After two boys are brutally attacked and left for dead, investigators use water from a nearby pond to help identify and convict the criminals. After a 4-month-old child mysteriously dies, his mother is convicted. The murder of an American tourist at a Mexican resort brings investigative teams on both sides of the border together to uncover a sinister plan. Errol Morris examines the incidents of abuse and torture of suspected terrorists at the hands of U.S. forces at the Abu Ghraib prison. Alfred L. Werker, When the founder of American Atheists vanishes, the investigation homes in on several suspects, including one of the organization's own employees. After a 12-year-old girl claims to have been abducted and assaulted, police find her account hard to believe. A murder in Australia baffles police until they discover a device that serves as a unique witness in this landmark forensic case. Director: | Watch full-length episodes of PBS documentary series FRONTLINE for free. Crime, Mystery, Thriller. But further analysis points investigators in a new direction.

Darryl Baldwin, | Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now. This film-noir piece, told in semi-documentary style, follows police on the hunt for a resourceful criminal who shoots and kills a cop.

TV-MA It is also a world where criminals can use the blackout and devastation to hide their darkest activities. Donald Pleasence, With Peter Thomas, Tom Bevel, Skip Palenik, Lowell Levine. Set during the London Blitz of 1940, this is a world where people live life in the moment.

Stars: When a union official is shot in his home, police wonder why his wife didn't hear the gunshots until a forensic sound test sheds light on the crime. Peter Thomas,

A D.A. Police ask a physicist to examine the footage, and he discovers a surprising clue in the shadows. A woman walking her dogs in the woods is killed during deer hunting season, but strange clues, including a letter she wrote, complicate the case. Craig Kennedy is a prominent scientist at a prestigious university. Samuel S. Hinds, Passed | 400,656 Nate Torrence,

A killer who carefully cleaned his crime scene strikes again three years later and leaves behind clues that can prove he committed both crimes. A trio of ruthless killers thinks that a fire will cover their crime, but one tiny clue holds all the information needed to put them behind bars. In CRIME 360, the hit investigative series from A&E, experience actual crime investigations as they unfold, from the moment detectives are called in to work on a case until it is ultimately solved. When a man makes an emergency call to report his wife's injury in a fall, paramedics arrive to find a bloody crime scene that defies explanation. After a young woman goes missing on the way to the train station, investigators use a strand of hair and a bloody pillowcase to identify a suspect. Stars: Stars: | A missing piece of duct tape turns out to be the crucial clue in a case involving murderous bank robbers who duct-taped a bank president to a chair. H. Bruce Humberstone Family of backpacker killer’s interview | 60 Minutes Australia, China Produces More Billionaires Than Anywhere Else in the World, Drug Companies Set High Prices for HIV Treatment (2002), Prince Charles At 50: Heir To Sadness (British Royal Family Documentary) | Timeline, Left Behind: The Book Series Mixing Politics with the Bible (2003), The Last Men On The Moon | Apollo 17 The Untold Story of the Last Men on the Moon | Spark, What Did Astronauts Actually Do On The Moon? A highway patrolman has a hunch that the deadly traffic accident he discovered masks a much darker story, but the coroner sees it differently. Drama, Crime, Short. Helen Wood, From fingerprints to bite marks, not all evidence is backed up by rigorous research. A week after a couple vanishes during a Memorial Day beach trip, a seemingly unrelated robbery leads authorities to new clues. Search for "Soldier Stories" on, Title: 62 min But when police investigate, they make a shocking discovery. 106 min After police conclude that a Colorado hunter's shooting death wasn't an accident, forensic metallurgy and geology help solve the crime's riddles. Incongruous evidence vexes police when two people are shot dead in a car, but a fingertip from a latex glove points to another crime scene. Evidence in the case of a college student's death insinuates that he knew his killer, helping police unravel a web of lies and nab a murderer. A war veteran is found dead in his home, but the investigation grinds to a halt until a lucky break points to a shady character with a sweet tooth.

A new bride dies in what appears to be a horseback riding accident.

Decades later, her family still has no answers, until a phone call changes everything. Investigators grow suspicious after learning about a song he'd downloaded. The owner of a junkyard is shot to death in his office, and police find the crime scene oddly clean. After an elderly couple dies in a house fire, police suspect their son of arson and turn to forensic simulations and physics for proof. of True Crime Returns With Gritty Netflix Reboot, ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Review: Netflix’s Reboot Would Benefit From Being Closer to the Original. 77 min A young woman falls to her death from a seaside cliff, and forensic analysis of photos taken by her traveling companions suggest she was pushed.

How fresh is the evidence in a multiple rape and murder case? In 2004, cognitive neoroscientist Itiel Dror set out to examine whether the process of fingerprint analysis, long considered one of the most reliable forms of forensic science, can be biased by the knowledge examiners have when they attempt to find a match for prints from a crime scene. Director: After a 5-year-old girl disappears from a neighborhood Christmas party, forensic investigators close in on a suspect thanks to fiber analysis.

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