Even immigration from holy Mecca city to the newborn city Medina, (because of disturbance of non-believers) had rewards for only those people who did it for God's sake and his prophet when Muhammad was alive.

It is important to understand that a function of such Ḥadīṯe is to motivate Muslims to good deeds. Whoever, therefore, undertakes his migration (hiǧra) for the sake of Allaah and His Messenger’s will, his migration is for Allaah and his Messenger; but whoever undertakes his migration for earthly life will achieve it, or because of a woman to marry her, his migration is for that for which he migrated.”.

In a Ḥadīṯ, the Prophet Muḥammad (SAWS) says that God does not look to the outside of believers, but to their hearts, that is, to the pure intentions in their hearts.

Whatever a Muslim does has to be for God's sake to make him happy in the world and hereafter.

A wonderful and righteous intention in worship is showing gratitude to Allah SWT for His countless blessings bestowed upon us all. Intention (niyyah) in Islam refers to the spirit of doing deeds through which they may become religiously valid. Deeds have to be right and have to be for God's happiness. Intention for human habits always exist, such as eating when human is hungry, the intention is to eat or when he is thirsty he intends to drink to fulfill his needs.

This motivates Muslim students, researchers and academics to dare more, to work more in necessary research. Let’s take an in-depth look at the true essence of niyyah in Islam. The following are some of the common forms of intentions: The Day of Judgment is a sound intention of worship for believers.

Some are thought to hold greater value than others.

Niyyah in Islam holds great importance for every Muslim believer. The simple reward of a Muslim researcher is because of his positive Niyyah, namely, to find a solution in the name of God for the benefit of mankind.

This reflection on the divine attributes and names in aspects of the divine creation, such as an apple, give the simple act of eating something of a higher value. Also, in the area of the quest for knowledge — ṭalab al ʿilm- working in science, the Niyyah works as a catalyst for a Muslim student or scientist.

Šāfiʿī Definition.

And faith completes itself through the world.” We see our good deeds on the other hand by practicing them, and the real reward, the “harvest,” is given to us in the hereafter.

The Niyyah is the intention of a thing connected with its accomplishment. This is because the value of your deeds will be judged by ALLAH SWT based upon what your intention was in the first place. This is due to the fact that any deed performed without intention or with an ungodly objective behind it shall not be accepted (batil).

Pure intentions to seek closeness to God may take on various forms. Thus in the Qur’ān it is said: “Whoever wants to harvest the seed field for the hereafter, the more he (harvests) in his seed field.

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “Actions are only (judged) by intentions. Niyyah is given the significance of a pillar of worship. Nursi, the scholar, says that God requires three things for his gifts, such as the daily bread: ‘Ḏikr-fikr-šukr.’. And the one who carries out an iǧtihād — a scientific analysis — gets at least one ḥasana if he is wrong in his work and a twofold reward (ḥasana) if he is correct in his analysis.

The Niyyah is, in the legal sense, the intention of the heart to get closer to God during a worship service.

How can a simple smile correspond to a financial expenditure?

For not every outwardly equal deed of two men corresponds in the Niyyah, so also in the smile of a man.

This is because the value of a person’s actions is based upon his intention, motive or objective.

An intention is an individual’s internal desire to predict behaviour. If a person gets up early in the morning and carries out the exact movements for the morning, but with these movements does not intend ‘ibāda, but only performs these movements superficially as an ‘morning routine,’ then his movements as ‘ibāda are invalid, because he only stood to go through the motions in the morning, not to fulfill his duty as a godly man, a Muslim. The Niyyah is not only an important part of the ‘ibādāt of a Muslim, but also in his daily life and interpersonal relations. Any devotional act performed without the sincerest of intentions is worthless in the eyes of Allah SWT. Another sound intention of worship is the hope of getting a great reward in the hereafter.

The phrase ‘Fi Sabillilah’ is mentioned repeatedly in the Holy Quran, which translates as ‘in the way of ALLAH.’ This is used to serve as a warning for Muslims to ensure that whatever they intend to do should be in the way of God and not for the sake of anyone else, including their personal desires. For example, a smile to please the boss is not as high-quality as a smile of love and mercy to a brother of faith, because an employee can smile at his boss to gain a higher chance of getting a salary increase.

And the goal of getting to know God more closely is tremendous, because God is the greatest; therefore all the activities pursued for his sake are also great in their reward. Let’s take an in-depth look at the true essence of niyyah in Islam. For in this outward, simple act, man intends something great: God. Intent somehow is the way for all Muslims to reach unique God and Prophet Muhammad.

It is referred to in the Holy Quran that “Any believer who strives in the way of ALLAH, he will be guided by ALLAH on the right path.” The intention is like the prerequisite for the acceptance of deeds by Allah SWT. In this context, Ḏikr means starting the meal with the name of God, like the Basmala.

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