It is important that you maintain vaccination records for each horse. With treatment, mortality is usually low for rotaviral diarrhea. Lairic, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

They are designed to protect horses from certain diseases that are prevalent in most regions and pose the highest potential risk of infection.

The bacteria Clostridium tetani live in the intestinal tract of animals and humans. It is not typically a fatal disease but it can result in abortions in mares that are pregnant and even death in young horses. Newborn horses do not need to be vaccinated right away. If you use a 5-way vaccine, always follow the directions on the label concerning when to vaccinate and when to give a booster.

In this case, a suitable withdrawal period needs to be observed, ie at least the minimum statutory cascade withdrawal period, or the withdrawal period indicated on the product’s Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) for another food-producing species, whichever is longer.

A combination vaccine can innoculate your horse for a variety of diseases all with one shot.

Stallions and mares bred to stallions that are carriers tend to be the horses most often treated with the EVA vaccine.

Depending on the substances given to the horse, the owner or keeper may have to exclude the animal from the food chain. Diarrhea in a foal can quickly become life-threatening.

The withdrawal period must be at least 28 days (meat) or 7 days (milk) or the withdrawal period in the SPC of the product, whichever is longer.

Type of product - Products authorised for food-producing horses, in the UK or EU (imported under a Special Import Certificate (SIC)) containing pharmacologically active substances which are listed in Table 1 of Regulation EU 37/2010 and have a determined withdrawal period for horses.

This includes authorised products for other food-producing species and some products indicated for non-food-producing horses. These include vaccines for West Nile virus, equine encephalomyelitis, tetanus, equine influenza and equine herpesvirus. Horse vaccinations are vital to keeping your horse safe against certain diseases, but did you know that your horse doesn’t need every single vaccine that is available? Many new horse owners may feel overwhelmed at the number of vaccinations available for their horses. They most likely will include vaccinations for equine encephalitis, equine herpesvirus, equine influenza, and tetanus. If any substance which is not on this list or is not listed in table one of 37/2010, such as phenylbutazone, is administered to an animal, that animal must be permanently excluded from the food chain and the declaration in the passport signed by either the horse owner, its keeper or the vet. which is found in the urine secretions of infected horses and other animals.

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