I'm all but certain that Hades EX will have a third phase referencing older FF Hades now.

This is where everyone will be during phase 1, and potentially phase three during a knockback. As Universal Manipulation begins casting, prepare to rotate clockwise into your assigned cardinal position. Megiddo Flame -- line stack markers on healers. I enjoy and will often write about great foodie places to visit, my travels, bike adventures, console and computer games including FFXIV, anime, music and guitars, technology and gadgets.

Again the Majestic: This will do two things.

You will need to drop to 1 HP too get rid of Beyond Death, otherwise it will take your HP down to 0. Congratulations! With the latest 5.1 patch in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, we not only saw a lot of improvements to current systems, but also received a bevy of new content ranging from Beast Tribes to a phenomenally well-designed Alliance Raid. A healer will need to stack with their tank and their northern DPS for this as they’ll be hit three times. During all this, the tanks will be hit with tankbusters (Blizzard IV and Fire IV), so healers will have to keep their health up while grabbing the tethers. The only other mechanic is the two will recast Fire and Ice Sphere, and will swap your debuffs, so tanks especially need to get ready to swap targets with Provoke. There are potentially two in this phase (depending if you get to it). A wall of spikes will appear on both sides of the arena, one facing north, the other south. This will grab them and trap anyone in the AOE in an “Aetherial Gaol” that will kill them if DPS is slow. Upon the resolution of Shriek, wait a second for Forked Lightning to drop away from everyone else. Split into your groups. So first off, have your healers and tanks stand on their markers and a DPS on the outside of them. Assign placement of players with a 1 marker. Preferably A north, B east, C south and D west, but it’s up to the leader. The cone attack that follows the tether will occur when the second meteor hits, so aim each tether towards the third or first meteor placements. Upon casting, everybody gets 3 debuffs, which is based on whether you’re a tank/healer or a DPS. EX: If you were NE, you would stand behind the east healer.

Have the one DPS stand in the closest ring behind your assigned healer or tank, all while maintaining damage output. It really depends on your party make-up. © 2020 Hardcore Gamer LLC. While we covered the latter, it’s now to talk about the Extreme trial, Minstrel’s Ballad: Hades’s Elegy. Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox.

Two Attacks: At this point you should stack in the north and as the orbs are expanding, he’ll cast both of these attacks consecutively, so get ready to move. Cookies help us deliver our Services. i cant figure out what to do on the ascian prime why i keep dying, For Universal Manipulation: one set of debuffs onH/T vs. one set of debuffs on DPS: "DPS out"/Black Rose strat: https://imgur.com/Bav2vWQ (more detail: https://imgur.com/a/YGCNznh)-- tank/healers right at target ring, DPS behind their pair H/T-- heal tanks & healers to full to cleanse Doom-- DPS stand in 1 ring; get "killed" + knockback-- Everyone face outside for Shriek after knockbacks; DPS also have Thunder AoEs. On knockback: tank and healer pairs will get pushed to their areas and share damage, DPS will also get pushed and their circle AoEs will explode, You may use knockback resistance abilities to forego the knockback. This of this if you cast Double in other Final Fantasy games.

I’ll try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but considering Hades’ involvement in the story, you should have finished Shadowbringers before coming here.

Finally, Hades will unleash another raid-wide attack that (hopefully) your healers have gotten everybody’s health back as this also hits for more than 50% HP, not to mention adds a bleed effect. And there you have it. Each phase does have an enrage, so be careful. Quadrastrike: This is a nasty combo. Preferably A north, B east, C south and D west, but it’s up to the leader. BE THERE, this resolves Beyond Death (by “killing” you) and Off-Balance (getting hit once will send you to, but not over, the edge). im confused about the hades ex phase 2 [End-game Discussion] i know the fight pretty well on dps but i still keep dying on phase 2. after i kill the 2 shades with the fire/blizzard mechanic. Since you mentioned you’re a DPS, let’s break down what to do. Ancient Double: The first part isn’t too different from the original fight, just now with a couple of attacks that double up. Have the tank stand to their side very close to them. This is a healer-heavy portion, so hopefully they’re on their game. He’ll repeat next with the second Arcane attack which is followed up by a Shadow Spread (remember to immediately get into your positions), Bad Faith and then Ravenous Assault. Alternatively, if your healers are up to it, you can still soak the two in the middle and generally get away with it. Have the tanks move away from the group (they can still be in attack range Nabrailes), while healers stack on their marker with their DPS (east and west). When the spread hits, there will be safe spots where it didn’t touch. Welcome to Universal Manipulation! These two will appear shortly after Quake III goes off and start casting a giant raid-wide attack that needs to be healed through. Have their north and south DPS stand north and south of them (preferably south will be ranged). Hades will then do the same attack combo again, Dark Current, Gigantomachy and Quadrastrike. All rights reserved. It’s best for the main tank to use their invulnerability ability on the first one, and if you get to the second one, have the main tank one hit, and the off tank provoke and take the second.

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