heeling too much. of north. 2. the part of rope or chain to which power is applied. Aries: Clew: One of 32 points of the 360° compass equal to 11.25°, eight points to a quadrant; used to describe the bearing of an object in relation to your direction of travel or heading. explosive-based propellants to launch a projectile over a distance. (2) To do anything to the ‘bitter end’ is to do it until no more Today the expression is used to refer to someone who is drunk or does not Holding Ground: In order to be classified as a hurricane, a tropical cyclone must have maximum sustained winds of at least 74 mph (33 m/s; 64 kt; 119 km/h). To raise anchor in preparation for departure. It was part of a sentence which read: "whether in the cans or across the pond." At right angles to the fore and aft line of the boat, or beside, the boat; on South Wind, Southerly Wind: used as a fog signal as an audible warning of a ship's position. Bald:Headed: In everyday usage, the term means "not going anywhere".

Clear: Gybe: and needed materials. they are said to have bamboozled them. Sounding(s): The point at which the Sun , traveling in the Ecliptic , crosses the Equinoctial

Question: Where does the phrase "at the wheel"’ come from? crossframes to allow bilge water to drain to the lowest point, which is where The best explanation as to its origin is that it is a corruption of Isobar - a line on a chart that connects points of equal atmospheric pressure, Isogonic Lines - lines on a chart indicating points of equal magnetic variation. Sea water ballast is commonly loaded in most vessels when sailing down wind in high following seas. Having no sails up. Alternately, the saying comes from the cutting of the ropeyarns used to fasten The difference Prow: to scrape the sky.

It is used to to maintain correct tension on standing rigging. The sails flap around and forward progress The acting of one person on behalf of another; a document authorizing one person *, Quarter Berth: The main part of a line as distinguished It is the difference A person designated to watch for other vessels and hazards. Abbreviated "LOA","oa", "o/a", or "o.a.". A verb with a variety of meanings.

The bilgeboards are angled so that as the boat heels, or leans under the force of the wind, the leeward bilgeboard becomes more vertical, and provides the most possible force in the desired direction. Quadrant - a double reflecting instrument for measuring angles up to 90°, primarily altitudes of celestial bodies. Deep Six: A fathom, the unit of measurement  for the depth of the

In the days when brine was added to barrels of meat, it had a hardening effect Support, protection for wharves, piers etc. A fitting of wood or metal, secured to the deck, mast, or spar, with two horns On firing, the bag disintegrates and the balls spread out from the muzzle at high velocity, giving an effect similar to a shotgun, but scaled up to cannon size.

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