Ce site utilise Akismet pour réduire les indésirables. However, they both deny these sentiments and insist on being only friends. Mikado saw Celty when he first came to Ikebukuro and encountered her online as Setton, but neither were aware of this until later. Within the anime, the conflicts are brought to an end with the help of Celty and Kyouhei and the trio are able to resolve their differences peacefully. When Mikado started taking a darker path for the Dollars, she became concerned for him. Anri is afraid that if she allows herself to fall in love with Mikado, it will give Saika enough power to take full control and cause her to hurt him. , J’ai ajouté la suite hier : https://gum-gum-streaming.com/durarara-vostfr/ . Il est dit plus tard qu'elle est le véritable Éventreur, la propriétaire de l'épée maudite Saïka. Izaya and Mikado met on the internet. This fear appears to be well founded as Anri seems to have more and more trouble keeping Saika in check as the novels progress. Mikado and Anri met as classmates and quickly developed a friendship because of their positions as class representatives. After the fight against Vorona and the guys who had set a trap on Chikage's girlfriends in volume 6 where she used Saika to beat her opponents, Erika didn't think of her as a monster and didn't judge her which surprised Anri in a good way. Anri is also unnerved by his personality and is afraid of what would happen if he got his hands on Saika, due to their similar bizarre loves of humanity.

He points out how she kept Saika a secret and tells her to stay out of the Dollars' affairs. From the beginning, it is clear that Mikado has interest in being more than just friends with Anri and has made attempts to further this goal at various points.

Ils correspondent aux episodes 12.5 et 25 de la 1ere saison, Bonjour, merci à toi pour ton soutien et ta fidélité à regarder tes animés sur GGS, nous faisons de notre mieux pour vous satisfaire le plus possible.

Unbeknownst to Anri, Izaya is one of the founders of Heaven's Slave, the drug her father was addicted to, meaning Izaya is indirectly partially responsible for the death of her parents. No Archive Warnings Apply; Kida Masaomi/Ryuugamine Mikado; Kida Masaomi; Ryuugamine Mikado; i speedwrote this for the bf; Night Terrors; Nightmares; Guilt; Regret; Kissing; Emotional Hurt/Comfort; Summary. Things get more strained for Mikado after the Toramaru incident in volume 5.

However, Mikado does not know who 'Kanra' is in real life at first. SH, it is revealed that she and Mikado have officially begun dating. Durarara!! In chapter 4 of Durarara! Anri Sonohara (園原 杏里, Sonohara Anri ) est une camarade de classe de Mikado et de [[Masaomi Kida|Masaomi]. In the light novels, after Masaomi leaves the city, the two begin to spend much more time together, to the point where most in the school assume they have started dating. She once saved him from Celty, but only to pay him back for putting her in the same class as Mika. ! In volume 2 of the light novels, Anri expresses a vague attraction to Celty, but this vanishes later when she learns that Celty is a woman. Aoba appeared to view Mikado as a sort of mentor to him and would frequently ask him questions about Ikebukuro as well as the Dollars.

Anri sees Masaomi, as well as Mikado, as the people who have finally managed to draw her out of her emotional shell that she encased herself in since her parents' deaths. She hates him even more for stabbing Mikado and would have cut him if Haruna had not intervened. Anri is also one of the few who have accepted Celty's true nature as a dullahan which strengthens the friendship they have. Years later, as the two enter high school, Mikado convinces his parents to allow him to attend school in Ikebukuro.

This culminates with him confronting Anri about her intentions and he even accuses her of manipulating him and Mikado for her own ends which prompts her to slap him. However, Mika stops her as she reveals she had been spying on all of the people relevant to Seiji's live such as Mikado, Anri, and even Izaya himself. Masaomi meets Anri through Mikado and the three of them develop a fast friendship together. Je l’ajoute à la liste des animés à ajouter.

This fear appears to be well founded as Anri seems to have more and more trouble keeping Saika in check as the novels progress. Although Mikado is acting as the leader of the Blue Squares, it becomes very clear that he isn't a mere scapegoat for the police like Ran was. In the light novels, after Masaomi leaves the city, the two begin to spend much more time together, to the point where most in the school assume they have started dating. She then attempts to scar Mika's face using a special acidic chemical. Toutefois, il est toujours en contact avec son meilleur ami via le tchat des Dollars. In the following few arcs of the novels, Masaomi has pulled back from Mikado, blaming himself Mikado becoming involved in the gang activity. Akabayashi treats Anri like a daughter and is very protective of her but it is unknown if he knows that Anri has Saika. } else {

Aoba expresses some interest in Anri but this may only be due to Anri possessing Saika. Later in the novels, Mikado begins to rely on Izaya's information and advice.

x2 Arc Shō

Instead of selling the information, he gives it away to Masaomi Kida for free. She saved him when he tried to kill himself.

Before his men can react, Aoba tells them to back off.

Specifically with Anri and Masaomi, despite the relatively short time they have known each other, they have developed a very close bond. Est-ce que vous auriez les OAV 1 et 2 svp ?

When Akabayashi offers to support Anri financially, she is unsure of his motives but gradually grows to trust him as time goes on. https://durarara.fandom.com/wiki/Anri_Sonohara/Relationships?oldid=34931. Indeed, they have even become somewhat famous around the school for it. It is clear that Mikado's (admittedly somewhat feeble) advances towards her are starting to have an effect but, like Mikado, Anri is hesitant to advance their relationship and wants everything to remain as it was for Masaomi's return to Ikebukuro. span.style.display = "none";

J’ai trouvé 4 OAVs pour cet animé donc j’ai ajouté les 4 en bas de la page. This is similar to how Masaomi depended on Izaya to lead the Yellow Scarves which eventually led to his downfall; Vol. En savoir plus sur comment les données de vos commentaires sont utilisées. In the light novels, after Masaomi leaves the city, the two begin to spend much more time together, to the point where most in the school assume they have started dating.

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