TWO: contrary to what you may read, they WILL peck pumpkin plants, squash, squash, and tender young corn to death! They seemed to know which side of my head my eyes were on because they would attack me from behind while I was trying to use the push mower. The male did fine, but it seems the female did not roost in a way as to protect her feet and either got bad frostbite on her toes or a fungus, but she has severely truncated toes now.

I’m sorry your flock didn’t work out. Would it be good to eat? I’d never get anything done! I am looking for a guinea hen if anybody has one they want to get rid of. But in the interest of full disclosure you really should know the things that they do that aren’t so glamorous about guinea fowl. My dogs & chickens got to recognize their alarm calls for snakes, goannas, eagles, feral cats and foxes all of which they would attack in daylight. I had a bunch of ill-tempered (chased the chiockens away from the food…etc.) If not, I will go looking for them because I love having them so much. The guineas I find to like us more they tend to follow me where ever I go and greet me every time I go out side or get home from work. She lost most of hers early on due to free ranging. I have 9 right now,down from anout 18 or so. Great alarms, fun personalities and getting ready to hatch about 50 more! We took the fence down in the coop so maybe the hens can help with her loneliness, but only time will tell. You saved us all!!!! Over the years I learned to let my cochin hens hatch out a dozen guinea eggs at a time observing that the keets raised by chicken foster-mothers were calmer. THREE: they are difficult at first (for the first week or so that you let them free-roam) to get back into the coop at night. In a world with hippos, crocodiles, elephants, large wild dogs, and large wild cats the race does, indeed, go to the swift.

The study claims that the Guinea Fowl had one tick in … I find it exasperating. I also garden 99% organic…I cheat a little on fertilizer. I love him to death. we found out what these birds were just a few days ago we thought they were wild turkeys and we couldn’t figure out how they got in our yard we do have chickens but they are in a pen the are making themselves at home next to the chickens and I don’t know why or how they came here should I worry. . We love them. They come potty trained, and know commands, and have been socialized and exposed to everything. oh an if you dnt want them an live near I will take them. Only when they see something like a predatir or someone new, which is fine by me. Guineas do attack but usuallt when your trying to catch them, I havent had one fly at me for no reason yet but you never know what the silly things might do, I have a male guinea and he is even trying to steal my turkey hens away from the Tom and he has pulled many feathers out of the chickens and turkeys. Any ideas welcome?? We’ve never had a lone guinea. I have guineas and roosters, but nothing bothers me more than my sheep. #2 Do/will guineas eat young rabbits??

Males (usually) have a larger ‘helmet’ and wattles, and the bridge across the top of the nostrils is more prominent than in females once they are fully grown, after several months. I do still love my guineas.They eat from my hand.I appreciate the hawk warning sounds.Between the guineas and the roosters my hens usually know when danger is near. I am ready to find them a new home. 3.) It kind of makes me wonder what guineas have in the pro column. Within a month, I wasn’t seeing ticks on my dogs AT ALL. Also, we’ve nicknamed them “bird puppies.” They follow me and my boyfriend around the yard, come when we call them, and like to play chase with use just like our dogs!

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