Marlin Lever Actions.

Action works perfectly. Get offers and news, Need Help?service@guns.comCall (866)582-4867, PO Box 1131 13800 Nicollet Blvd Burnsville, MN 55337 ©2019 Made in 1885.

Deluxe checkering pattern on the fore end helps this st, "Colt Special Model 1861 Musket. if(timeremaining<0){ GI#: 101532976. 26" barrel. var className=document.getElementById('liaccterrordiv').className; return(false); 20” Barrel in .44-40 caliber. Rare gun in excellent condition.

COLT REVOLVING RIFLE SIDEPLATE, Large Frame, Rough Casting, Reproduction. Patent Arms produced smoothbore revolving carbines and shotguns. To complement the package and provide both long-range control and accuracy, barrels of 15-24 inches were fitted, as was a wooden buttstock.
Colt Root revolver No. These Colt rifles were sold cheap on the surplus market in the 1860s and mostly sold to new shooters in search of a bargain. Standard configuration rifle with 26 inch round bbl, full magazine and rifle butt. var testitem=document.getElementById('liemail');

Stocks are very good plus to e, "Rare Colt Paterson 2nd model rifle. Cased set with accessories. return(false);


This gun has 90%+ of the original brown on the barrel. [2][3] However, the rifles were generally disliked by soldiers, and were ultimately discontinued due to serious design flaws. } var thistime=new Date().getTime(); "Colt Sherriff’s Model Miniature. The Rampant Colt is boldly engraved on the, This is an exceedingly rare gun, this gun was once part of the notorious J R Hegamann collection who was once part of Colts Board. Fluted cylinder and patent markings in the flute. Made by Uberti. Lock plate and barrel are dated 1864. var className=document.getElementById('accounterrordiv').className;

Palmetto Arms made a version briefly and if you can find one, reports state that they were very well built. Denix in Spain makes a non-firing version for those collectors who like wall hangers starting at about $200. Why can't Uberti produce something other than their standard 1860,1851, and Remington copies? Colt Root Third Model .28 Caliber Revolver with Fluted Cylinder (C15773) $5,500.00.

Cased Colt model #2 Root revolver. This is one of fifty Model 1839 carbines that had been sold to Rhode Island, then purchased by Sam C, Used Colt Lightning 38 cal good condition very rare Buyer pays shipping Millers Gun Center Located in New Castle, Delaware "Home of TAX-Free shopping", Small Frame MFG. 11385Phone | (718)

Historical Society. The cylinder scene is st, This Colt rifle was manufactured in 1888 and has a checkered forend, octagonal barrel and a tang mounted peep sight. function checklogintimeout(){

However, if the carbine can be tied to the Pony Express, or to an individual soldier, officer, or unit during the Civil War, then this price can escalate dramatically.'POST','',true); .31 Caliber. liajaxobj.onreadystatechange=laajaxcallback;



if(document.getElementById('liemail')) document.getElementById('liemail').disabled=true; tobj.focus(); Very fine factory cased... Cased Colt model #2 Root revolver. Missing cartridge tine shaped. Colt No. document.getElementById('loginacctdiv').style.display='none'; liajaxobj.send(postdata); The design was essentially similar to revolver type pistols, with a rotating cylinder that held five or six rounds in a variety of calibers from .40 to .64 inches. colt revolving rifle/carbine rear sight, two leaf model, 100/300/500 yd with screws, reproduction. The Colt Model 1855 Revolving Rifle was a revolver-rifle hybrid designed and manufactured by Colt. The revolver has approximately 90% original blue. To increase the possibility of being able to hit out to 200-yards, tall ladder-type rear sights were fitted on the top strap of the receiver. In the 1850s, the standard long arm of the time was the muzzle-loading musket. liajaxobj=window.XMLHttpRequest?new XMLHttpRequest():new ActiveXObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP");

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