The influence of machismo beliefs on ADV beliefs can be particularly powerful. Ceviche, which is thought to have originated in Peru, is considered a delicacy by many Americans. Recognizing this similarity, researchers have called for greater exploration of the definition and relevance of machismo and marianismo, given that it is often difficult to determine the ways in which they replicate and differ from traditional gender role beliefs in American society (Sobralske, 2006a, 2006b; Stephens & Eaton; 2014; Stephens et al., 2017). ​Do not sit until you’ve been shown to your seat and are asked to sit. More research is needed to test this hypothesis. Culture comes from the Latin culture which in turn stems from colere or to cultivate. In Puerto Rico, retardo is defined as mental illness or mentally deranged, “a tremendously stigmatized form of social deviance” (p. 31). With that said, if you’re entranced by the Hispanic culture, we urge you to keep learning! Defined as the adaptation or preservation of particular cultural norms and practices after an immigration experience (Schwartz et al., 2013), the acculturation process for Hispanic adolescents involves the simultaneous processes of adapting to the “American” culture while retaining values and beliefs from their familial nations and cultures of origin.

Family. 1963) were produced in the 1960s, systematic geological (Ward et al. For example, in the studies noted above, the research does not take into account the extent to which Hispanic teens have acculturated to the American culture and simultaneously maintained attachment to their culture of origin. They further asserted that, in their view, machismo was indistinguishable from westernized hypermasculinity frameworks (Stephens & Eaton, 2014). The most important is slavery, which led to a cultural pattern of “consensual unions and mother-based families among [those]… of lower social status” (Harry, 1992a, p. 28).

Hispanic elderly have dense social and support networks. The first scientific observations of Mexican reefs were made by Humboldt (1861) on the Gulf of Mexico, while the first formal contribution is that of Heilprin (1890) on the reefs of Veracruz in the SW Gulf. Both prevention approaches were similar in that they taught students a combination of generic “life skills” and skills specific to resisting offers to use drugs. Traditionally, the Hispanic family (both nuclear and extended) has been the foundation for social structure by providing members with financial and social support. In this regard, learning the nuances of the cultural context and the ways diverse cultures use verbal and nonverbal communication is a crucial part of the clinical knowledgebase. Alison Dundes Renteln, in Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace, & Conflict (Second Edition), 2008.

For instance, in many cases individuals try to introduce cultural evidence via an established defense such as self-defense or provocation. The findings of the follow-up study are particularly interesting because, while they suggest that it may be possible to develop a preventive intervention that is effective for a relatively broad range of students, they also indicate that tailoring interventions to specific populations can increase effectiveness with inner-city minority populations. Furthermore, through the use of traditional theoretical paradigms and approaches that fail to capture within-group differences or integrate culturally relevant findings, researchers have reinforced the belief that Latino/a cultural groups embrace these values and allow men to behave in aggressive ways toward their female partners (Cole, 2009; Marrs Fuchsel et al., 2012; Smokowski, Rose, & Bacallao, 2010; Ulloa et al. In Puerto Rico, respect and dignity are accorded to the poor as long as they comport themselves in a worthy manner appropriate to their station. However, it is important that researchers consider the role of other key individual difference and identify factors when examining the influence of gender roles on ADV outcomes, including education, acculturation, and language. For example, Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace, & Conflict (Second Edition), Adolescent Dating Violence Among Ethnically Diverse Youth, Sanderson, Coker, Roberts, Tortolero, & Reininger, 2004, Marrs Fuchsel, Murphy, & Dufresne, 2012; Sobralske, 2006a, 2006b, Galanti, 2003; Kyriakakis, Dawson, & Edmond, 2012; Sobralske, 2006b, Cole, 2009; Marrs Fuchsel et al., 2012; Smokowski, Rose, & Bacallao, 2010; Ulloa et al. Other characteristics that transcend the various cultures are the influence of Catholic ideology, the centrality of the family, and the highly structured and differentiated roles of men and women. In doing so, it is important to note several unique and highly salient features in Puerto Rican culture. Research examining the links between ADV and acculturation across various Hispanic communities has noted that acculturation can serve as risk factor, buffer, or both.

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