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The first "Hoppies", as the films were known, were distributed by Paramount Pictures to favorable returns, and United Artists was the distributor after Paramount. He was often called upon to intercede when dishonest characters took advantage of honest citizens. Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? After the couple's divorce in 1943, Hayden married actress Lillian Porter in 1946. Unlike his image, Gabby was well read, well groomed and a serious investor. He had a wooden leg which caused him to walk with a little "hop", hence the nickname. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? [4] On June 24, 1949, Hopalong Cassidy became the first network Western television series. Livingston.[21]. "Hoppy" and his white horse, Topper, usually traveled through the West with two companions—one young and trouble-prone with a weakness for damsels in d… Besides John Wayne and Hopalong, Gabby appeared along side Roy Rogers, Randolph Scott and Wild Bill Elliot. Please expand the article to include this information. 1001 TV Series You Must Watch Before You Die, Paul Condon, It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, "TV ACRES: Broadcast Firsts > Western Series", "Bill Boyd Will Appear at Hoppyland Opening", "Alan Livingston and The Capitol Record Readers",, Black-and-white American television shows, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 September 2020, at 20:20.

[20], Beginning in 1950, Capitol Records released a series of Hopalong Cassidy "record readers" featuring William Boyd and music by Billy May, produced by Alan W. As portrayed on the screen, white-haired Bill "Hopalong" Cassidy was usually clad strikingly in black (including his hat, an exception to the Western film stereotype that only villains wore black hats). The character was played by movie actor William Boyd starting in 1935. William Boyd Hopalong `Hoppy' Cassidy 113 Episodes (2018-2019) Edgar Buchanan Red Connors 54 Episodes (2018-2019) Guest Stars. Prior to acting, he worked in films as a sound recorder, film cutter and assistant cameraman.

Russell Hayden's acting and producing career spanned 26 years, playing in 80 films and television shows. "Hoppy" and his white horse, Topper, usually traveled through the West with two companions—one young and trouble-prone with a weakness for damsels in distress, the other older, comically awkward and outspoken.[1]. The strip was drawn by Dan Spiegle. [6], The series and character were so popular that Hopalong Cassidy was featured on the cover of national magazines such as Look, Life, and Time. After Hayes left the series because of a salary dispute with producer Harry Sherman, he was replaced by the comedian Britt Wood as Speedy McGinnis and finally by the veteran movie comedian Andy Clyde as California Carlson. [8], There was a new demand for Hopalong Cassidy features in movie theaters, and Boyd licensed reissue distributor Film Classics to make new film prints and advertising accessories. In 1950, he and James Ellison starred together in a series of 11 films in which he and Ellison were cast as lawmen of the west.

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He was reserved and well spoken, with a sense of fair play. [12] At the end of September, the show moved to CBS Radio, where it ran until 1952. Clyde, the most durable of the sidekicks, remained with the series until it ended. After that film, it was evident Hayden was the perfect replacement for his friend and YMCA roommate, James Ellison , to portray the youthful sidekick to William Boyd in the wildly successful Hopalong series.

