Each local municipality decides for themselves. Any problems with the antenna, antenna cable, or antenna mount will show up during an SWR check. Make sure it says on the package that the antenna is for the marine band. This is a special antenna designed for fiberglass RVs and boats. On fiberglass antennas with no visible means of adjustment, adjust as follows: Remove the plastic cap from the top of the antenna.Slit the plastic cover to expose the top coils of wire.To lengthen the antenna, pull the top coil up.To shorten the antenna, cut off the top coil.Replace the plastic cap. Utilize the Cobra Drive HD Player for Windows, or a third party player for Mac. The video is then streamed to a server and can be viewed from anywhere in the world on your smartphone. However in order to access advanced settings and features, the free Cobra DriveHD app on a smartphone is required. First make sure that the cigarette plug is making good contact in the socket. Just because a police car is on the side of the road does not mean it has a radar gun. (For more information on setting the SWR, please refer to the relevant FAQ).

Press the MORE soft key until the NAV soft key option appears on the screen.2. The cord is approximately 10 feet long. 2. 2. How to change batteries on the cobra micro talk walkie-talkie You should see a camera icon in the upper-left corner of the display. To turn off your Tag, press and hold the button on the Tag for about 10 seconds until it beeps and the light flashes red three times. Press the button on the JumPack to test the battery condition. With normal utility power, the neutral and ground are connected together in your fuse box.

First check the front-panel settings of your radio: Turn the squelch control all the way down.If your radio has an RF Gain control, turn it all the way up.If your radio has a Dynamike control, turn it all the way up.

Try the following: a.

Use Up/down buttons on the Front-right of the unit to scroll through menu options and highlight FORMAT SD CARD option. Lets you lock either the current file or all files. The fuse for the radio is recommended.

Press the UP button to mute the microphone. Simply plug the jumper cables into the JumPack and check the voltage at the battery clamps. You will still be able to receive incoming transmissions in this mode. Tap Menu button twice to exit Menu and return to video recording mode. In order to read or download cobra microtalk walkie talkies manual ebook, you need to create a FREE account. Blanks the screen after the designated timeout. All four LEDs should illuminate. It tells the officer if you are using a radar detector.

eBook includes PDF, ePub and Kindle version. Then enable WiFi on the CDR 900 and connect to your phone via WiFi. 2. 3.

WARNING:  Do not crank the engine for more than 3 seconds. If enough protected files accumulate, it could eventually fill up all available memory. Checking the SWR of the antenna will identify how well your antenna is tuned to the marine band. 5.

4. We have sold and hired radio equipment to thousands of schools and colleges from small primary schools up to large secondary schools, colleges and universities. Empty the memory card.

The cleanest source of power is directly from the battery.

(You have 4 seconds to start changing to the 2nd channel)Immediately press and hold the DW button until the "DW" icon stops flashing. Radar detectors are also illegal for commercial drivers in all 50 states. Repeat step 5 to adjust "Month", "Day", "Hour", "Minutes", (Seconds is optional). Vertical alignment can be adjusted by rotating the lens assembly. It is easy to check for a blown fuse using a voltmeter. -Plug the jumper cables back into the JumPack. Digital Selective Calling (DSC) is a radio technology allowing enhanced distress radio messages to be sent digitally. Try installing a noise filter on the power leads, as close as possible to the radio.

Try installing a noise filter on the power leads to the device, as close as possible to the device. Outlet testers are intended for testing normal utility power in your home. 2. Technically, a CB radio is a transceiver. https://www.cobra.com/collections/marine-accessories/products/cm300005cobrapositioningsystem.

Page 31 15 . Horizontal alignment can be accomplished by adjusting the mount. Here is a link to an external GPS available from Cobra https://www.cobra.com/collections/marine-accessories/products/cm300005cobrapositioningsystem. That should fix the issue. Installation: Please read the note following these instructions. Rather, it is a special mode of operation.

Press the MORE soft key until the NAV soft key option appears on the screen.2.

To avoid hearing the background static, slowly turn up the squelch just until the noise stops.

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