiply use of said powers only occur when a holder grows into an adult.

LadybugCat NoirMarinette Dupain-Cheng (arch-rival)Kagami TsurugiChloé BourgeoisAdrien Agreste

Lila was not allowed to protest, for if she did, instead of having her internet activity monitored every day, her laptop and phone would be confiscated until she graduated.

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