Archie Chris Owen. 2012

The crew, anxious to get back into the air, push maintenance chief Sgt.

Felix, der bewusst Ruhe und Abgeschiedenheit sucht, um mit seinen Erinnerungen und seinem Schmerz allein zu sein, fühlt sich jetzt den Geräuschen, die aus den Nachbarwohnungen kommen, ausgesetzt.

Very cliched writing and the acting by a miscast bunch of baby faces can't hope to sell the weak story. During the next mission which is supposed to be a "milk run", or easy mission, an already hungover Wally succumbs to ptomaine poisoning.

Due to its direct-to-video release, Fortress was not critically reviewed, however, Danny Shamon reviewed the video in 2011, identifying the film elements that were effective, "For a low budget film I thought the aerial combat and filming were fantastic.

This page was last edited on 23 August 2020, at 11:34. The statement was accurate as the low budget feature could not afford to use actual surviving B-17s, either in private collections or in museums. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. TMDb As he turns around, Michael is horrified to see blood soaked Archie, obviously in excruciating pain. July 19 arrives and the Lass is cleared to fly the Rome mission. Pope Pius XII was initially unsuccessful in attempting to have Rome declared an open city, although negotiations took place with President Roosevelt via Cardinal Francis Spellman. Michael, not noticing that Archie is wounded, leaves the cockpit with Archie at the controls. Base Commander Howard Gibson. Uniforms are authentic, albeit a little incomplete.

After some griping, Caparelli tells the men that the Lass has already been cleared earlier that day. Michael says that they can land the aircraft on the water or both jump together using his parachute. The guns have no cartridges feeding them nor are they ejecting casings!

"Bombing Policy in the Rome and Pre-Normandy Invasion Aerial Campaigns of World War II: Bridge-Bombing Strategy Vindicated – and Railyard-Bombing Strategy Invalidated". The set for the bomber's interior lacks some things, but is mostly accurate. Mobile site. Some are good, some are bad.

Nachdem seine erste Beziehung in die Brüche geht, schließt Felix sich in seinem Zimmer ein und kommt nicht mehr raus. The crew throws a party/wake to celebrate their return to flight status and mourn their losses. Meanwhile, to make good on a promise to Al (Tim Hade) for a celebration on his safe return, and with no alcohol left, Charlie is caught stealing liquor from the officers' club by the chickenshit quartermaster, Monroe (Matt Biedel), and is facing a summary court-martial. Michael Donnie Jeffcoat. The violence is accurately depicted as sudden, unpredictable, and bloody. Briefing … Manipulating the setup, the fuselage was jostled to simulate turbulence and make the actors react to the motion of the aircraft.[7]. The plan loses altitude rapidly as Michael and Wally struggle desperate to regain control.

Lytton, H.D. A new co-pilot struggles to fit in with the crew of the B-17 he is assigned to based in North Africa. Further alienating him from the crew, he does not join in Wally's toast to their recently departed crewman because he doesn't drink. Die Schmerzen, denen er sich auf eine beinahe masochistische Art aussetzt, lassen nicht nach, sondern werden schlimmer. Michael feels guilty at missing yet another mission, but his crewmates point out this is a blessing in disguise because as the only officer on the ground, he can ensure that Caparelli fixes the plane properly. With principal photography undertaken in 2011, Radical 3D was responsible for the authentic computer-generated imagery (CGI) film effects. More details at

Since they can't stay in formation, the Lass is forced to abort yet another milk run to Messina. Caparelli Joe Williamson. When the commander of the crew of a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber is killed in action in a raid over Sicily in 1943, his replacement, a young, naive pilot struggles to be accepted by the plane's… ‎Fortress (2012) directed by Mike Phillips • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd Archie opens the bomb bay doors and makes his way back to Michael as the last of the crew exits the plane. They take evasive action, but the doomed bomber's wing clips part of the Lass' right horizontal stabilizer, causing them to go into an uncontrolled climb until they stall and begins a lateral spin. It is clear the film was made on a small budget and nearly all the out door sequences are clearly CGI, even if they are not terribly bad CGI this still detracts some what.

As Michael helps the crew bail out, Archie begins to cough up blood.

