Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. is clearly an accomplished writer.

Academic Freedom And The Hacker Ethic By Tom Cross, Advantages Of Fast Food Vs. Diana Moon Glampers, the Handicapper General, has the duty of dumbing down and disabling those who are superior to others. This is shown when Hazel says she thinks society would fall if people were to start cheating at the rules, and that it would be like the “dark ages” again (Vonnegut, 1961). The increased violence of these sounds symbolizes the increasing violence in the story.

"Harrison Bergeron" is the story of a futuristic United States in the year 2081, where all individuals are made equal regardless of what their natural born characteristics were. There are three major characters. The people who made the film did not portray it well in most areas. The weight is a neck harness with sacks of birdshot in them; and, if he were to... ...

But in a world where the extraordinary is outlawed, only the outlaws are extraordinary. "If I tried to get away with it, then other people'd get away with it—and soon we'd be right back to the dark ages again…" This statement by George Bergeron sums up Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s short story "Harrison Bergeron" in one line.

Anyone with talents, like beauty, strength, and higher mental capacity are made handicapped by wearing massive weights, thought scattering headsets, and masks. When Harrison tries to rebel against the laws of the land, he is shot and killed.

At the end, the... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. Although created by the doctor, his own hatred and consciousness yield an evil larger than even the doctor could have predicted. The government in the story regulates mostly everything and in the movie they it forces the people to obey the laws that are announced. Hazel, on the other hand, “had a perfectly average intelligence, which meant she couldn’t think about anything except in short burst.” (Vonnegut 370) Harrison was their son that was captured at the age of fourteen by the H-G government. ANALYSIS OF THE STORY 4.MAJOR THEMES 5. A conformed society technically wouldn’t be very equal because the government would still have power over the citizens and this could lead to a possibility of a dictatorship. First, Vonnegut uses setting to express the special idea of “Harrison Bergeron”. As Townsend stated Kurt Vonnegut makes a satire about society in his fictional short story Harrison Bergeron, which in their society there has been attempt of conformity through the handicaps of the people, the similarity to an authoritarian government, and the technology, whereas the people will eventually overcome. In this short story, Harrison Bergeron is a teenager and a character that conveys the American population that think highly of themselves, want power and... ...hopeful ideas for the future of equality in America, but nobody is thinking along the lines of the extremely egalitarian world that Kurt Vonnegut envisions in his short story, “Harrison Bergeron.” Throughout the story there are examples of people acting or being forced to act in ways that differ from the ways we expect people to act in real life. Jefferson believed we should live in a world like this, but are we meant to live in a society where everyone is equal and normal?

A handicap as stated in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, in a "race or contest [an] artificial advantage is given or disadvantage imposed on a [person] to equalize chances of winning" (Merriam). The character Harrison Bergeron in both the movie and story was described differently. Is it possible to live life in a world like this? She also is the enforcer of keeping these handicaps on and keeping all individuals equal.

He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, on November 11, 1922.

An example of this is when Hazel says the following to George after she sees him in pain from his mental, Her character shows a relatively normal being who has been so indoctrinated by the thoughts of total equality –the thoughts of the times– that she can do nothing but agree with them.

They weren't only equal before God and the law.

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