artist: "Beetlejuice", My mom love Valium and lots of drugs, That why I am like I am cause I'm like her, Because my mom love Valium and lots of drugs, That why I'm on what I'm on cause I'm my mom. 'But mom, my anxiety is finally getting better' [CDATA[ And John find a bottle and he choose her I'll make it or I'm going down there

Your No.1 source for CDG and Video Karaoke, This title is a cover of Dead Mom as made famous by Beetlejuice (musical) 'I can't have you here taking up space

})(); I need a little help here . Is no joke something that I spontaneously yell on a day-to-day basis. "Dead Mom Lyrics." Are you really in the ground? Cause I can't stop sitting here doing my lines //
Yeah, yeah, yeah 'cos I feel you all around me, I'm tired of tryin' to iron out my creases, He wants me to smile and clap like a performing seal, You won't believe the mess that we've become, A plague of mice a lightning strike or drop a nuclear bomb, Whatever it takes you make him say your name, Your No.1 source for CDG and Video Karaoke. Original songwriter: Eddie Perfect. adunit_id: 100000796, I know you're woke, but you can take a joke here, And every show I do, like, a TON of coke here, There's nothing medical professionals could do. “DIE! Lyrics Dead Mom. song: "Dead Mom", It’s a very-R rated show, which most people don’t believe (“I remember watching the movie when I was little, it was fine!” No it wasn’t, we toned it down, the original was a real creep.) I'm probably talking to myself here . In this song, Lydia tries to search for her mother in the Netherworld. So it drops what you should go find', yeah DEAR MOM Lyrics: I don't think that I can lie / I think I'm running out of time / I think that I'm finally losing my mind / Cause I can't stop sitting here doing my lines / My momma said 'boy, you [Chorus] It don't run out of rain and now it put around there }; Now … The show opens on the funeral of Lydia’s mom, which Betelgeuse soon interrupts for the audience. © 2020 The Musical Lyrics All Rights Reserved, Renascence - What Lips My Lips Have Kissed Lyrics, Renascence - I Shall Forget You Presently, My Dear Lyrics.

Until I stand up and say that I made it And I don't think I can stop him again And I think she gonna stay in my life, yeah Cause I feel you all around me Are you here, Dead Mom? You held my hand. Are you really in the ground? }; 'You only get older in time to go backwards // ]]> I can't her mine, yeah Don't ever forget that I'll never give up })(); Cause I feel you all around me Are you here, Dead Mom?

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