Eddie pleads with Michael to intervene with Col Shay (John Laughlin), the "Old Man". However, as they make the turn home, a B-17 flying above them is hit and begins falling in their direction. Bug Hall Chris Owen Edward Finlay John Laughlin Manu Intiraymi Jeremy Ray Valdez Joseph Williamson Drew Van Acker Donnie Jeffcoat Mark Doerr Howard Gibson Sean McGowan Tony Elias Tim Hade Jamie Martz Matt Biedel, Jason McKinley Thomas Bremer David Rohloff, 89 mins  

Shortly after takeoff, the pilots notice the oil pressure rising rapidly, and the engines begin losing power. Archie makes his way back into the pilot's chair to take control of the B-17 and starts climbing, but in its damaged state, it cannot take the stress and disintegrates, taking the navigator with it.

After reading Caparelli the Riot Act, he persuades Caparelli to inspect the Lass again to discover the "gremlins" that brought down the aircraft.

Lista de filmes, em ordem cronológica, sobre fatos da História Geral, da Pré-História aos dias de hoje. Back in the waist, Tom checks on a wounded Oliver. [14], A film with a similar title to the European title is. Main data; Project data; Main data. The cheesy sentimentality is laid on thick and made worse by terrible music and a cheap appearance. Burt explains that the Army adds ethanol to boost the octane rating of aviation fuel, so they are cooking the fuel to distill out the alcohol.

Wally Sean McGowan. Best example--look at the waist gunners in the protagonists' plane firing their 50-caliber machine guns. [Note 1] The film was released by Bayou Pictures and although initially intended for wider release, was a direct-to-video release on July 31, 2012 made by Monarch Video. The film is watch-able at a push but has little to recommend it against the much better offerings on a similar subject out there. Charlie John Laughlin. The meagre budget is apparent in the opening few minutes with flying sequences that look like they come from a PC flight simulator. Philly Manu Intiraymi. Second, it assumes the audience is so dumb that they cannot notice the plot holes, impossible props, anachronisms, etc.

[10] A total of 1,168 tons of bombs resulted in the entire working class district of San Lorenzo being destroyed with 3,000 Italian civilians killed in the raids over five residential/railway districts. Full Cast & Crew: Fortress (2012 Video) Cast (28) Bug Hall. The meagre budget is apparent in the opening few minutes with flying sequences that look like they come from a PC flight simulator. Aber egal ob es die laute Party der WG nebenan ist oder der ständig kläffende Hund der alten Dame aus der Wohnung oberhalb,ganz kann Felix sich von der Außenwelt nicht abschotten. However, as he approaches the crew's tent, he overhears them making disparaging comments about him. Michael asks Archie (Sean McGowan) to come to the cockpit to help him fly, since the navigator was once in flight school. The colonel takes a bottle from the case and chuckles to himself after Michael and Charlie leave. The plot isn't all that interesting, either. Unfortunately, when the Lass comes out of the clouds, the rest of the squadron is nowhere to be seen. Tom Jamie Martz. [4] The opening title sequence in Fortress provides a background on the Mediterranean Theater of Operations and a plan to strike the Italian capital of Rome on July 19, .toclimit-2 .toclevel-1 ul,.mw-parser-output .toclimit-3 .toclevel-2 ul,.mw-parser-output .toclimit-4 .toclevel-3 ul,.mw-parser-output .toclimit-5 .toclevel-4 ul,.mw-parser-output .toclimit-6 .toclevel-5 ul,.mw-parser-output .toclimit-7 .toclevel-6 ul{display:none}. The producers acquired a 1:28 scale Guillow’s B-17 Balsa wood "flying" model and scaled it up, producing, in effect, a 1:1 B-17 scale model. Burt Edward Finlay.

The film was released by Bayou Pictures and although initially intended for wider release, was a direct-to-video release on July 31, 2012 made by Monarch Video. Film data from TMDb.

Wally takes the new young pilot outside and gives him some advice to try harder to fit in, including drinking with the men. Pops Mark Doerr. "Saturday Matinee 2013 047: 'Fortress' (2012, DVD). The saga continues. Michael takes over the controls.

Archie nods, but he then tells Michael to "take care of the boys" and pushes Michael out. At the last second, Michael and Wally manage to pull up, but they are now very low over Rome and taking heavy ground fire.

Directed by Mike Phillips. This is the official sequel to my infamous list: Use to find what to watch. [6], For Fortress, a full-scale interior mock-up was made, recreating the fuselage from tail to cockpit.

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