Billy's leg is injured in leaving the sub, forcing him to use a piece of driftwood as a crutch. I searched the control panel. Forever! She floated on her back alongside the sub.”, See all 5 questions about Creep from the Deep…, Meet the Epic and Awesome Authors of Fall's Big Fantasy Novels.

This time they are in serious trouble again. This book was funny and full of zombie pirates and other strange things.


The kid is spotted by the Monster Police, but before the police can catch him, he gives his card to Billy and runs off.

The audio version was well done, and when they used special effects for a dead pirate chant, it was pretty creepy.

I should have read these in orser but oh well. And this one definitely did not come close to the expected bar.

The boat rocked hard, and a strong spray washed over the railing. about to come to life. I recommend this book to people looking for a side book that is not their main book, which would be the last one I reported "Deep Trouble". There is nothing wrong with the more supernatural aspects of the series.

Goosebumps HorrorLand is a horror novella series by R.L.

It was a ok storyline compared to some others I have read. Published Thinking he means the treasure, Billy and Sheena go to find it, only to run into a couple of strangers, Roger Baldry and Goldy Munroe. At the end of the slide, a Horror pulls Billy off, and he is reunited with Sheena but not Britney and Molly.

Creep from the Deep If you love the fantasy genre, this is the season for you! Billy's main external conflict is that he entered another world and now he is trying to survive. Pretty good book for kids.

He definitely keeps the story moving, and while you can guess many of the twists and turns as an adult, they make for a fun story. That’s the official slogan of the Undersea Mutant. Swim at Your Own Risk! Britney is still confused by her picture of Slappy, but when she searches for it, it is gone.

I did enjoy their time at Horrorland though.

"Another difference of this story from the last story is the amount of responsibility Billy and Sheena have to show when their uncle can't help them survive. it was okay for a thriller, didnt quite catch me dunno why, maybe I was expecting a monster in it or something more wao factor I guess.

It may be a bit childish but it's always adventurous & fun and sometimes that's all you need from a book! I pulled myself up to the top of the hatch.

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