They can be very insulting. Your profile is the main part of the app. However, deleting a comment is simple. Aside from account deleting, we will also show you how to delete Tik Tok videos. If you want to bring the writer or poet in you alive, then go through our article on the best sites to start your own blog. Our mission is to capture and present the world's creativity, knowledge, and precious life moments, directly from the mobile phone. It is currently the most downloaded application in the world, with 45.8 million on the first quarter of 2018 and has now reportedly reached 150 million daily active users. This article will guide you through a step-by-step approach to doing that. Those comments will no longer discourage you or ruin your day. Let us begin by looking at what you need to do before you delete your TikTok account. Now, a confirmation page showing details about deleting the TikTok account will appear. Tap on Delete Account to proceed to the verification screen. Tap the “3 dots” icon at the right top side.

If you’re getting too many unwanted or inappropriate messages from unknown people, or are being bullied or trolled in the app, then you may consider changing your privacy settings instead of deleting your TikTok account. The first step in how to delete your TikTok account is booting up the app and heading to your profile page by tapping on the small person-shaped icon at the bottom right of your device’s display. Sign up to 10 Things in Tech You Need to Know Today.

Information that is not stored in your account, such as chat messages, may still be visible to others. 1. 6. If you have deleted your TikTok account and don’t wish to keep the app on your phone, you can delete/uninstall it from your phone now. Thanks to a ton of fascinating videos, people never seem to get enough of the app. After that, it will be automatically deleted.

For your phone, click Send Code. Now, tap on the Request data file. Helpful !! During deactivation, your account remains hidden from the public. After 30 days, your account will be then deleted permanently. That’s it — now you know how to delete your TikTok account.

Now that you know how to delete all the hateful comments, you can dedicate your time to your friends. One of the prime reasons why many want to get rid of TikTok is its addictive nature. It is perfect for dancing, acting, creating a musical, or fun short videos. Amy-Mae Turner is a tech reporter who focuses on gadgets, streaming entertainment, social media, and internet lingo. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. That’s how you can delete comments on your TikTok profile. You will not be able to get a refund on any items you have purchased. As mentioned above, your TikTok account will now be deactivated for 30 days.

This will be different depending on whether you set your account up using your email or your phone number. Select ‘Phone Number’ and add your number. To delete a TikTok post: Open TikTok and select ‘Account.’. Even though your data will not be deleted immediately by TikTok, once you click delete, the process cannot be reversed. Then, you can paste the text of the original comment into a new comment and edit the text before reposting. On your iOS or Android device, launch TikTok and tap on the profile tab at the bottom right corner. Don't worry, we've got you covered. That said, despite being so popular, TikTok has long been controversy’s favorite child with a series of sensational accusations. Well, if you decided to flip the page on TikTok, the first thing you should do is download your TikTok data. Whether it’s the obscene content, data selling, or being the Chinese government’s nefarious spy tool, the video-sharing platform’s list of accusations is quite long.

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