If the defender is aligned 6 yards or less pre-snap, outside release Go. While Hal Mumme the person who formalized the Air Raid, used Iso as his core running package, the rushing attacks from true Air Raid schools vary per the coach’s preferences. The Promotion & Instruction of Youth Football, Home / The Air Raid Offense Series: Turn the Tide | Plays & Playbook. Shallow crossing routes are extremely difficult to guard in man coverage, not only because of the typical speed mismatch of an inside receiver on a linebacker, but also because of the sheer chaos that exists that close to the line of scrimmage. I am going to share what I have personally seen work at the Middle School level, but I am confident that if take your knowledge from your run game of choice, you will be successful at it within this offense. The QB’s open grass reads post-snap are the same.

It puts up points and Heisman winners alike at a rapid pace, but its fit within the lines of pro football is unknown (literally, as hash marks are smaller). We started having Y stop in the first window as a rule to simplify.

If the flats in the open grass where the F is aiming has no color in it, throw the Shallow as much as possible. Once you are experts, you can easily tag players/positions at will.

In the DBG, the QB is not looking for “easy money” throws pre-snap. This makes it extremely hard for defenses, especially at this level to keep up. Zone coverage is also tested with a triangular stress. For a history of the Air Raid offense, I would suggest (seriously cannot link to this enough) Chris Brown's Air Raid Opus. We actually use our bubble screens in place of our outside run concept. This isn’t precisely what a Kingsbury five-wide play is — as it’s a rendition with his five-wide preferences and core elements of the mesh — but it’s eerily similar. This is often a comeback, curl, or corner. Y: Full speed crossing route, setting Mesh at 4 yards, not deeper than 5.

Air Raid offenses have churned out NFL talent, and Kingsbury is part of that. If the defender is aligned 6 yards or less pre-snap, outside release Go. The final Quick Game concept every Middle School Air Raid team needs is All Verticals. The Quick Game, Drop Back Game, Screen Game and the Running Game from the Air Raid Offense Series. Tune into a Chiefs, Patriots, Eagles, Rams, or Browns game, and you’ll see the mesh called upon often for easy first downs. Up to LB if you are uncovered. If covered, block man on. The goal of youth football is preparing your players for High School and this is a way to do just that.

We have accomplished our core goal of getting our athletes the ball in space without even running the play we called.

The secret of the Air Raid is in the way practices are structured, the everyday drills that are preformed and the amount of reps that are taken. Possible Shot play.

The concept of what a balanced offense is has been re-defined. R: Mandatory outside release Go route. Slap left hand with L. Sit in open grass if defense is in zone, keep running if they are in man.

In the same way the QB comes up to the line and looks backside for “easy money” in our other Quick Game concepts, the QB will do the same with All Verts, except every single receiver is playing by those rules. It’s aggressive, smart, and nearly undefendable when played right. Most only have 3 rushing concepts such as Iso, Power or Zone that cover the need to execute an inside run, outside run and a misdirection.

Common Drop Back passing concepts you may be familiar with are Shallow Cross, Y Cross, Y Sail and the play most commonly associated with the Air Raid, the almighty Mesh.

T: Swing to the concept side, ready to receive the ball and head upfield. Even referee positioning comes into play because of the cluttered mass of bodies. I grew up in the Wing T but have fallen in love with the fact that I am empowering my youth football players to play in a true spread offense and post highlights they only dreamed possible in flag and 7v7. R: 8-10 yard speed out. He wins the job over Cammon Cooper and Gunner Cruz, according to Theo Lawson of The Spokesman-Review.

If the defender is pressing or playing close, the receiver options the route based on leverage. Contact us if you are interested in contributing content. This in turn, could help turn the tide of participation back in the right direction for our great game! If the CB fills that grass the Corner Route is aiming for, we are back to the same if/then scenario, playing the game off of the grass in the flats: If SAM fills the grass in the flats, then the QB hits the R. If SAM sits in the grass that the R is attacking, then he hits the T who is on a full speed sprint downhill. If SAM fills the grass in the flats, then the QB hits the Y. Click here to see the Bubble Screen your Middle Schoolers will love running (playbook & cut ups). Bootleg, play action pass off of it. These passing concepts all play off one another and can be used strategically to dominate any defense seen at the Middle School level. It is a sport that, at the youth level, traditionally features one or two featured players, typically at running back or quarterback who fit a very specific profile.

Anytime you see a corner route diagrammed for an Air Raid play here, know that the receiver will run to open space, not follow any strictly defined path (i.e.

R: Snag Route, Slant & Sit. I am crossing my fingers that I may have convinced a few of you that your team deserves to go full Air Raid! Youth athletes come in all shapes, sizes and skill sets.

The rushing attack posted 1447 yards, scoring 14 touchdowns. While Hal Mumme the person who formalized the Air Raid, used Iso as his core running package, the rushing attacks from true Air Raid schools vary per the coach’s preferences. T: Angle looking for open grass between widening MLBs. It’s supposed to be a quick pass. LT: Full speed pull, aiming to turn up the hole created by the down block and pulling Guard, looking inside for LB’s. By the time Mumme was head coach at Iowa Wesleyan, Gwynne writes that his “offense did not have a playbook. RG: If uncovered, up to LB. There may be no better play call to define the Air Raid than the mesh.

QB’s have very simple rules and receivers are coached to find open grass. In the weeks leading up to the Crimson and Gray game, we've been presenting an Air Raid playbook series.

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