In his early Hollywood career, he worked primarily behind the scenes as a film cutter, assistant cameraman, and sound recorder. It features William Boyd as Hopalong Cassidy, and George "Gabby" Hayes as his sidekick Windy Halliday. [5], The success of the television series made Boyd a star. Russell Hayden was married twice, first to actress Jan Clayton (aka Jane Clayton) in 1938. To do this, he gambled his future on Hopalong Cassidy, mortgaging most of what he owned to buy the character rights from Mulford and the backlog of movies from Sherman. [24] The 6-disc set features all 52 episodes of the series restored and remastered. And observing in the right background are the doubles for Boyd and sidekick Brad King. They met during the filming of Sunset Trail (1938), one of three Hopalong films in which they acted together. Andy Clyde California … Further details may exist on the. The museum and its contents were auctioned on August 24, 2007, owing to the failure of its parent company, Wild West World. A few actors of future prominence appeared in Cassidy films, notably Robert Mitchum, who appeared in seven films at the beginning of his career. There have been museum displays of Hopalong Cassidy. Minimal effort was made at that time, nor has it been made since, to offer the films for home video, excepting two packages of compressed, multi-title Hopalong Cassidy anthology DVDs, the first requiring purchase of the entire TV series to obtain copies of about a dozen films and then, in 2014, a reissue of the remaining stock of these same DVD pressings combined with the remaining titles in a first-time pressing. In 1947, he was in a film called Trail of the Mounties (1947), where he played the heroic lead as well as the villain. Topper's saddle is on display at Twin Cities South Trailers, a horse trailer dealership in Pilot Point Texas. On June 7, 2011, Timeless Media Group released Hopalong Cassidy: The Complete Television Series on DVD in Region 1. A "Hoppy Museum" consisting of a collection of products endorsed by William Boyd is located at Scott's 10th Street Antique Mall in Cambridge, Ohio.[22]. What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? Boyd thought Hopalong Cassidy might have a future in television, spent $350,000 to obtain the rights to his old films,[3] and approached the fledgling NBC network. View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. Hopalong Cassidy or Hop-along Cassidy is a fictional cowboy hero created in 1904 by the author Clarence E. Mulford, who wrote a series of short stories and novels based on the character. This remained the situation until the mid-1990s, after many Cassidy fans had died, when the company made available to The Western Channel a package series of restored and cleaned negative-based prints of the films to cable TV. The TV series can be currently seen on Cozi TV. Thanks to the earlier series which showed edited versions of his films, Boyd began work on a separate series of half-hour westerns made especially for television; Edgar Buchanan was his new sidekick, Red Connors (a character from the original stories and a few of the early films). - IMDb Mini Biography By: In 2009 the US Postal Services selected Cassidy as one of the characters featured on a series of stamps depicting early TV characters.[23]. Owner of Russell Hayden Productions, a television production company. Louis L'Amour wrote four Hopalong Cassidy novels, which are still in print. The major display is at the Autry National Center at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? [3] The Mutual Broadcasting System began broadcasting a radio version, with Andy Clyde (later George MacMichael on Walter Brennan's ABC sitcom The Real McCoys) as the sidekick (except for episodes 28 to 53 of the 105 episode series, when, for reasons unknown, he was replaced by several different radio actors), in January 1950. The subsequent frenzy for Hopalong Cassidy merchandise led to more than 100 companies manufacturing more than $70 million dollars worth of Hopalong Cassidy products.

Hayden played the role of "Lucky Jenkins" in a total of 27 Hoppy films. This was an expansion and retheming of Venice Lake Park[13] (opened the previous year) as Boyd became an investor. The two remained married until his death in 1981.

In his early writings, Mulford portrayed the character as rude, dangerous, and rough-talking. Harry Sherman wanted to make more ambitious movies and tried to cancel the Cassidy series, but popular demand forced Sherman back into production, this time for United Artists.

The 66 Hopalong Cassidy pictures were filmed by independent producers who released the films through the studios. In the first film, Hopalong Cassidy (then spelled "Hop-along") got his name after being shot in the leg. How long will the footprints on the moon last? After Boyd's death, his company devoted to Hopalong Cassidy, U.S. Television Office, retained control of Cassidy films but, by the mid-1960s, had withdrawn them from television and sales in home movie markets.

Son of Francis J. and Minnie Harvey Lucid. After that film, it was evident Hayden was the perfect replacement for his friend and YMCA roommate, James Ellison, to portray the youthful sidekick to William Boyd in the wildly successful Hopalong series. His real name is Pate Lucid; he took the name "Russell Hayden" in honor of his friend, cameraman. The show ranked number 7 in the 1949 Nielsen ratings, number 9 in the 1950-1951 season and number 28 in 1951-1952. Boyd resumed production[3] in 1946, on lower budgets, and continued through 1948, when "B" westerns were being phased out. The theme music for the television show was written by Nacio Herb Brown (music) and L. Wolfe Gilbert (lyrics). In 2005, author Susie Coffman published Follow Your Stars, new stories starring the character. The song "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" includes a reference to Hopalong boots as a holiday gift desired by children. He was often called upon to intercede when dishonest characters took advantage of honest citizens.

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