Samuel Hayden is voiced by Darin De Paul. Hayden then helped guide the Slayer in retrieving his own Crucible to slay the Icon of Sin and stopping the Maykrs from consuming Earth.

Story Of Earth: The Return of Dr. Samuel Hayden - Part I, Story Of Earth: The Return of Dr. Samuel Hayden - Part II, Hayden is stated to be functionally immortal in his robotic body thanks to brain rejuvenation techniques.

He had the Marine recovered and kept him personally under his watch, planning to use him as part of a contingency plan against Hell. However, he would ascend to become a researcher but was sadly doomed to die of incurable terminal cancer. [4], The Council appointed Hayden as the Lead Director of the Armored Response Coalition.

Samuel is the only known Tribute to have a training score of 13. From there, Hayden then explained to the Slayer of Deag Grav's whereabouts in Sentinel Prime and that getting there is through the only functional slip-gate, located in the core of Mars, in the lost city of Hebeth.

Throughout the war against Hell, Hayden was highly regarded as a mythical figure by human survivors.[5]. It is later revealed in The Ancient Gods that Samuel Hayden is an alias adopted by the Seraphim. There, Hayden's consciousness is transferred into the Fortress's mainframe, as his body is similar and compatible to the architecture, and awoke.

Upon reaching the stasis chamber, Samuel requests to be integrated with the Seraphim.

This can also be seen as both characters share a near-exact quote.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius.

The behavior and calculating power of VEGA is unprecedented in AI theory: A blind study was conducted with Computer Science students to see if VEGA would pass the Turing test. Eye color Male Hair color Hayden completed instructions and designs for a new body: a bionic automaton with a plasmatronic processing core (a biomechanical brain). Rising to prominence as a renowned scientist, he created his own foundation to fund up-and-coming young scientists and educational programs in schools.

Hayden proved himself to be a polymath in his youth, showcasing prodigious talent in several different fields of science, which included thermodynamics, nuclear physics, and electromagnetic theory. [1], During construction of the Argent Tower, Hayden's body was diagnosed with a stage 4 incurable brain cancer and left with a few months to live. Hayden is aware of the dangers that oppose such an ideal- a world powered by something safer and cleaner than nuclear energy but believes the ends justify the means and was willing to press on with the endeavor even after his entire staff is rendered dead. Voice provider After completing his Masters Degree in Theoretical Physics at Oxford University, he established the Samuel Hayden Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated to sponsoring young scientific talent and funding scientific programs in schools and colleges.

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His robotic torso, which suffered the loss of its right forearm and legs, was retrieved by ARC soldiers. ***It was submitted by Greg, 32 years old.

With humanity deprived of its Argent-dependent energy grid after the loss of the Well, Hayden invented a method of Argent-Synthesis, a synthetic replication that could recreate the high-yield capability of Argent Energy.

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